• Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
  • Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
  • Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
  • Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
  • Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
  • Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
  • Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
  • Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
  • Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
  • Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
  • Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
  • Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork

About Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork

East meets West at Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork. Our holistic approach to the spa experence integrates many styles of therapeutic massage with the metaphysical aspects of body energy, chakra balancing / clearing, and mind / body / spirit alignment.

During your treatment, you will experience a 
unique blend of movement, touch, and stillness...
long flowing strokes with deep muscular work 
complimented by gentle rocking and stretching, 
energy balancing, and passive joint movement, 
all to create body awareness and energized 
relaxation. You will receive an integration of many 
modalities, both modern and ancient, Eastern 
& Western, including 
ReflexologyUsui Reiki
CraniosacralMyofascial Release, and therapeutic 
stretch & traction, as well as Swedish and/or 
Deep Tissue, which will be the foundation of your 
treatment unless you request otherwise. Our 
intention throughout the course of your session 
will always be to honor and respect your privacy 
and personal boundaries, as well as to draw-in greatest love, greatest light, & greatest good, regardless of the modality being practiced.  You are in good hands and heart.

Included in your session will be a brief check-in conversation regarding meds, medical history, allergies, etc, and any issues/complaints you would like addressed during your treatment, as well as aftercare recommendations designed to prolong the benefits of your massage. Be good to yourself and be well.

We are grateful that our paths have crossed today. Namaste'


Featuring: Swedish Massage, Organic Facials, Couples Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Usui Reiki, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Cupping, Sound-Healing Meditation, Prenatal Massage, Reflexology Massage, Thai Massage, Shiatsu, BioMat Therapy, and more.


Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork

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Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
515 East SR 436, (Suite 1018)
Casselberry, FL 32707
United States
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Accepts Spafinder Gift Cards
Accepts Multi-Use Spafinder Gift Cards
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Customer Reviews for Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork (27)

