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345 First Street Suite 107,
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+1(503) 699-8899
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Customer Reviews for Rumi Simone Spa (22)

ciara D
May 26, 2016
Massage at Rumi Simone
I don't often take time to get pampered, but I'm glad I did. The steam room and dry sauna were wonderful. Lily gave an amazing massage with just the right amount of pressure. I loved the sage aromatherapy oil. It was just what I needed! The room had a robe warmer which was an example of their attention to details that make your experience better.
November 16, 2015
The girl answering the phone was so rude
I called to ck on my appointment and the specials that were running and the girl at the front desk was so incredibly rude to me. Apparently because I asked about the spa finder and special they always run on Black Friday, I may have seemed like I wasn't a high enough clientele and she found it necessary to be extremely rude to me. I don't always find this in Lake Oswego but, I have had it happen at Rumi before with their front desk girls. It is unfortunate because the spa is very nice but their customer service is horrible at the front.
November 16, 2015
Wonderful Nail Tech & service
I had the most wonderful pedicure done by Natalie! She is very skilled and very good at giving you the nails you want; The right shape, etc. It was a very relaxing experience, and the leg and foot massage were done in the most comfortable zero gravity chairs ever!
November 20, 2013
Great spa - TERRIBLE manicure
This place is one of my favorites, and I will return, however I will never get a manicure there again. My nails were unfortunately ruined, and one nail bed was bruised to the extent that it damaged the growth of the nail. I am waiting for them to grow out but my nails have never been in such bad shape, even after remove of artificial or shellac nail treatments. When I was checking out I let the front desk attendants know the rest of my experience was great but that at that point, my nails hurt and I was dissatisfied w/the mani. They offered nail polish remover. ??? Really? I would give them a higher rating but because of the manicure I wanted all to be aware that you are best served to spend less for a manicure elsewhere, and spend more for massages and other treatments at Rumi Simone.
June 2, 2012
My daughter & I relished in a spa day at Rumi Simone. It was our first vist but it will not be our last. I melted under the skilled hands of McKenzie during my massage and my daughter reports an equally fabulous facial experience. The pedicures were hands-down, the best we've ever had. The quiet area is peaceful, the furnishings very elegant, the locker room and shower area filled with upscale amenities along with the eucalyptus steam for a delightful day. The staff was professional and friendly. We're planning our next visit soon!
May 30, 2012
My favorite place
I have been going to Rumi Simone for years. Next to Canyon Ranch and Burke Williams, RS is the best, most relaxing spa I have ever visited. The staff is always very nice and professional. Extra kudos to Marci, she has always been so nice and accommodating for so many years. Pros - separate female section where you can relax in your robe with comfort, a steam sauna (with Eucalyptus, and it's KEPT CLEAN - most spas don't even offer a steam sauna), dry sauna, Kerastase hair products in the shower area. The staff also is very attentive with keeping the entire place very clean and tidy. Cons - the adjacent Lake Oswego parking garage only allows 3 hours of parking. Not the Spa's fault, and they WILL MOVE your car to avoid a parking ticket if you want to stay longer. I usually take advantage of this service because I usually like to spend a 1/2 -1 day there. However, the city of Lake Oswego needs to allow people to stay parked longer if they want to pay extra $, without fear of getting a ticket. I have visited a lot of spas in different states, and this one by far is the best day spa I have been to. I am glad (and lucky) that I live pretty close to it!
March 7, 2012
Please fix this one item!
Hoping the check out experience is better! Hello Rumi from a big fan, but ... Every time we return I commit to not only because the wonderful upstairs experience is marred by the downstairs "better than thou" attitude. My son gave me a gift certificate and when presented as payment the staff acted as if this was an imposition. Also have used spa finder and experienced the same reaction. I just offered to treat my daughter to Ladies Day out and here is the exact quote in her email "Oh lets plan!! Lunch, massage, facial. All sounds perfect! Oh fun! I can't wait. Rumi? They can be sassy upon payment... Somewhere new?" We WANT to support local, but the services are high cost and purely discretionary spending. I want to be treated as a guest not a transaction. I'd like to say this is recent, but the "sassy" attitude appears to be Rumi culture. Change your values and I'll return. Thanks!
