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About MassageLuxe - Manchester Highlands

Welcome to MassageLuXe We provide Therapeutic Massage, Facials and Waxing in an upscale atmosphere without the spa like prices. Take a step back from the day to day frenzy of balancing work, family and friends- It's time to balance YOU! MassageLuXe invites you to come enjoy the many health benefits of Therapeutic Massage! Ease of stress tension relief, improved immune system, and lower blood pressure are just a few of the many advantages gained with a continuous massage regimen - Not to mention how great it feels to escape from the real world for an hour or two! Whether you are searching for a first time Massage or you are an experienced Massage client, MassageLuXe is your perfect spa getaway - Locations Nationwide! We also offer Microderm,12 different Facials, Full body Waxing, Body Wraps, Facial products and a full line of Make-up. This location features the New York Style Facial Bar. Some of our facials include the 4-Layer Facial. Let us show you how to really relax!

MassageLuxe - Manchester Highlands

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MassageLuxe - Manchester Highlands
921 Brittany Parkway,
Ballwin, MO 63011
United States
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Accepts Spafinder Gift Cards
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Customer Reviews for MassageLuxe - Manchester Highlands (11)

February 3, 2018
Earlier this week I went to Massage Luxe for an hour deep tissue massage. The day before my appointment, I was told to arrive 30 minutes early to fill out paperwork so that it would not cut into my time. My appointment was for 5pm and although I arrived at 430, I did not go back into the room until 5:10pm. As I said earlier I requested a deep tissue massage and I can assure you I received only a light Swedish style massage. The therapist never asked me if the pressure was too much or not enough and she did not do things in an even fashion, for example only massaged one leg. When the massage was over I thought it felt rather short so I grabbed my phone and saw the time was 5:46pm. Now I could have sworn this was an hour massage. Afterwards when I went to pay they told me I still have 15 minutes in the hydromassage, and I thought aha this is how they get out of it. ridiculous. the staff was extremely friendly and nice but not worth the $60 I paid whatsoever. I will never recommend.
December 30, 2013
Unprepared Staff/Snobby Customer Service
About two months ago my friend wanted to surprise his wife with a massage experience for her and her two girl-friends. A month of planning was spent choosing a Spa company, location and a date when we could all get together because the couple lives south of Indianapolis, IN and her best friends live in St. Louis, MO. Massage Luxe was chosen because of their most central location between the St. Louis friends in Creve Coeur, MO. When I called to make the reservation for 4 people for the $100 package deal Creve Coeur said they only had 1 esthetician for the facials and told me to call the location at Manchester. When they asked if I knew where that was I said yes it is in the Rockhill area, they agreed and gave me the number to call. I called new location and made our reservations for 2:00pm December 29th, 2013. By this time, the surprise experience turned into a 7 person group lunch of old college friends at the Bread Co. on Brentwood and ice cream run to Baskin Robbins on Manchester/McKnight just to get the wife in walking distance of the Massage Luxe and surprise her with the massage experience with her 3 closest friends. On Saturday, December 28th a guy called me to confirm our reservation, because it was a surprise I gave t
October 4, 2013
LOVED IT !! Much needed day for myself.
I have only good things to say about this place. I've been to this location twice and I really enjoyed massages with Amanda and Kelly. I'm thinking about trying a facial next time.
March 19, 2013
Cancelled contract via certified Mail in January. They charged me $88 in February and March. Jim, the manager, will not return my calls, faxes, or letters. In February when I finally got him on the phone he said "he's looking into it". STILL WAITING!!! I have filed complaints with the AG, BBB and had to cancel my debit card to get the charges to stop. There was ALWAYS a "mix-up" or misunderstanding at the front desk when checking out. I told him my last visit arguing on the way out the door that it totally defeats the purpose of why I came in the first place if I leave P'd off! Followed my therapist there and now he's left Massage Luxe (thank goodness) - giving this jerk my debit card was the worst mistake I ever made. DON'T sign a contract. They conveniently couldn't print a copy when I signed it -- wouldn't print correctly. How convenient! The girl said at the time " you can cancel anytime" -- she forgot to add that I had to send smoke signals to get him to cancel my contract and stop charging my account. He has no reason to charge me after January .
Response from MassageLuxe - Manchester Highlands