September 28, 2014
I went for a massage last week at Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork. First time at this place and first time meting the owner and therapist Jai Michael Barry. The massage is excellent itself: Deep, thorough and relaxing. In addition Jai Michael is a sweet, soft spoken person who makes you feel very comfortable during the whole time. He is very skilled and professional. The room is nice and comfy, filled with good energy, soft music and the subtle scent of oils. This is the best professional massage place you can find in the Orlando area. Worth trying it!!!!
March 5, 2014
Great DEEP Pressure!!
A friend and I visited this spa recently and were very pleased. There was only one therapist (Jai), so we had to wait for each other, but the wait was well worth it for both of us!! We both love DEEP work, and that's exactly what we got. We'll be telling friends and will definitely be back.
Response from Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
Thank you for your kind words Darryl (and Sally). We look forward to seeing you both again soon...perhaps at our Full Moon Meditation Sunday, March 30th at 7:30pm. ~Namaste'
June 20, 2013
I'm Hooked
I highly recommend this amazing little wellness spa. If you're not into the foofoo thing, but totally serious massage, this is the place. I'm hooked! Jai is a master.
Response from Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
Thank you, Alesha. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
May 30, 2013
Found Relief
My session was perfect and I wouldn't have changed a thing. I walked in with a very sore upper back and walked out with zero pain. Cool studio too. I'm looking forward to returning. Thank you to Jai!
Response from Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
We're grateful you experienced powerful results, Rhada. Hope to see you again soon. ~Jai
May 1, 2013
Excellent Excellent
This was one of the most amazing massages I've ever had. Jai was my therapist and also the owner so I got top shelf treatment. His techniques and tricks were the best. Very thorough and very strong work. Looking forward to returning again soon.
March 23, 2013
Nurturing Experience
I had a prenatal massage yesterday with Jai and feel so much better. I'm a bit self-conscious about my body lately and he was very professional, respectful and nurturing. I hoping my boyfriend will buy me and package (hint-hint) :)
February 12, 2013
Highly Recommend
I recently visited Ancient Art Massage and was blown-away by my experience. I did have to wait over a week to get in but it was worth the wait! Jai gave me the massage of my life and I can't wait to see him again. My body feels great!
December 20, 2012
Did not honor the Spa gift card
I called to book my appointment and he gave me a very long complaint about how the Spa company does not reimburse him for the full amount. Therefore, he would only honor it at 50%. I can't imagine that the terms of agreement were not available to him before becoming part of the Spa facilities. And, it isn't my fault, nor is it my problem. Needless to say, I did not book an appointment.
Response from Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
This caller wanted to use their card in conjunction with our "Half-Off First Time Client Discount" which specifically states we do not accept outside gift cards. She was kindly referred to another establishment near-by. We're sorry she was disappointed.
July 18, 2012
Skilled and Professional
5 Stars! I'm new to the area and have been somewhat disappointed with the other spas I visited for massage recently. I saw that Ancient Art had several great Citysearch reviews so I thought I'd check them out. The ambiance is very grounding and calming. Pleasant aromas, music, and subtle energy are everywhere in their beautiful space. I was treated by Jai. WOW is all I have to say! He was awesome. Very professional and thorough. I like that he leaves plenty of time between his patients so there's enough time to receive personalized one-on-one care. Returning next week.
November 11, 2011
Massage Guru!!
My mom got me a Living Social package with Jai and I knew from the minute I saw his eyes and hands my massage would be special and different. I wish I could see him every week! He's my new massage guru!
November 10, 2011
Deeply Relaxed!!
I found Jai last week as the result of an online promotion. It took me a couple of tries to get on his schedule and now i know why. HE IS AMAZING, multi-dimensional in fact. And the wellness center is probably the most tranquil place I've ever been to. The colors and vibes and smells and a huge gong and about 20 sound healing bowls. So cool. I'll be back!
July 9, 2011
Jai's Magic Massage Treatments!!
I just can't say enough about this wonderful wellness center. I wish I could live there! Jai has been my massage therapist for some time and he is invariably the most amazing artist I've experienced. Always perfect pressure. Even when it feels too deep, he breathes with me and talks me through it. Like magic, the tension releases, with very little residual pain. Thank you again Jai!
June 5, 2011
very grateful
I just moved to the area and am so grateful to have found Jai at Ancient Art Massage. I have a big frame and require a lot of constant deep pressure, which is exactly what Jai delivers. I purchased a package of sessions and am looking forward to my return to their glorious spa next week!
June 5, 2011
Such an Experience!
I learned about Ancient Art Massage & Spa through a Groupon offer for a half hour massage/mani/pedi. Before our session Jai went over my expectations to ensure that I received the best massage I could. I don't know how he packed as much as he did into that 30 minutes, but it was one of the best massages I have ever received. Even before the session was through I was already planning on scheduling my next one! The spa atmosphere is delightful and the staff is very personable. My Groupon also included a mini mani/pedi which was delightful. They use a scrub that smells like chocolate and was absolutely heavenly! I am so glad I learned about this Spa and look forward to my next visit.
April 20, 2011
I was interested in this spa due to the location and that they also participated in the Susan Komen Cure Pamper Pink - gift certificates. They did not honor the gift certificate and were constantly arguing with customers about the services that were "supposed" to be honored. I have several friends who utilized this gift certificate and were turned away as well and were treated unprofessional. They would not return phone calls and pick and choose there clients. Very arrogant owners! Never will recommend or visit again!
Response from Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
This was not a gift certificate. It was a donation-based promotion which includes 4 completely complimentary treatments. This client cancelled at the last minute and refused to honor our $25 cancellation fee as is outlined on the promo. We know of no one who's been turned-away unless their promo is expired. This has nothing to do with SpaFinder BTW.
April 4, 2011
Incredible Experience
Today was my first massage with Jai... I am amazed! His balance of firmness and gentleness was perfect! He worked out my knots but also relaxed me. Every time he put deep pressure and I was almost ready to say "ok thats enough" he would stop right before it.. his knowledge and instinct are without a doubt the best I have ever encountered. He understood my body almost right away and delivered a massage experience that was by far the best I have ever had. The facility is clean, beautiful and very soothing. The value for price was also excellent. Wonderful place to pamper yourself in Central Florida. Thank you Jai! -Kelly Williams
March 14, 2011
Talented, gentle, intuitive, generous, and more.