Response from Rumi Simone Spa
Response from the owner Dear Abby, Thank you so much for your review as it helps us learn and grow and improve our business! While we feel that our clients are happy upon check-out we acknowledge that you were not and are very thankful for your honest feedback. At rumi simone we process thousands of transactions in our boutique and hair salon on a weekly basis with our #1 form of payment being gift cards. We welcome them--as our single most successful event is our annual gift card sale, exclusive to our clients, the weekend directly after Thanksgiving each year. Since we do take pride in our hard work and effort to provide a 5-Star spa experience might we suggest that, should you return, you are always welcome to relax in the spa until you are comfortable to proceed and pay for your services, and or shop in the boutique. You are also welcome to pre-pay for your services, or ask us to take care of payment arrangements for you that you may check-in and out completely at your leisure. We hope that our clients understand that the boutique staff at rumi simone works hard to "set-up" the spa experience that most of our clients love. We are happy that busy phones keep us in business! Please visit again! "Visit often!" Your feeling does not reflect how much we value our customers. If it is our attitude that you do not like then we, personally, apologize for that. Each of us, as we expect each of our clients, have been humbled by tragedy--as well as encouraged by triumph in life. We try our best and are thankful for all of our clients that have supported us through the years. Be Well~Boutique staff, rumi simone
February 10, 2012
Poor Manicure
I went to Rumi Simone Spa on a spa finder certificate. I scheduled for the essential mani and was told that there was a lot of cuticle work done as I had previously explained that my nails were short. I wore the very nice eye cover so I could not see what was going on. When I got home I had to push back and cut my own cuticles again. I am very disappointed in this manicure and will not be back again even though I enjoyed the atmosphere very much. It was a relaxing experience but not the quality that was assured on the telephone.
Response from Rumi Simone Spa
Response from the owner: Dear Leslie P., Thank you for your honest feedback. Unfortunately, the technician you saw on your first visit to rumi simone was an employee who did not work out in the long term for various reasons including her lack of attention to detail. We try to hire only the best technicians that perform the level of service that our clients expect. It is not uncommon, however, that a technician will test out satisfactorily or above satisfactorily but then not perform well in the long run. We appreciate your feedback but wish we had been given the opportunity to make it right for you. Should you choose to come back, we assure you that our current technicians on staff will not disappoint. We hope to see you again and have the chance to send you home happy!
November 7, 2011
Fantastic Service!
The entire staff at Rumi Simone is excellent at what they do. From the greeting as you enter, to check out. Winter has a great staff of message therapist that are top notch. When I can't get into see Winter, I never think twice about using another therapist at Rumi. The men's locker room is always clean and organized.
May 22, 2011
Great amenities
I had a really good experience at Rumi...and I've been to lots of spas. Thier massage tables are the best I've had in a while. There Eu. steam room is really steamy and powerful. Thier hair amenties are all Kerastace products. The place is small, but well laid out. The atmosphere feels private and relaxing. They don't have a hot tub, but I didn't miss it at all. The quality of my massage was amazing. Location is convenient with plenty of parking. I will definately be back.
May 20, 2011
Very unfavorable experience
As this was my first visit to not only Rumi Simone, but also for a leg waxing, I have to say I was *very* disappointed! 1) I had leg hair stubble the VERY next day. That is, after being told by Allison (the esthetician) that I shouldn't have any hair, and that I wouldn't have to shave my legs for 3-4 weeks. (I have her card with her writing to prove it) I complained about this to their staff, was told I would hear back from them the next day. That didn't happen. No response. I called back and was then told that I would hear about it by the end of the week. I did not hear a word from them. I called again. I asked for a manager and they eluded my request. I then visited the salon in person, was told that they don't give refunds, and all I was offered was a "discount on a future visit". After spending the amount of money I did, for shoddy work, the last thing I wanted was to spend MORE money there. I will *not* refer any friends to their business.
