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Great Jones Spa is a holistic spa designed to provide an oasis of total relaxation in the middle of downtown Manhattan. Guests are encouraged to take the time to enjoy the solarium, river-rock sauna, three-story waterfall, and other luxurious amenities that promote healing and serenity. Great Jones Spa's beauty treatments incorporate aspects of complementary and Eastern medicine such as acupuncture. Spa packages range in length from two hours to four-and-a-half hours and include rejuvenating indulgences like wild lime scalp treatments, algae wraps, and lavender aromatherapy massages.

Great Jones Spa

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Great Jones Spa
29 Great Jones Street,
New York City, NY 10012
United States
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Mon: 6am  -  11:30pm Tues: 6am  -  11:30pm Wed: 6am  -  11:30pm Thu: 6am  -  11:30pm Fri: 6am  -  11:30pm Sat: 6am  -  11:30pm Sun: 6am  -  11:30pm
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+1(212) 505-3185

Accepts Spafinder Gift Cards
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+1(212) 505-3185

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Customer Reviews for Great Jones Spa (23)

September 6, 2015
Many better spas in NY for this price
I'm more stressed out leaving this spa than when I entered. Not their fault but I could not for the life of me get off work on time and ended up arriving 20 minutes late even when I rushed frantically. This doesn't make for a good start but the therapist goes "Well you have 30 minutes so I'll just do your back" she stopped the massage a few minutes before the ending time and was out the door by exactly 7:30pm, not a minute later. For $200 they could NOT give 3 minutes more. It is a pure business transaction and not genuine, empathic service. I've been needing a spa day and finally got the chance to visit one. I'm actually really sad I chose this one. There was no lasting result and the quality is mediocre at best. Definitely not worth the price. When we went up to pay, we asked the guy at the reception if it would be the full $155+ dollars (for a 60 min massage) even though we only got 30 minutes. No "if you come back next time, we can offer an extra 10 minutes" No "I'm sorry but this is just the spa policy" it was just a plain cold "NO IT'S FULL PRICE" on top of that he asks how much we would like to tip and we didn't want to be rude so agreed to 18%. His response was "Well, very good". I walked out completely disgusted.
March 9, 2015
The best facial
Hands down the BEST facial I've ever had. The technician really new my skin type and was on the money with her observation of my skin. I felt so relaxed and felt as though I received a full service spa day and it was only a facial. Kudos!!! I gave the atmosphere a low score because I expected more for in decor.
Joann L
August 10, 2014
My go to spa!
My friends and I love coming here to relax. Definitely the best massage I've ever received and the water lounge is awesome too. I remember the first time coming here, they got all of my knots and my arms and shoulders were completely weightless. I had to use two hand to hold the cup of water they gave me afterwards just to make sure I didn't drop the cup! Highly recommend it to anyone!
October 22, 2011
A little bit of South Beach in Downtown Manhattan!
This is one of my favorite spas! The setting is warm and inviting and the water noise from the waterfall is soothing and makes you feel as if you're in a tropical setting.....the massage therapists are awesome and both times I have been there I have been impressed. In addition, there is a small place which can be accessed from inside the spa where you can grab something healthy to eat. That's if you can break away from the steam or heat room or the pools. I especially love the lounges where you can sit and relax after a treatment.
August 31, 2011
My Happy Place
Every trip to the Great Jones Spa is worth it! The technicians are incredible, and the water lounge is a great place to read a magazine and just relax before or after a treatment. A must-visit for Manhattanites!
June 28, 2011
I just went to this spa for the first time and loved it. I had the River Rock facial which was great. It was very relaxing and my skin felt great afterwards. The water room is also a really nice treat after your treatment. I'd definitely like to try some of their other services.
April 6, 2011
Great Massages - Love the Water Lounge
I regularly get massages at Great Jones. The added value is the nice water lounge, which is complimentary with a spa service purchase. Great location, great facilities.
January 21, 2011
Expensive but still worth it
I've been going to Great Jones for some time as a treat for myself and my wife. Go early and enjoy the steamroom, whirlpool, cold bath, and sauna. Bring a swimsuit since it is coed. Large, clean and still fairly well kept (time ages everything). Lockers are fairly comfortable with robe and slippers. The spa rooms are quiet and my massage was excellent. Plenty of water, snacks to bite on before or after your service.