$$$ has been completely refunded and company is under new management, Jim is no longer the manager.
March 19, 2013
Dis honesty is their best policy
I followed my massage therapist to this facility and he was the only reason I was going to Massage Luxe in Manchester. My therapist left the Manchester facility in January and only upon asking who I was scheduled with did they divulge they changed me to another therapist. I told them I wanted to cancel my contract immediately. There was ALWAYS some kind of "dispute" at the front desk. Paid once a month (via debit card) and got services once a month. Every visit we were told there was something "due" because of their creative accounting scheme. After they drafted money in January, they said that I either need to come in to cancel or send a certified letter. I cancelled my contract via certified mail which was received by the facility manager on February 5, 2013. He has no explanation why they drafted $in February and now they've stolen another $88 from my checking account in March. The manager has yet to respond to any written communication (faxed and mailed) as well as faxed. He will not return any voice-mails either. Giving them my debit card was one of the worst financial mistakes I've ever made. I am sorry I ever was referred to this facility and feel their accounting and scheduling processes are deceitful to say the least.
February 16, 2013
Horrible 2!!
So I had a membership for about a year, and spent over $2,000 on their services. All was fine and they have some good people there. HOWEVER, I needed to cancel to save some money. We went to get our last messages and cancel in person, because that's their policy. They had to cancel a message (last minute) due to personal reasons for one of us. So my wife went the next night and she thought we cancelled the night before and didnt know she had to sign the document, which THEY didnt give her. Another month went by and they charged us again. Now they won't reimburse me for their mess up. JIM, the Manager, is a Class A ......... You should get another job that doesnt deal with people. HORIBLE business practice and VERY bad customer service. BTW - Person before me - Jimbo wouldnt call me either. If i have to pay $55 to know not to deal with these people, then so be it.
December 29, 2012
Awful Horrible Liars
I have visited this salon a handful of times. I sent a certified letter stating to cancel my membership as required. My card was then charged two weeks later. I called and talked to a "manager" named Jim. After about five emails and six calls I have still had no luck in getting this company to credit my card back after they illegally charged my card! Now my calls are ignored. I checked the BBB and this store has an F rating, yes and F!!!! My advice, RUN!!!!!
November 29, 2012
A much needed day of total relaxation!
I couldn't be happier with my visit to Massage Luxe. Wow, I needed that! My facial with Lydia was awesome. I'm going for the massage session next. In fact it's already booked. My birthday gift to me!! Thanks! Robin
September 27, 2012
Highly Recommend
I can't tell you how much I really needed this!! I had a facial with Lydia and she is so sweet!! Very relaxing. Then I had a massage with Micheal and let me tell you that was exactly what I needed. After that I tried the hydro bed and I ended up signing up on the membership and can't wait to go back. The prices are very resonable. I have been to other massageluxes before but this one by for is my favorite. From the moment i walked in the door I felt like I was a special guest. Thanks for everything!!
April 18, 2012
The staff is awesome
Be sure to request Tricia for a facial!
March 3, 2012
Very Unhappy
I was a customer of that came in with a friend to use our gifts cards. We were talked into a monthly massage plan and told that on the 28th of each month a fee would be charged to my account. We used our gift cards then one of us prepaid and the other was debited for the next month. When we went back in to cancel our service within the allotted time period before the next months debit we were told we had an extra hour that needed to be used before we signed the cancel notice or we would lose that hour. We booked and used the hours within still within the time period for the next month and signed the cancellation paperwork. The 28th I was debited the monthly fee after being assured that would not be the case. I called daily and spoke with a manager that assured me it would be fixed and today was later told they "forgot" to charge me in January so just charged me in Feb instead which is untrue because I was charged . The woman I spoke to then said I should be happy I got 3 massages for 54$ and change which is untrue and she was pretty rude about it as well. I would have never went back for the extra hour if I new I would be charged. The management was very unhelpful and it appears that I will be stuck paying an unfair charge.
Response from MassageLuxe - Manchester Highlands
This complaint was reviewed by the Better Business Bureau; they found that there was no fault with MassageLuxe and dismissed the complaint.
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