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300 West 38th St, New York City, NY 10018 United States 


We at Pilates Reforming New York are dedicated to making Pilates affordable and accessible to everyone. We are especially passionate about the Pilates reformer and its specific benefits. Our 3 studios offer more than 100+ reformer classes per week. We are committed to showing you how Pilates will positively impact and improve the quality of both your personal and professional lives. We offer a Free Introductory Class every day in our 3 locations. We don't want cost to be a factor in your giving Pilates a try. Joe Pilates is often quoted as having said "10 classes you feel a difference, 20 classes you see a difference, 30 classes others will see a difference." Since we opened in 2002 we have had 1000's of clients try us who would agree! We feature Balanced Body equipment and offer Balanced Body Teacher Training.