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2793 Plymouth Road Suite D, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 United States 


New Standard in Massage Excellence.
We are a unique massage center focused on health, education and you. LaVida Massage therapists are professionals who have been uniquely selected for their expertise in both the science and art of massage. With such a wide variety of massage therapies available, we want to provide a great selection for our Ann Arbor clients, so we can help them select the perfect massage for their needs.
Shy or On-The-Go?
We offer Chair and Corporate Massage techniques allowing us to focus on your upper-body tensions while you can remain comfortably seated and fully clothed in any environment, including the workplace. For a little added relaxation in the busy city of Ann Arbor, our knowledgeable staff also specializes in Swedish Massage. We create a peaceful atmosphere with dim lighting and soft music. A professional will apply the right amount of pressure to sooth your body, and eliminate your built-up stress hormones.
Rekindle a Lost Connection
Massage has so many benefits, and can also be used as a connection-building tool. A Couples Massage from LaVida Massage of Ann Arbor is sure to help you bond with your special someone, family member, or even friend! Along with some bonus services, you'll enjoy a therapeutic massage session that acts as an opportunity to communicate, catch-up, or simply rest and enjoy one another's company in a peaceful setting.
If you're an expectant mother, you can also achieve a deeper connection between yourself and your baby with a professional Prenatal Massage designed for your comfort. Ann Arbor's #1 Choice for Sports & Deep Tissue Massage
One thing we can't forget about is the large athletic community here in Ann Arbor, MI. We are a city of great sports teams, and LaVida Massage of Ann Arbor has athletes covered! We offer Sports Massage therapies using techniques of light and firm pressure application for deep tissue relief. 
The ease of movement, pain relief, and deep relaxation that can be achieved through massage will enable you to more fully engage in what life has to offer. Discover "The Life" at LaVida Massage! 

Hours of Operation

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