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100 City Centre Drive,
Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9
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Customer Reviews for Donato Salon & Spa (22)

May 7, 2017
Rude incompetent staff never will return
I made an appointment five days in advance for a balayage cute style olaplex let's just say I was willing to spend a lot of money the day of I called the salon in advanced telling them I'd be 15 minutes late due to traffic ... they said everything is okay and I could still come into my appointment I got to the salon and gave my name the girl at the front desk was rude stuck up lfulk of herself did not even look up at me saying well my appointment was at 12 then time was 12:17 I explained to her I called ahead telling them I would be a little late she talked to the stylist and the both said they could not do my service they would not have time anymore ???!!!! I have My sisters wedding the following weekend as I needed my hair done I was in tears leaving the salon and they did not care at all worst customer service in a salon ever !!!!
April 18, 2017
Rude staff
The front desk staff are incredibly rude. You stand in front of them for 5 mins before they even acknowledge you. Stood waiting for 7 mins to check in for a massage. 3 ppl behind the desk. 1 client checking out, other reception agents staring at computer screens and making phone calls while myself and other clients stood waiting unacknowledged. I get better service at Starbucks lol. Generally everyone working there seems to take themselves too seriously. The RMT was the only pleasant one to deal with.
September 30, 2015
good hair cut
I had a good hair cut with chad/shad? and I am loving it
September 20, 2015
Had an appointment with "Senior Stylist" Rick at 1145; Called them at 1140AM to notify I will be there at 1150AM ; At 1150AM I when I arrived I was told the previous client was taking longer than usual and there would be a 20 min delay ; Within a few minutes was told that the previous client will take more time and was rescheduled for an appointment at 1:15PM. They claimed that they tried to call me AFTER my initial call at 1140AM to notify regarding the 15-20 minute delay. There were however no missed call or voicemail on my landline(the number that I had provided) when I reached home. Showed up again at 1:15PM ; Was asked to wait ; At 1:45PM requested to speak to the manager and the desk service offered a manicure of the managers behalf who was "busy in a meeting" ; After refusing that finally got to meet Manager Cherlyn . She tried to blame the delay on "dynamics of life" ; "poor communication". Had to wait for another hour before was seen by the stylist finally at 2:15PM. Stylist Rick never, not once apologized for the delay.
July 29, 2015
Ombre gone wrong
I went to Donato since it's close by my house.. I made the appointment over the phone, and asked for an ombre. When I arrived I got sat in the colour section, and my hair stylist Lynn (not sure how it's spelled) came over and confirmed that I wanted ombre. I showed her a picture of how I wanted it, and she said okay and went off to mix the colour. Now that I've spoken to them over the phone, apparently the one second it took to say "ombre" and "okay" qualified as a 'consultation' where she described 'the process and design of what she was going to do'. Which is surprising, seeing as that was not even close to what really happened. I know very little about the colouring process, and trusted Lynn to colour it how I wanted. What I have ended up with is patchy highlights that stop about 1-3 inches from my roots, so it looks like a grown-out highlight, and the highlights that are there are all clumped together and not blended at all. The under part of my hair is also just completely blonde while the top looks brown- I'm not sure what she did, but this was definitely not what I asked for. I've spoken to the manager and they aren't fixing it and have told me to go somewhere else
May 4, 2015
I have had a recent cut with Sam and he was great, he did a good job on me and I was very happy happy after leaving ther :) thanks sam !
March 1, 2014
Bad experience using Spawish for massage
(Square One Location) The actual massage was reasonable - nice RMT, though treatment room was noisy, and they don't offer tea even though they have facilities for it, but was misled both in my initial phonecall and at the checkout desk about how to use my Spawish giftcard for a massage, not an issue I have ever had at other spas when redeeming similar giftcards.
August 13, 2013
Excellent Spa Services!!!
I have tried most of the spa services at the Don Mills Location - best pedicures in town! So relaxing, and such a great job - polish always sparkles! Manicures, facials and waxing are all amazing! Only issue is front-end/reception staff. Takes forever to book an appointment and they aren't very trained in products and services they offer!
January 13, 2013
I arrived with blonde hair and left with gold hair
how could an experienced colorist make such a mistake and then to make matters worse, I had to pay for the mistake. The fact that the coloring process takes place with no mirrors so you have no way to see what the colorist is doing is a very poor could a colorist look at my sun bleached blonde hair and then color my roots a golden brown and think that was okay....I was horridified. I was told to come back for some hi lights to help correct the issue.....I am very worried to go back. I would not recommend Donato for hair color services at the Don Mills location.
August 22, 2011
massage experience
went there for a massage over the wknd and it was so good, actually I used the RMT on site, and it was really relaxing nice massage with calming soothing music. thanks !