Response from Rumi Simone Spa
In response to Shari W.‘s “unfavorable experience,” and as the general manager of rumi simone, I would like to offer our experience: Ms. W. had scheduled half leg waxing services for herself and another guest on Friday May 13th. After scheduling, she called back to ask if the price of the waxing, $50, was for both legs. We confirmed that the service included both legs, and noted that, perhaps, Ms. W. was concerned about the price of the service. On May 13th, Ms. W. came in with her guest for their waxing services. The technician who performed the services saw Ms. W. in the women’s lounge fully inspecting her legs after her waxing appointment. Ms. W. left satisfied and did not say anything upon check-out. Five days later on May 18th, Ms. W. called and spoke to the retail manager. Ms. W. told us that the day after her service, she and her guest had stubble on their legs, and asked what we were going to do about it. We offered to re-wax them, complimentary, but Ms. W. said that they both had already shaved. Since we could not easily remedy the situation by re-waxing, she was informed that we needed to follow-up with the general manager as well as the technician, Alison—who would not be back to work for two more days on Friday May 20th—and that we would get back to her. On Friday May 20th in the morning at approximately 10 am, Ms. W. called and spoke once again to the retail manager. She asked for a refund and said that she did not want a discount because she did not want to spend more money here, and she also said that if we did not refund her money she would tell everyone she knew not to come to rumi simone. As the general manager, I had just arrived for the day, and was not yet de-briefed on Ms. W’s. complaint. Alison, the waxing technician, had not yet arrived, so we—again—told her that after speaking to Alison we would call her back. Approximately an hour and a half later both Ms. W. and her guest who also had the waxing arrived at rumi simone. Alison spoke with the guests and explained to them that hair does not grow back at the same rate, and that if a hair is not long enough, or if it is not present on the surface in order to be waxed, then grow out would be uneven. Ms. W. said that this had not been explained to her. While looking at their legs, Alison could not determine if she had done an uneven waxing job or if she had missed any spots because both clients had shaved their legs. (It is worth noting, however, that Alison is the lead aesthetician at rumi simone who is very proficient and well-liked for her facials and waxing and has been performing aesthetics for over nine 9 years.) On the same day of their second visit to rumi simone, 7 days after their initial waxing appointment, I called back to follow-up. We offered both Ms. W. and her guest 50% off their next half-leg wax. We felt that this was the best we could do since we did not have the opportunity to re-wax them, complimentary—which is our standard protocol. Since both clients had shaved, there was no way for us to determine if the problem was the waxing job or not. Ms. W. was a first time guest and instead of giving us the opportunity to correct our work she asked for a refund and threatened that if we did not give her a refund then she would tell everyone she knew not to come to rumi simone. Since we did not give her a refund we anticipated that she would complain online. For anyone who reads this: Please know that rumi simone works with clients who work with us! If it is not perfect the first time around, give us a chance to get it right and we HAPPILY will!
May 17, 2011
I love Rumi Simone
After reading a couple of the reviews on Spa Finder, I wasn't quite sure what to expect at Rumi Simone. Before going, I had to ask myself, who would possibly complain about a spa? I am not much for negativity but when I have had things to complain about, I have offered my feedback directly the establishment and would never try to publicly embarass any businesss. Perhaps people who complain about spas should not go to them. I can't imagine other Rumi Simone spa goers will miss these guests, based on the fact that I had an absolutely wonderful experience! The front desk staff was very friendly and professional and upstairs is beautiful! I specifically looked in the showers and they were immaculatlely clean. They have white tile on the walls and the floor tiling is grey/ black/white speckled and very beautiful. The entire spa facility is exceptionally well done, and my bath and massage was amazing! I highly recommend this urban retreat!
May 9, 2011
You enter into a boutique filled with luxurious skincare, nailcare, haircare, etc... Then you walk up the stairway and enter into what seems to be paradise! There is a beautiful water featureand the scents are exquisite! The concierge welcomes you with a lovely glass of chilled, refreshing cucumber water. You are then escorted into the lounge filled with soft sofas and chez lounges, a steam room w/ eucalyptus, dry sauna, fully loaded shower room and a room to change into a plush robe and spa sandals. Therapists always pick you up on time and procede to fully pamper you, no matter what the treatment you are receiving! I would absolutely recommend Rumi Simone to anyone that enjoys being queen for the day!!
May 5, 2011
Pampering at its finest!
Rumi Simone is everything I want in a spa and more! I am always greeted by the friendly staff and treated to luxurious services. I have tried a number of the facials and they are superb! The aestheticians are very knowledgeable and use superior products. I love this place and highly recommend them.
February 10, 2011
Dirty Showers and Rude Staff
I had been going to Rumi Simone for years, but have since given up on this sad spa. Not only is the bathroom showers covered in mold, but the staff are rude and absent. My gym has cleaner showers. I received a pair of small sandals and I could not find anyone to help me to get an appropriate size. The location is convenient as I live in Lake Oswego, but the cleanliness of the spa is really disgusting. The black mold covering the shower grout is unacceptible and does not make for a relaxing experience. The crusty brown towels are below par as well. The owner and staff did not offer any sort of discount or appology when I let them know about these issues. If you are going to spend money at a spa, I would not spend it here. You will regret it. In this economy, your money is wasted here.
Response from Rumi Simone Spa
In response to “Maddy”. Maddy has visited rumi simone on 4 occasions: two visits to the hair salon and two visits to the spa for massage. It is our understanding that this guest is younger than our average rumi simone client and is high school age. While Maddy did bring her complaint to our attention on the day of her massage, she received the full service for which she paid and was happy with it. We, therefore, did not find any reason to discount her service for that day. Upon inspection of the showers, we specifically took note of the fact that the tiles in our showers are brown, gray, and black speckled. Guests of rumi simone can be assured that our showers are sanitized every day, on a nightly basis and are immaculately clean. As a guest of rumi simone, please feel free to use the phone in the women’s lounge to call the concierge if you need any additional assistance. We appreciate Maddy’s feedback as rumi simone welcomes feedback from all of our clients.
