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Massage For Health and Day Spa

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530 S. 336th St., Suite C,
Federal Way, WA 98003
United States
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Customer Reviews for Massage For Health and Day Spa (4)

August 11, 2014
I had a REALLY negative experience here. I was injured in an auto accident while on the job. Massage therapy was recommended (6 sessions) by my doctor to be paid through L & I. I gave the girl on the phone my L & I claim number and she stated that she could not book my appointment until after L&I approved my claim (L&I told me that they could but that some businesses choose to wait). When my claim was approved, I called back and scheduled my appointment. I chose this facility because it looked spa like and was close to home. I arrived excited, but when the receptionist (not smiling) asked me for my claim ID (the one i had given over the phone) and referral, I explained that i didn't have these and that they were at home. She flatly replied that they need them. I again explained that i didn't bring them as i didn't know they needed them. She again told me that they need them for the appointment. I felt really awkward and could see that she was annoyed with me. I had to ask if i needed to leave or if they would still see me, telling her i could get them for her after the appointment. She stood up and walked away around the corner without saying a word to me excusing herself. I could hear her talking to a woman about me not having the paperwork. A minute later they both came out and the new woman told me that she was in charge of the billing and that they need the referral to bill. I explained that i understood this as i am also in the medical profession, but that I didn't know they didn't have everything they needed in advance and that i was never told that. They looked at one another and said nothing to ease the tension. I felt as if they didn't believe me and it was very uncomfortable. I plainly asked if my appointment was no longer and while she didn't answer me directly, she said she'd need my paperwork next time. I had to repeat the question again and she said she'd let it go, but to bring the paperwork. I told her i could get it for her now if she wanted as my home (where the paperwork was) was only a few minutes away. She said to bring it next time. I told her I'd email it sooner. It felt rather demeaning. While i sat and filled out paperwork, a new third staff member came out and was leaning over the reception desk chatting/whispering with the receptionist saying, "NO way! Really?!? and things like that while i sat there awkwardly. They both shot me glances. I felt ready to leave and was very upset when the massage therapist came to get me (a fourth person). She walked me into the back, was not friendly, but not unfriendly. She sat in a chair while i stood in the room and said she needed to ask me a few questions and proceeded to ask about where my injury was on my body. She left so that i could undress. When she came back in the room, she said nothing. Not one word was spoken until about a half hour into the massage when i asked for a tissue. She didn't ask about pain level, comfort, ANYTHING. At the end she said to take a few deep breaths before getting up. I was lightheaded and could not stand up for at least a few minutes (normal if the carotids are affected). I stumbled to get dressed and left. At the reception counter, still light headed, I asked the receptionist if she knew of another facility that takes L&I as i was unhappy with the way i was treated. She said she didn't. I pressed, asking her if she didn't or wouldn't tell me. She went around the corner again to talk to the woman she had an hour earlier and i could hear the woman telling her that they don't give referrals. I said never mind and left. Not only is this place completely unprofessional and lacking customer service, but the massage therapist was not considerate of my comfort, the rooms are tiny, it is NOT spa-like and is in an old strip-mall like building. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE.
September 15, 2011
Beautiful Luxury @ an Affordable Price
I first visited with my Mom on a Groupon special. We were both extremely impressed with the services. I re-booked once and was delighted to have an even better experience than the first time. Now my best friend from college is coming to visit & we have a full half day planned. She has four kids & never gets to indulge. I'm looking forward to sharing this wonderful find with her!
June 12, 2010
Best Spa Experience
I've been to several spas in differend cities. I have had 2 facials, 2 massages and 2 body wraps at MFHDS. I always end up comparing each experience at other spas with my experience at MFHDS and I feel disappointed every time. I don't know why i even go anywhere else.
October 31, 2008
Best Kept Secret in Federal Way, WA!
Massage for Health and Day Spa is the place to go if you're looking for a great massage and/or facial when you're in the south end. Driving to Federal Way is definitely worth the trip. They are tucked in an office building but very easy to find. My favorite LMP there is Joanie Phelps. I highly recommend her. If you like deep tissue massage, you will be in absolute heaven after seeing her. I can honestly say that after many years of getting massages at different spas and in different states, that she ranks #1 in my book. The only time I get a massage elsewhere is if I'm on vacation or get a GC to another spa. I always find myself comparing everyone to Joanie and they just don't match up. Another thing, MFHDS also does injury treatment. After I was in a car accident a couple years ago, I was able to see Joanie for massage treatments and they billed my auto (PIP) insurance directly. I've only had one facial done here and that was with Melina. She's awesome. I'm getting ready to book another appointment with her soon.
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