July 4, 2010
Worst Spa Experience I Ever Had !!!!!!!!!!!!!
This Spa totally misrepresents itself on the website. 1. Hot tub smaller & cooler than my bathtub. Water area had cracked plastic drinking glasses & lounge chairs had torn webs hanging down as well as old magazines thrown all over. 2. Massage waiting area was like sitting in a free clinic waiting room disrobed will people walked in & out of their office space constantly. 3. The massage was worse than being in a butcher shop as your arms & legs were placed & thrown down like dead slabs of meat. 4. Finally you get to change & shower in a facility that made your high school gym locker room look luxurious. 5. Upon leaving & handing in my gift certificate I was told that I needed to pay 70 cents more because the taxes went up. I was truly embarrassed because the person who was with me had given me the gift... so it actually cost her double for this disgusting place. Had to give it 1one star because the computer would not accept a minus rating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Response from Great Jones Spa
Hi Terry! We would like to apologize for the experience you have had, and reimburse your friend for the amount she spent on your GC. Please contact Inga. Sorry again! Thank you for the review!
May 17, 2010
Relaxing Water Heaven
This spa was faboulous! Very clean, beautiful modern decor and updates set within old NY building architecture. We booked the VIP room which had a private steam room and jetted tub; well worth the hour rental. The Couples hot stone massage was in the room first then had one hour of privacy. Incredibly relaxing expericence. Staff was prompt, and professional. I would get the hot stone massage again. A wonderful experience.
April 30, 2010
Best Spa Facility in Manhattan
Treatments are pricy, but this is a rare gem in Manhattan. The only facility of its kind.
March 15, 2010
Tried for Deal Days and I loved it!
I had the Mani/Pedi for Deal Days and it was one of the best I have had. The water lounge was so relaxing! I also tried the juice bar. The produce was so fresh (which is a tough find in NYC). It took 2 pears and 1.5 apples to make my apple/pear juice, delicious! -I only wish they offered a a mini massage and facial for Deal Days.
February 25, 2010
relaxing sunday morning
This multi-floor spa needs a bit of a renovation. The water lounge on the bottom floor is nice, but small. And it gets crazy busy quickly. The locker room is a bit run down. There are only three small shower stalls. I got a message treatment. It was competent, but nothing special. Smoothies in the cafe are tasty.
January 16, 2010
Still Great!
2cnd time at this lovely New York Spa. Had a Mani/Pedi and Deep cleansing facial. Nail services were typical, nothing crazy. Products for nails were divine, no chemicals! that makes it worth it. Facial was best I ever had. Very nice and savvy Holly took care of all the facial needs you could ask for. Also a nice surprise was the neck and shoulder massage and hand treatment. My skin has never looked so clear and bright. Seriously. Was a bit crowded today at the relaxation water area but still managed to get in some quiet time. Overall worth every penny
January 8, 2010
Great space, can be very busy
I have been to this place twice so far. Both times were enjoyable, but I far preferred the first experience I had because on the return visit there was apparently a bridal party present for a spa day and it was louder and more busy than I'd like when I'm trying to relax and forget the stresses of living in a big city. I will still go back for a third visit given that the staff were well-trained and the actual physical space is attractive and spacious, but I'll probably call ahead to make sure there isn't a large group spa-day taking place, just to be safe!
June 26, 2009
My sanctuary
I've been going to Great Jones Spa at least once a month for the last two years. I was hooked from the first visit. The space is incredible. The entrance to the building is modest and unassuming, so I was really impressed to walk into an oasis in the middle of Noho. Another really great thing is that they are open pretty late into the evening... perfect for people like me who work late hours. I also appreciate the friendly atmosphere. It is not overly new-age-y, nor is it elitist. There is the occasional bachelorette party that can make the dressing room seem a bit like a sorority house, but more often than not, the other clients are very courteous to each other and the staff. Although I book regularly with my favorite therapist, I have had massages from 3 or 4 other therapists and they have all been great. And the spa pedicure is very reasonable and a great pick-me-up. The water lounge that's included with most services is a great perk. I've been other places where I've gotten far less for much more. And, I love that it's not one of those places where you feel pressured to tip every time someone hands you a towel. It's the right balance of service and self-service. Overall, I think this spa is an amazing value and I consider it my sanctuary.