October 12, 2010
Spray tan streaked 2nd day
I have been to Rumi Simone for a massage and spray tan two different times. The first time the spray tan turned out wonderful and lasted the time they say it does. I went back and got another one for a trip to Hawaii. I went in two days before leaving for the trip. The first day in Hawaii the tan started streaking. It was so bad that I was embarrassed and spent most of the time covering up with a towel as much as possible. When I got back home, I called Rumi Simone and told them what happened. The manager was not very nice on the phone, but she did eventually offer me a free tan. I explained that it was such a bad experience that I did not want to try again. I asked if I could have a spa credit for another service like a pedicure. They refused and told me they would only give me another spray tan. I also agree with most of the other reviews the staff at the front desk can be very rude. The staff upstairs was very nice and they did offer me drinks and asked me if I needed anything several times. I will not return, I will spend my money else where.
December 6, 2008
rude staff and inconsistent pricing
I had one of the best hair colors upstairs at the spa salon I have ever had! Unfortunately, upon being walked downstairs to settle my bill after my service, I was met with rude staff members at the desk. I decided to give it another try, was unable to schedule my appointment with the same wonderful colorist, and got a "senior" colorist (as before) who charged MORE than the first, did HALF the amount of foils and the foils were so sloppily placed I could not believe I had gotten this from a high end, professional spa/salon. I will not be back Some customer service training for the staff downstairs at checkout would be helpful.
February 1, 2008
Spa Finder clients should read....
I found Rumi Simone through the Spafinder directory, having received a gift from a family member. I visited the spa around Dec 20, 2007. It was my first time at the spa. I live in Lake Oswego. I had a wonderful hot stone massage and was very pleased with the courtesy throughout, along with the luxurious surroundings and GREAT service by the staff up in the spa area -- I had only to THINK about needing a drink, and someone was there to help me. The price was a good $20-$30 more than the similar spas in downtown Portland. When I paid, the woman at the desk starting complaining, "You know, we have received about 40 of these Spa Finder certificates today! We will have to stop taking them or limiting them, because we need to be fair to ourselves. This is costing us too much". I was shocked at speakling that unprofessionallyat the end of a luxurious pampering spa experience to a customer! They did not seem to realize that I would not have even tried them out, but for Spafinder, and then acting as if I was trying to get away with something (instead of paying through a method they decided to accept) really shocked me and unfortunately spoiled my feelings about them. If they do not want to accept SpaFinder, fine, but don't take it out on the client or reveal petty details about how much the spa is making or not making once they HAVE decided to accept them. I have gone to spas all over the world, some with SpaFinder certificates and some without. Even in the best spas, I have never had SpaFinder gift certificates treated that way.
January 2, 2008
Luxury and pampering at it's finest
My daughter and I visited Rumi Simone to treat ourselves to a massage and facial. We went early and enjoyed chatting in the steam room then we had an hour long massage. My massouse,Jackie, is an amazing masseuse. This was the second massage I received from her and both were equally awsome. After the massage we relaxed in the relaxation area that consists of beautiful furniture, fireplace and relaxing water feature while drinking ice water and snacking on nuts and cranberrys. Next was facials. My technician was very good I had the signature european facial. Wow did it wake up my skin and put me to sleep. She massaged my arms and hands then wrapped my hands in warm mittens. They didn't try to sell me any products, just suggested some if I was interested.After the facials, we lounged under blankets and sipped mimosas by the water feature. We didn't want to leave! They didn't try to rush us in any way and kept asking us if we wanted anything else. My daughter and I agree it is the best experience either have had. We plan to go again and again. Go, you'll be glad you did.
February 4, 2007
agree w/ shirley
After reading the review sent in by Shirley I will not go to this spa. I to am an avid spa seaker and when I here that a spa facility wont accept more then one gift certificate (SOME EDUCATION NEEDS TO TAKE PLACE W/ THE STAFF - A GIFT CERTIFICATE IS LIKE MONEY ITS NOT A COUPON) it turns me away.
May 28, 2006
our favorite memory
My husband and I went in for a much needed massage. Our visit was wonderful. We both left saying "one the best massage I ever had." We are going back for anniversary. All I wanted to say for the appointment was "repeat." Looking forward to the next visit. Will figure out another reason to go the following month.
March 9, 2006
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