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About Gendarmerie, The

The Gendarmarie is a men's and women's spa that was originally created to cater to a solely male clientele. With leather chairs and flat-screen televisions tuned to ESPN, the spa cultivates a fluff-free, male-friendly atmosphere. The 1,700-square-foot facility features three facial and massage rooms, four salon stations, a boutique, and a steam room. A favorite with the Gendarmarie's regulars is the fully integrated "makeover" package, which includes hair treatments, steam-room session, facial, massage, and an image consultation with the spa's resident style guru. The spa is available for bachelor parties, birthday celebrations, and corporate gatherings.

Gendarmerie, The

Address & Info
Gendarmerie, The
9069 Nemo Street,
West Hollywood, CA 90069
United States
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Hours of Operation
Mon: 10am  -  6pm Tues: 10am  -  7pm Wed: 10am  -  7pm Thu: 10am  -  7pm Fri: 10am  -  7pm Sat: 9am  -  7pm Sun: 12pm  -  6pm
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+1(310) 858-9009

Accepts Spafinder Gift Cards
Accepts Multi-Use Spafinder Gift Cards
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+1(310) 858-9009

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Menu of Services

Food-Based Scrub
Fruit Scrub
$139 David's Rub a Dub 30 min Scrub & 50 min Massage
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Other Body Wraps
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Acne/Deep Cleansing
Alpha Hydroxy Facials
Anti Oxidant Facials
Back Facial
Collagen Facial
Glycolic Acid
Microdermabrasion Facials
Other Facials
Ultimate Microdermabrasion and Oxygen Facial
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Food/Beverage Available
Locker Room
Relaxation Lounge
Retail Store
Slippers Provided
Steam Room
Wedding/Event Space
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Hair and Scalp Treatments
Hair Coloring
Hair Extensions
Hair Removal
Hair Styling and Care
Other Salon Services
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Back Massage
Deep Tissue
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Customer Reviews for Gendarmerie, The (8)

October 21, 2015
Very good!
August 20, 2012
Seventh Time's a Charm
You know, as a psychological researcher, nothing speaks to me like test-retest reliability. When something happens one time, it's meaningless. Twice, it's coincidence. Three times, it's a confluence. So when I tried out the seventh different therapist at the Gendarmerie, and I can now say that my top seven experiences were at the same place, it's the type of data you simply can't ignore. It's pretty much a scientific law at that point. Everardo; incredible. Jon; wonderful. Stuart; amazing. Juan; exceptional. Gabriel; outstanding. Javier; unbelievable. So when proprietor Topper Schroeder insisted that I try their newest acquisition, Joseph, I practically lunged onto the table. Done and done. I must be getting jaded, cynical, and hardened. Because it took this one about 15 seconds to win me over. I'd twisted a muscle in my back a few days prior moving heavy banquet tables and, you know, not being 25 anymore. I woke up the next morning with about 75 symptom reduction. Somehow it was so therapeutic that it knocked out three fourths of my pain, yet so relaxing I almost dozed off on the table. They can't keep hiring such talented people; I'm running out of complimentary adjectives fast.
August 25, 2011
Simply The Best
I find myself compelled to write a fresh review of my favorite business in the entire Los Angeles area; not because my opinion has at all changed, but rather because my opinion, now more well-informed after multiple visits, is nothing if not reinforced by every successive trip. It's funny that something supposedly trivial like a good day spa could do so much to define my LA experience thus far, and yet I find myself drawn to this place for so many reasons. My initial experiences with Gabe and Everardo were phenomenal. Between the two I've had massages, facials, and body scrubs, and without a doubt the best (and not the most expensive) I've had. More recently I've availed myself of the services of Jon Delaney, and again had such a good experience; it's starting to make me think that the owner, the ever-charming Topper Schroeder, must grab massage and aesthetician school valedictorians somewhere between their gown fittings and the stage. Bottom line: There's no weak link in the chain. The front desk is staffed by Noel and Nancy, each of whom have great personalities and welcoming energy. Michael and Topper, two of the owners who are most often present, know everyone by name by their second visit, and treat all like guests in their
July 21, 2011
Best Spa I've Been To
I was greeted warmly, as always. Sank into a soft brown leather lounge chair until my appointment, was offered (and accepted) a glass of wine. Everardo came to retrieve me in a bit and I did the salt scrub first. Best one I've had. Perfect balance of aggressive enough to be useful and gentle enough that I was comfortable. Rinsed off and my skin LITERALLY felt the best it ever has, in life. Then the massage. Ditto everything positive about the scrub. Strong enough, gentle enough. Somehow in the past my massages were always Goldilocks. Too strong or too weak. He just nailed it, and while I appreciated his checking in with me several times to ensure I was comfortable, it was unnecessary because finally I've met a massage therapist who just instinctively gets it right the first time. The facial... three-for-three. Best one I've had. Did it hurt? Hell yes, it hurt. Have you ever had one? They hurt. Man (or woman) up... you'll live. That being said, he minimized the discomfort as much as possible, and he got the job done. Afterwards, looking in the mirror, I was literally shocked at how much better my skin looked. So... best scrub, best massage, best facial I've had. Complimentary cocktails. Charismatic, charming owner and employees.
November 30, 2009
Homey and friendly
I must be honest, I'm a little bias in this review because I know friends of the owner. But regardless, the place is pretty chic and cool. It does have the homey feeling, as if you are getting your haircut/massage/etc at someone's home (cause there's like a kitchen and everything!). And if you need lotion from there, I recommend the mango hand lotion because it smells like your carrying the fruit around! The service is very friendly and it does feel like your going over to a friends house to get ready for a night on the town!
September 26, 2009
Best Massage and Facial ever!
David gave me the most amazing massage and facial ever. I will be definitely going back to this spa. Topper the owner is very friendly and accommodating. I want to come back with friends and make a day of it at this place.
August 24, 2009
I love this place...
The Gendarmerie is a gem. The owner, Topper, makes everyone feel so welcome and the treatments are top-notch. I cannot go there enough!
April 8, 2008
A present for both of us...
For my boyfriend's birthday I decided he needed a really good massage (and naturally, the stress in planning a good birthday present warranted a massage for myself, as well). I called ahead and had everything pre-paid so all we had to do was walk in and get started. The manly atmosphere The Gendarmerie provided kept my guy at ease where most other spas are "too girly" for his liking. We were split up and given amazing 90 minute Gendarmerie Signature massages, which were a great mix of a sports massage and a relaxing swedish massage. I can honestly say it was the first time I had a masseuse who was able to work out some of the deep knots in my back and neck. For that, I am truly grateful! My one gripe about the experience was that my massage room was not totally soundproof. It was a bit distracting at times to hear voices outside in the foyer and occasionally there was a bit of rattling from the plumbing, but for the most part, the massage was so great I didn't notice much else. Would I go back? Absolutely! If my boyfriend is lucky he can come, too.
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