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300 West 56th,
New York City, NY 10019
United States
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+1(212) 245-7566
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+1(212) 245-7566
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Customer Reviews for Spa Ja (13)

November 8, 2012
worst massage and worst receptionist
Nothing is working in that place. Other than it looks nice in pictures. Receptionists are very rude. My neck was even more stiff than before.
September 1, 2012
ZERO STARS!!! After trying for weeks to schedule an appointment here, my husband and I were finally able to get one. I had a suspicion from the start that they were shady to people using a Groupon. Then THIS MORNING, less than 2 hours before our scheduled massage time, the manager called to tell us that one of their masseuses didn't come in today, so he had to reschedule us and could do it FOR OVER A WEEK. I checked their website where it says "Cancelation policy - 24hrs notice or 50% of treatment cost will be charged", so I called back and demanded to be comped something since they had violated their own policy. At which point the manager told me he wasn't doing that because "life isn't fair". I then told him off and he told me he was cancelling out appointment all together and we could reschedule with Groupon. Throughout the entire ordeal the MANAGER was incredibly rude to us and had a tone like he didn't care or value our business. Spas should stop selling packages on Groupon if they don't want people from Groupon coming in. Or maybe they could just run a nicer facility and then they wouldn't have so much trouble attracting customers! DO NOT EVER GO HERE FOR ANY REASON! TERRIBLE!!!
September 1, 2012
The manager called to reschedule our massages less than 2 hours before we were scheduled. We told them we needed 24 hours notice, just like their cancellation policy and asked for some kind of make good. The manager was very rude about it, told us "that's life" and then cancelled our appointments and told us not to come in at all. This place does not deserve anyone's business!
August 15, 2012
Terrible Customer Service
Although I admit that I did not get to expirience their services and am therefore not able to judge it's quality, I have to give this spa a poor rating due to it's customer service. I had some unused credit for services purchased but never used. When I tried to use my credit they made it extremely difficult by placing false and made up limitations on the use of the credit . The credit was provided to me with the written and contracted understanding that I would be able to use it for any service they provided but they refused to honor that agreement. I normally don't get as frustrated but I believe spa's of all places should hold customer service as vital and you kow something is not good about a place when just trying to book a massage gives you added stress and tension lol. (I did give it a 5 star for service variety because they have many services; I also gave it a 3 for service quality because it would be unfair of me to give it a negative rating without having experienced it - but due to poor custormer service I have no interest in trying them)
May 23, 2012
Lackluster massage
Like getting a massage from a limp fish. Even after I told her that she could apply more pressure, I could barely feel it! SO BAD! And even with the Groupon, it cost $75 with tax and tip. NOT A DEAL!
September 19, 2011
Not bad for a last minute appointment
I needed a massage ASAP and they took me within 30 min. For a last-minute treatment and a special price, I got the "spa" experience and atmosphere versus a bad massage at the nail salon next door. It definitely satisfied my spa-craving when I needed it!
June 10, 2011
worst I've had
I bought 2 groupons to this spa and both massages were less than mediocre. My first time the sheets weren't clean and the girl was unexperienced and bad. The second was inattentive and again disappointing> She didn't listen or care about what I wanted and her energy said "let"s just get this over" . I would NEVER go back. The receptionist took my tip and tax without even acknowledging me or saying thank you and seemed super stressed. boooo!
February 23, 2011
I went to Spa Ja for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The scalp treatment I had was extremely relaxing. I would definitely go back again.
September 29, 2009
experience depends on who you have
Perhaps my expectations were too high for the expertise of the staff. They were very warm and friendly, offering cold or hot tea while we waited, but I wasn't impressed. I left feeling exactly the same way as when I got there, not much more relaxed or anything. I was still sore later on in the day too. The outside looked a bit sketchy, but the inside was done really nice. I've definitely had better, but also had worse. For the price I'd say I wouldn't return unless a friend asked me to come along.
August 20, 2009
A hidden Gem
Charming place with a super friendly reception area. Went for a bikini wax, had Val she was great and super thorough! Will be returning for another service.
April 22, 2009
wonderful massage
I just had a wonderful massage by Dia, the whole experience was great, and I really enjoyed the tea, both hot and iced. I will visit Spa Ja again.
September 5, 2008
This organic spa was the perfect beginning for my first trip to NYC. The staff was friendly and the products were great. I received the "fusion massage" from Lydia and she was OUTSTANDING! The only thing I take a point away for is the atomosphere. The stairs are really narrow and the space is more vertical and narrow than the spas I am use to going to. But it's NYC and space is limited. Everything else was aesthetically pleasing. I plan to put Spa Ja on my itinerary anytime I visit NYC.
February 23, 2006
Zen- like place with some unusual therapies
I had reflexology here with Laure, who is a master with your toes. I started to tell her where my problem areas where and she said," No, the feet will tell me" She was able to pinpoint pain in my shoulders, neck, headaches etc.I had a treatment in an interesting machine designed by NASA scientists which had a combination of infra-red, sauna and steam....very relaxing and I love their use of color therapy which creates an exotic ambience! They were so gracious and welcoming and the rooms feel very private..even for manicures and pedicures.
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