August 22, 2011
great make up service
had a make up done there for a photo shoot and i absolutely loved it ! it was a little more expensive than I thought though, but oh well, i looked great ! :)
February 12, 2011
Totally Recommend Donato
Went to Donato for a haircut, but not just any haircut, cut off 6 inches into a bob. Saw a girl named Maela, she was phenomenal. I also decided last minute to get my make up done, it was saturday and i was going out , and Moe did an awesome job. They have their own makeup and i was reluctant at first because of it, but it is amazing stuff. You get the makeup to take home if you pay for the make up app. I got $40 or so in product - lipgloss is awesome. I suggest you check it out yourself and make your opinion, but i will definitely be back.
November 15, 2010
very good service
i like the service there! my sis and I went for hair ut and she did her hair too... The hair cuts are really good, do it with Lucas ! also, the hair coloring is very fresh adn shinny,and i think its ammonia free so definitely go for it !
October 20, 2010
Five star service!
I have been to this spa and must say that i was thoroughly impressed. i have been to many high end spas and this competes with the best of them. i enjoyed a gift that was given to me from a group of colleagues. i was very well taken care of and treated to a day at the spa. i had a pedicure, manicure and facial. i will say that i was very impressed at how clean the spa was. i have been to other "spas" and have been turned off by the lack of hygiene. the esthetician and nail technician were very professional and personable, i really enjoyed myself. i will definitely go back -- already planted the idea to hubby for xmas gift.
October 1, 2010
Donato Salon
I had been to Loucas and he is the best. He took time to explain about the hair style and how it would look on me. He is also an instructor at Donato for the New Talent. He bring along with him experience and expertise.
September 28, 2010
My 2nd visit: Not so amazing!
I dont get it what is it that the first time you visit a salon, they trat you right and the second time, you become like a "regular customer"! So I went back to this salon to do a hair blow dry just like how I got it first time, but they did not do a very good job ! ... And what surprises me more is that this time I actually booked it with the senior level stylist, honeslty I coudl do better than what they did and I ended up paying almost $100 for a simple blow dry! But still I would go back there, because i love their hair cuts!, but only for that !
August 24, 2010
Great location and service
I loved the hair cuts, very classy and stylish! The color highlights though, not so much! Book with Lucas, he is good :)
June 17, 2010
had a great time
I read the previous reviews and thought i had to commment. the woman who said that the Gift cards are not interchangable she obviously didn't look into it. i had a card from there at xmas and wanted my mom to go the spa because i liked it so much adn i gave it to her (with no problems i might add) and she had an amazing day ! in fact she is addicted to the new skin care line they carry that was used in the facial. i do go to different spas sometimes but always end up going back to donato's , becasue as the old adage goes YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR"
April 21, 2010
Great Experience
I was given a gift card and decided to go to Donato almost 5 years ago. Now, I go to Donato regliously and always leave looking and feeling my best. I am a true Donato junky, I get my hair done there as well as all my spa services. I used be a spa and salon hopper going wherever it was convenient at the time, but once I experienced the difference between Donato Salon + Spa and the other spas out there, I never want to go anywhere else. Some may say that it is a little pricey, but really you get what you pay for. The people are really friendly and really know their stuff. If you are looking to spend a relaxing day at the spa or decide on a whim to cut all your hair off, I am confident you will walked "wowed" as I am after every visit.
Anna MaeM
February 24, 2010
Rip Off
I received a gift certificated for Donato Spa that I did not want and when I contacted Donato to have the gift certificate returned I was told there is no refunds. I believe this is outrageous as not all gifts are accepted. I feel this is a true ripoff! Not only was this non refundable but it could not be transferred to someone who may want it. I have been told that Donato is a high end spa but their actions are very low class in my opinion!
October 24, 2009
The staff is very unprofessional. The receptionists do not quite know what the services the salon and spa have to offer and just redirect you to the website. The junior stylists are EXTREMELY amateur and I would not recommend going to them. Even though your haircut gets looked over by a senior stylist, the result is extremely sloppy. My layers were longer on one side of my face and shorter on the other. They do not provide good customer service and are not knowledgeable about the products that they sell. I decided to buy my Jessica Simpson extensions from there and when I went in for a product demonstration, they had no idea how to insert the extensions in my hair and winged the whole process. When the guy who inserted the extensions in my hair took the extensions off, a giant ball of my own hair came out with it. It was inserted extremely poorly and he was extremely rough with me. When I asked why he did not direct me to someone who knew more about the product and how to apply it, he just shrugged. Very unprofessional. i would never visit them again for any service or product.
July 21, 2009
Convenient location and great services
Been to this spa a few times, due to the location being in a mall. I was able to get shopping done and meeting up with a friend for dinner. The ambiance is really good since the spa is separated from the salon, very calming waiting area. The manicurists are exceptional, I love the manicures I got at this spa. I also loved the massage which was very relaxing and therapeutic. I would recommend this spa for solo services or with a friend. Not really a couples place, more of a functional spa to get the services you want done,like regular monthly maintenance, in a peaceful and calming atmosphere.
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