June 10, 2008
worst wax EVER!
Went here for a bikini wax, it was the worst experience I have ever had AND it was wayyyy over priced!!! $95 to walk out of there with so much wax still left on my thighs that I couldn't even walk home, she missed a bunch of spots and I'm all bruised up down there(which has never happened before and I get waxes all the time). Absolutely terrible, don't waste your money on a wax there... I know I won't make the mistake again.
December 3, 2007
Strong Therapists
My husband and I have gone to Great Jones for massages several times now. What has amazed us is that each time we go - although we have had different therapists - all of them have been terrific. We have heard that the head person there really does a great job of hiring and I guess that must be the reason. We are picky about our massages and it is unheard of for one of us not to be disappointed. The treatments are on the expensive side but because they have that huge sauna, soaking pools and great therapists it is clearly worth it.
July 29, 2007
Great oasis in New York City
I went to this spa today..I was very surprised. It was bigger inside then I thought it would be....from the outside you would never know..The amenities were wonderful. Nice robes ,towels and slippers, then even had disposable bathing suits. Hairdryers, makeup mirror and even Bare Essential make up to try...The steam room was hugh and clean, the whirlpool tubs were clean and the waterfalls and sunny atrium to sit and relax was very soothing.The cold plunge pool was not working at the time but it didn't matter....I had a massage and it was wonderful..I would definitely visit this spa again.It was a great experience.. It really was a little Oasis in New york city....
May 29, 2007
Declining in quality since it opened - Too popular
I live near this spa and when it first opened, wow! a gorgeous day spa that actually has a hot/cold plunge pool, waterfall, colortherapy steam room, and sauna! with 5x more real estate than the horrible Bliss(whose "steam room" is actually the shower--eck). Zen like and calming, I was wowed and became a regular guest in this little secret gem of a place. But now, since it's gotten so popular in the past year, i find that: ---facilties harder to clean with the increase in guests. I went last week for a massage and the hot tub/pool had white, clammy flakes of RESIDUE floating all around. this did not deter many of the guests from jumping in. --lounge area is too noisy to relax. again the pool/tub is situated a few feet from the lounge area and the acoustics in this place are horrible. many girls love to jabber on and on while in the tub and the echos that ensue are just jarring. You cannot control the noise or even run away unless you head to the steam room. you are encouraged to lounge and read magazines in this zen-like decor of a spa but the noise is nothing but yak, yak, yak. I've been here time and time again only to encounter major chatter and noise from the huge surge in guests. Before, you could avoid this by going during the weekday in the AM, but now it's just busy with in-and-out guests all times of day. It's unavoidable. I wish there was a sign posted that read "pls be quiet" which was not necessary at the opening, but now it is a must! Since i can't relax at this space, i am now turning to smaller spas with steam rooms. Massage quality is same as any other good spa - good and excellent depending on the technician. But to spend $130 to use the "calming facilities" which are only stress-inducing, i have to sadly turn away. Because of the noise and disgust at the pool, i cancelled my next 2 appointments at the spa.
November 15, 2006
My favorite place in NY
As a frequent spa -goer, I would have to say this is my favorite place in the city. I love the dramatic interiors, huge steam and sauna rooms, cascading waterfalls. Most days spas in this city are the size of a postage stamp and almost none have the extra amenities so usully I feel ripped off . This place is spacious and I love sitting by the waterfall and just lounging. The bodywork has been very consistent and I think the therapists here are definately above average in this city. Great space for large events or bridal showers!
May 4, 2006
great pedicure
I had the lemon-verbena foot treatment and it was lovely. excellent atmosphere.
February 28, 2006
Great Steam/Sauna
If you like Russian type baths this has a great one. Pretty good spa design and very open feeling. Locker rooms nice. This place worth trying out....actually kind of impressive.
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