Margot European Day Spa

Margot European Day Spa

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101 Townsend Street,
Birmingham, MI 48009
United States
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+1(248) 642-3770
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+1(248) 642-3770
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Mon: 9am  -  7pm Tues: 9am  -  7pm Wed: 9am  -  9pm Thu: 9am  -  9pm Fri: 9am  -  7pm Sat: 8am  -  6pm Sun: Closed
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Customer Reviews for Margot European Day Spa (19)

sandy r
April 19, 2016
This is a phenomenal day spa to go to. I have been before but WOW did they make some changes. They have all their rooms open now and offer medi treatments for the body, they have the hydrafacial and laser hair removal etc. I like that I have the ability to come to a private, relaxing, spa and have medical aesthetic treatments. Its so much more personal. Its not a cold, doctor's office, its very comfortable. The girls are so friendly, the place looks great, there is new and exciting energy, This is highly recommended especially with all the new services they offer now.
February 15, 2015
Heaven on Earth
My treat to myself is a visit to Margot's. It is always the most relaxing pampered experience. It cost more than other some other spas but it is worth every penny. I have tried to cut my cost by trying others over the years and now I just stick to Margot's as I was always disapointed with other spas. For the record I am not a regular so it's not like I get any "preferred client" status. I love the serene atmosphere, and the attention to EVERY detail. The only problem is that I fall asleep!
May 16, 2014
Unpredictable, disappointing and $$$
I have been to Margot's many times, the first time in 2011 was amazing.... unfortunately it is like playing the lotto. Sometimes you will win a good experience but many times you will not. After changing into a robe for your massage you are seated in a common waiting area (a tad uncomfortable sitting nearly naked in public) while you hear people around talking quite loudly including the staff. I have had one great massage and one that wasn't worth the value of my time much less the nearly $200 paid. I have also had them "run out" of the product that I had booked and then I had to pay more for another more expensive product. Worst of all is the customer service. I am sadly disappointed. I guess this salon is proof that if you say you are the best sometimes people will believe it!
June 26, 2013
Awesome Spa!!!
I received the best massage I have ever had in my life! This place is the best day spa in Michigan!!!
May 21, 2013
New Customer but Had a Great Time
I've been really into this place for awhile now. They give such fantastic facials that I really find it necessary to go for my well-being. I don't do the massages as often but they're pretty amazing when I do! Every one there shows a lot of expertise and the general aura of the place is just so...calming. I could just stay there all the time.
Mary BethH
June 23, 2012
A Margot's Customer for Years
I have experienced several different services and use their facial products at Margot's, dating back to 1991. Over the years, I find that I appreciate the total experience I have there. Massages, manis, pedis, facials and their European products for the face are wonderful. They also have relationships with other salons if you want a service that they do not offer.
May 9, 2012
Loves Spas
I have been to spas all of over Michigan. A girlfriend and I went to Margot European Day Spa in Birmingham last week and it was definitely a positive experience. The place was well-kept and the atmosphere was comfortable. The women knew exactly what I wanted when I told them what kind of facial, mani, pedi I preferred. Another spa to add to my list!
June 14, 2011
Great Couples Experience
We both loved our massage and facial treatments. Relaxing, quiet spa area. This is my 3rd visit and every experience has been good.
April 7, 2011
Best place on earth!
I have had several wonderful experiences at Margot's. Her kindness and attentiveness always ceases to amaze me. Her staff is amazing as well. From the receptionists always going above and beyond to get my wishes scheduled to the girls who have given me massages, facials and nail services. The moment I walk in the door I feel relief because in a world of hustle and bustle I get to finally relax. I feel as though they care about me as an individual and not just a number. My last experience was when I brought my bridal party in for a little pampering before the wedding. It was just what I needed. They put together a package just for us and each of my girls told me what a wonderful experience they had. They still talk about it!! I've been to a lot of spa's in my time but Margot's by far is top notch!! You will not be disappointed!
April 7, 2011
Loyal Happy Client
I work in advertising. I entertain clients on a regular basis. One of our favorite places is Margots Spa. The spa has a great atmoshere. Lots of different choices for services. Management always accomodates us. I find the staff is highly trained and very friendly. I would tell everyone this is a great place to have group events or just a place to pamper yourself.
April 1, 2011
Spa Lover
I am avery well traveled business woman. My daughter bought me a day at Margots for my birthday. The staff was very well trained and very proffessional. The atmosphere was very clean and relaxing. I have been to many spa's around the country and I must say this is one of my favorites. I highly recommend going yourself or purchase gift certificates for loved ones.. Thanks Happy Customer
February 2, 2011
Terrible Customer service
