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  • Christine Valmy Salon & Day Spa
  • Christine Valmy Salon & Day Spa
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About Christine Valmy Salon & Day Spa

Christine Valmy Salon and Day Spa offers a wide array of spa services, either individually or in package form. The signature European Facial Treatment incorporates exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, and vigorous upper-body massage. Spa packages range from the full-day Pampered to Perfection with Vichy shower, scrub, massage, and facial included to Afternoon Delight, a less time-consuming spa escape.

Christine Valmy Salon & Day Spa

Address & Info
Christine Valmy Salon & Day Spa
335 Johnson Avenue,
River Edge, NJ 07661
United States
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Accepts Spafinder Gift Cards
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Mon: Closed Tues: 9am  -  8:30pm Wed: 9am  -  8:30pm Thu: 9am  -  8:30pm Fri: 9am  -  8:30pm Sat: 9am  -  6pm Sun: 10am  -  6:30pm
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Accepts Spafinder Gift Cards
Does Not Accept Multi-Use Spafinder Gift Cards
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Menu of Services

Salt Scrub
Sugar Scrub
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Herbal Wrap
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Acne/Deep Cleansing
Back Facial
Fruit Acid
Microdermabrasion Facials
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Slippers Provided
Steam Room
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Eyebrow and Lash Tinting
Hair Extensions
Hair Styling and Care
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Makeup Instruction/Application
Sunless Tanning
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Back Massage
Deep Tissue
Hot Stone
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Vichy Shower
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Customer Reviews for Christine Valmy Salon & Day Spa (15)