My sister and I went here a few months ago against the recommendations of a few friends that said not to bother ( they have had poor service and extra charges tacked on to their bill). Her and I don't get much time to travel together and try to do a spa day when we are in the same city.. Our services were changed on us at the last min, we arrived expecting one service only to find out that " that product was out of stock". We each received the same service ( at the upgraded price )and found out later when talking to each other it was preformed completely differently... and when we brought this to the attention of the manager a a possible reason why our self tanning service failed ( I was orange.. she looked like the driven snow.. nothing showed up ), we were blown off.. and after argument offered a re-do of the service a week later.. after we were both flying out. I figured this was an isolated incedent and wrote a letter to Margot the owner, hoping to give her a heads up on the poor dispute resolution and a chance to rectify the situation. I was never contacted, never called. PLUS found out a week later a client of mine had gone and been charged for a 300$ service she never approved during her visit. They just did it!
October 24, 2010
A Quality Experience
A friend and I spent a lovely afternoon at Margot's getting facials. It was an excellent experience for both of us. I have visited many spas in the area but Margot's staff provides the most professional, quality personalized service of any I have received. Even though the spa had a full schedule of partons, the service was not rushed. Thanks to the staff and to Margot for always providing a unique quality experience. Jackie
February 16, 2008
Terrible Experience- Do not go here!
If I could give a zero rating I would. The whole experience was very bad. I scheduled a couples afternoon with my husband as a Valentine's Day gift. He was to have hydrotherapy, massage and manicure. I was scheduled to have a facial, massage, manicure and pedicure. He started 45 minutes before I did and the only portion we had together was the massage. Speaking of the massage, I was assigned a male masseur and was not told this in advance. I was not comfortable with this and upon request it was changed, however to an inexperienced masseuse. I felt like all I had was lotion rubbed on my body for 1 hour. Never did I have any pressure applied or actually feel like I was receiving a massage. After reading the first review on Spa Finder, which stated that person's wife felt like she was being felt up during her massage by a masseur, I am very glad I asked for someone else, even if bad. The facial was a continual upsell. If not for the facial, for the multiple products they offer. By the end of the facial I cancelled the manicure and pedicure. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. No one on the staff ever asked why I was cancelling the remainder of the services I scheduled. It became very apparent to me they were not concerned about customer experience or service, but just running clients through the spa and upselling.
January 5, 2008
Stay Away
My wife and I have visited dozens of spas, and this was by far the worst experience we have ever had. The only reason we gave them a shot was because it was the only spa in the area we could book on short notice (now we know why). The massage I received was sub-par at best. Very rough and non-relaxing. On top of that, my wife had Icy-Hot slathered all over her back without warning, making the remainder of her massage unpleasant to say the least. To top it all off, my wife said that her therapist was basically feeling her up. However, the massages themselves weren't the least of our problems. This place is LOUD!!! The whole time we were in the room, we could hear people talking outside of the door as clearly as if they were in our room, creaky doors opening and slamming shut, running water, etc. The worst part of it was, when I brought it up with the manager, she had the nerve to tell me that European spas aren't supposed to be quiet. Maybe they should change their website and remove the part where they refer to a "tranquil environment." When I asked for some sort of discount because of our unpleasant experience, the manager told me that they don't do that, and all that she could do was give me a discount for a future visit. Needless to say, that won't be happening.
May 15, 2007
Three experiences
My first time at Margots I had a packaged that combine a spa treatment and having a blown out at a nearby hair salon. The hair salon ran well over the time limit. I was running too late a party and didn't have time to have my spa treatment. Margot herself told me to relax & reschedule. Before leaving, she sat me in a chair for 5 mintues and put some desperately needed beauty products on my face. One, I wasn’t penalized for canceling that appointment due to the circumstance. Second the 5 minute beauty treatment from the owner was a little bonus freebie that help tremulously. At a later date, I spent an amazing day at the salon.
April 10, 2007
Very nice
I am a regular customer of Margot's. The spa recently expanded to almost double the size, which has vastly improved the atmosphere and aesthetics of the experience, in my opinion. Margot is preparing to offer water treatments again, also, in the expanded space. Treatments are pricey, but generally very well done. I find the spa much nicer than some others in the area, not as rushed, and the aestheticians very courteous. This is a great place for groups/parties.
January 9, 2007
not a pleasant experience
The staff seems very rushed, not a good atmosphere for a spa! I didn't feel like anyone there cared whether I enjoyed my experience or not, just whether I was willing to spend a lot of money.
September 9, 2006
Very Pushy
First of all I am a Facial and Massage junky. So I purchased a small package just to try them out.. I was very unhappy, with my service, it seems the person could not stay in the room, for more than 10 min it was like throw a mask on me and then leave the room... It was not relaxing at all. When finished she was extremely pushy with her products, and I was very uncomfortable. Sorry I will not go back.
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