October 7, 2016
could be worst ever!!! 00000 stars
I have a gift card given to me as a gift in my name from the purchaser.... They didn't honor the gift card because they posted the gift card in the wrong file. Instead of puting it in my name which they wrote on the gift card( they wrote the gift card up) they placed it in the purchaser account on file. They then proceeded to tell me that they were not transferable. I responded with not my fault you put in the wrong account. They argued the fact that I was wrong for not understanding the card were not transferable. I HAVE THE GIFT CARD IN MY NAME ON THE CARD!!!! Too bad was pretty much the response I recieved. MARY was the one who said all of this. she's not only the manager, SHE'S THE OWNER!!!!
September 24, 2016
I had an appointment at 11.30 today, and my bad that I called at 11.10 am to reschedule since I had to take care of my father since he wasn't feeling well. It was an emergency and the manager was so inconsiderate and VERY rude, she said I need proof that you had an emergency (like a picture of my dad lying on the bed!?) and I also told her that I don't want to lose my money and I can just leave and use and make it late to my appointment since I didn't want to lose my facial that I had paid for. She said that that is not a solution either. She laughed at me because she thought I was lying, there can be a situation that a person can need to reschedule an appointment at the last moment and I didnt feel like I had to explain myself to a rude person, I have gone to many spas and have never seen such rude and bad behavior. On top of that she redeemed the coupon and never bothered to call back, even before I could call the headquarters and complain! That is some customer service they offer
April 15, 2014
This place is so bad I cancelled my appt
If I could give it zero stars, I would. There were so many problems with a May 2014 group appt that we cancelled and rebooked at a different spa. 1) They wanted us all to pre-pay, not just give a credit card to hold the appointments but actually run the cards. We cancelled more than 10 days ago and they still have not refunded my card. They are not answering my emails. I also tried calling but there is no answer and no voicemail. 2) Several women in the group wanted to pay via SpaFinder and SpaWeek gift cards and they were told they would be charged 20% more because the salon doesn't get the full amount on the card. When we complained that was not our problem and that was something they needed to work out with SpaFinder, they basically said they didn't care. 3) I have allergies and therefore have some issues with ingredients in products. I emailed to ask them if it was possible to tailor a facial and I never heard back from them. When I called to give them my credit card information, they said they had received my email and someone would be reaching out to me - no one ever did. When we called to cancel, they LIED to my friend and said they had spoken to me.
October 7, 2013
Horrible experience with the owner
This place is a complete rip-off. The owner is only interested in your money and has no sense of customer service. Horrible service. They have most definitely lost me as a customer. Don't bother going here.
July 24, 2013
Reflexology Relaxation
Took advantage of summer specials to treat myself to an hour and a half massage and reflexology.. It was great and I felt like butter when I finished! Nataly is wonderful !!!
August 5, 2012
Bad Brazilian wax!!!
I recently went to Christine Valmay for a Brazilian bikini wax. Before going i expressed my concern based on a bad past experience at another place. My concern was relayed to the technician. She was very nice, but burned me multiple times. She did not attempt to cool the wax not one time before applying it to a very sensitive area. Mind you, this is not my first Brazilian. I had stubble within 3 days. For all that, i would have just shaved. I wouldn't normally complain but i was so uncomfortable and aggravated. To add fuel to the fire, i called the spa to complain to "the manger" Mary, who i find out is the owner. She tried to convince me this happened because i hadn't waxed in 6 weeks. pretty sure the burns had nothing to do with that. Anyhow, she said she would call me back after speaking to the technician. She did not offer me any kind of compensation, and what a surprise, never called me back. I WILL NEVER get a wax there again. If it wasn't for Maureen, who is by far the BEST masseuse i have ever been to, i would never go back.
September 20, 2011
Horrible Experience
First let me say that the receptionist was very pleasant and the other employee that I saw seemed to know what they were doing. My main complaint is the owner. I was embarrased for the employees, she berates them in front of the clients and from what I could tell none of the employees appeared to be totally incompetent. I thought I saw one of the employees begin to tear up from embarrassment. I'm not sure that the owner understands that the clients can see and hear everything she is saying and doing to her employees. If she reads this I hope she starts to treat her employees a little better (especially in front of clients), how do you expect to get great work out of people if you make them cry. I saw much of this before I even got my service and I was tempted to say something and leave but the person I was with begged me not to and just go through with it. I will not go back to this salon.
July 19, 2011
I would never go back to this spa. The owner is not only rude but ignorant. Evertime I went there I would have to wait atleast 30 minutes for someone to help me. Mind you. There was never anyone THERE! No clients, maybe one employee. Worst experience of my life. The owner is completely nuts. Everytime i would go there i would sit and listen to the staff complain about this woman. I had a one on one conversation with this nut and know i know why this spa is so horrible and the staff so incompetent. AVIOD AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!
April 27, 2011
Dissatisfied customer
Went to CV with a friend for a Spa Pedicure and was pretty disappointed overall. It was our first time there & the women at the reception desk were not helpful, just told us to go upstairs. The women doing our pedicures were pleasant but my friend's massage chair did not work and no one seemed to care to check it or move her to a different one. When leaving and paying for the services, as it became clear to them that we were not going to purchase any additional items, the receptionists again became rather rude and stopped talking to us. Also, my polish began chipping within a few days and by day 5 the polish on one big toe completely came off in 1 piece! Not a very satisfying experience at all.
April 15, 2011
no customer service
I was given a gift card for 100.00 bymy mother who is unable to use it by the expiration of May 6, 2011. It was purchased May 6, 2010. In NJ gift cards can not expire for 24months, and then only a 2.00 max fee can be charged per month. (I even gave them a copy of the Gift card act in NJ). The card does not say non-transferable. It is posted in the salon. I wanted to book a mani/pedi for myself and my daughter, as a treat. I was told, as a favor, they would allow me to use the card for my services, but not my daughter's . Why? I am paying for both. The woman who did my mani/pedi was very nice and good, but not worth the 57.50 to be treated like that. I will never go there again, and encourgae no one else too either.
February 2, 2011
It varies
Have been here several times for massage and facials. Most of therapists are very good, some are only OK, so it really depends on who you get. As did previous reviewer with good experience, Nataly is wonderful for massage. The women at desk are consistenly helpful and courteous. I have also experienced rudeness on the part of the owner, however. The reason I return are good coupon deals and particular therapist who is excellent.
January 21, 2011
This place was horrible i was disgusted by everything i will never go there again and the owner was the worest of all very rude and nasty to customers n employees. with this said dont waste your money on this place.
October 19, 2010
Not What I Expected
My friend and I looked long and hard for a day spa to have a spa day at. We finally opted to try here and were completely disappointed. My massage therapist came and got me from the upstairs waiting area 15 minutes after my scheduled appointment. The massage was okay but she didn't ask me any questions such as "where do you hold most of your tension" or "what areas would you like me to focus on" my shoulders are very tight and she did the least work on that area. after the massage was complete she put a robe on a chair and told me to put the robe on and grab my clothes and meet her in the hall. i did this and she grabbed a locker (which is in the middle of the hall) and told me to put it away. Then the girl who was doing my facial was 15 minutes late, she had to leave the room multiple times to refill her water bowls. she only spent 2 minutes on extractions. she knocked the steam machine over. not a very relaxing experience. not to mention the room was freezing cold and i was sitting in what seemed to be a dentist chair (not very comfortable at all) - my esthetician even commented on how tight my shoulders were and mentioned i should get a massage. i'll never go back. the least relaxing experience ever.
April 28, 2010
Afternoon Delight
I had bought a spa package called afternoon delight. When I had first arrived the staff was welcoming, had me first fill out paper work and showed my schedule of events for the day to me. It started off with an Aromatherapy massage, I believe the woman's name was Nattily. The massage was amazing and definitely worth it!! The pressure was just right and so relaxing. I then went on to my European facial treatment, which was performed by Mary. It was soothing and relaxing as well. To finish the day off was a manicure and pedicure which was utterly delightful. Highly recommended!
November 30, 2009
Don't go for massage!
The wax ladies are very nice, but the massage experience was plain awful! The woman was coughing all over me and pressing on bones that shouldn't be pressed on constantly! I almost asked her to stop half way through but she was too busy TALKING to me about herself. Never again!
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