I am a student at a local massage school and frequently visit various therapists and establishments not only for my own health, but also to gain knowledge and experience. I began seeing Jai about 7-8 months ago and by far, he is the most everything I want to be as a professional massage therapist. In addition, unless you visit an expensive resort/hotel spa, most of the establishments around here a either a hole in the wall, or a room in the back of someone's hair salon. Ancient Art is a tranquil sanctuary. They even have singing bowls in a huge gong in the lobby. Do yourself a favor and give them a try!
March 8, 2011
I've found Heaven!!
Thank you to this beautiful spa and the their amazing therapists. It's taken me some time to find the right spot. It was worth the wait!!
March 5, 2011
Did NOT honor gift certificate
A friend and I bought a spa from Pamper Pink to support the Susan G. Komen to support breast cancer awareness back in October 2010. A couple of weeks ago we tried to get appointments and the guy told us that Pamper Pink went out of business so he did not honor the gift certificate and we could buy one service for an additional $35. My friend called Pamper Pink and they said they were still in business and the guy at Ancient Art was not telling the truth. He felt so bad for us that he sent us three other pamper services from other companies. From the website and the picture on the gift certificate, you would think that they would offer a positive spiritual experience. It has the Yoga Asana pose and chakras on the front. I would not recommend this spa b/c I don't believe they are truthful spa to buy service from.
Response from Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
We have no affiliation with the company mentioned, other than that they sold promotions on our behalf, and in return agreed to rebate us per certificate sold. Instead, they have chosen to make only small partial payments, and to write us a check that bounced which they have not made good on at this point. I am saddened that they have failed to live up to that committment, and that we are stuck in the middle. We can only refer the consumer back to the company for a refund. We did not refuse to honor the promotion(s). The $35 we mentioned to her is half-off of our original pricing, which is in alignment with the terms of the promotion purchased. We suggested she call the company (who now answers the phone under a different name) and that if she could reach anyone, they may be willing to offer her a different spa's promotion in exchange, which is exactly what happened. I'm sorry that this person feels her experience was not a 'positive spriritual experience'. We are not in a position however to be manipulated by a company who we've trusted in good faith to stand behind their word and behind our written contract. Bounced checks and habitual broken promises are unacceptable. We WILL of course continue to honor the 50% savings on valid promos as part of the terms of these certificates.
February 22, 2011
Fabulous Massage, Meditative, Like-Minded
Ancient Art Massage & Spa is a blessing to Central Florida. I've been in the spa business out west for decades, and have been so thirsty for a Holistic approach to the spa experience in Orlando I've finally found the perfect sanctuary! I recommend you see Jai for massage. He's very strong and though, yet soft and wise as well. They also do sound healing meditation with crystal bowls 2x a month which is amazing, as well as other cool events.
December 18, 2010
Refused to provide owed services.
My friend and I scheduled a massage, facial and pedicure each; however upon arrival we were informed that the esthetician wasn’t available so we didn’t get our facials. I’m a pretty understanding person so I didn’t make a big deal of it (stuff happens). Second visit was to redeem an Odeals offer which included a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure for $99. I went with my mom and when we arrived 15 minutes early, the doors were locked. We waited in the car since it was freezing out that morning and two cars pulled up at the time our appointments were supposed to begin. Although these first few experiences were not up to par, my mom, sister and I still had remaining services owed to us on our Odeals certificates so we scheduled one more trip over a month in advance. Along with the services owed to us, we also scheduled two facials and a body scrub at regular prices. Three days before the appointments, Francesca called to tell us that our facials and scrub had been cancelled. I spoke to Jai (the owner) and tried to work something out until he blamed me for the difficulty in scheduling and refused service to all of us, including the services still owed to us on our Odeals certificates!!! Who does that?!?! Do not recommend!
Response from Ancient Art Massage & Bodywork
We never refused to provide owed services. We simply chose not to continue to bend our policies for her after numerous threats, hang-ups, and abusive phonecalls. These clients had 4 half-off certificates from O-Deals.com. Ambry wanted for she and the other 3 people to be treated simultaniously (4 hours of services each) which we do not normally do with that type of deep-discount promotion. We did make an exception for them as her brother was a long-term client, however. Between Ambry and her sister, they cancelled and re-scheduled on several occasions, in addition to attempting to substitute services and recipients. We also opened over an hour early for them on their first visit to accomodate their scheduling restrictions (that's the day they arrived 15min early and our doors were still locked). The facials we asked to reschedule so that one of our estheticians could personally pick-up her son from the airport for the holidays (whom she hadn't seen in over 2 years). Ambry insisted he take a cab. Every time she didn't get her way, she used vulgar language, threatened us with negative on-line reviews, and was flat-out abusive. "The customer IS always right" provided the customer is willing to work within the realms of our policies and practicies. Out of kindness, we bent over backwards to accomodate her large group. I'm sorry she was unable to recognize the gift in that. We are compassionate and flexible people. Our spa is non-corporate and our treatments are second to none. Feel free to check-out other reviews at bodyworkermassage.com/reviews.html Thank you. We wish you well, Ambry.
November 28, 2010
I visited this spa under a Groupon deal I found online. I received a mini mani/pedi and 30 minute massage. The mini mani/pedi was good for the mini version, but I'd love to go back for the full thing. Their nail polish is "vegan friendly" and had great shine! My massage was with Francesca, who is soft spoken, calm and yet full of amazing energy. I like a deep massage, but often end up feeling bruised or sore the next day. Francesca was outstanding!! She was able to move around my knots with such ease and grace, it was perfect. The table heats up from underneath you and the place a hot towel on top of you so there is this warmth you just have to experience. I recently received a Spa Finder gift certificate and I'll be booking with Francesca ASAP to help destress with the holidays approaching. -Nicole Orlando, FL
March 31, 2010
Can't wait to return!!
I was dying for a good massage over the weekend, and as an LMT myself who needs alot of work, I've tried many other therapists without many inspiring results. Thank goodness I found Jai on Sunday. Don't waste your time going anywhere else. Ancient Art Massage and Spa is one of the most beautiful non-corporate spas I've visited as well. I'm looking forward to my next session!
March 17, 2010
Best Spa Experience East of Sedona!!!
I've been to many spas, literally all over the world. Ancient Art Massage & Spa is fully the whole holistic package. Their building is totally unlike anywhere else except out-west. My massage with Jai was remarkable, as was my pedicaure. I'm coming back for the the full package soon! TOP MARKS!!
July 21, 2009
Integrative Yoga Therapist Reccomendation & Testimonial for Jai At Ancient Art Massage and Body Work in WItner Park, Florida
Excellent is an understatement. I'm that guy that doesn't give out all 5's on a report card. And yet I cannot honestly rate any area less than a 5. ********** My Top 3 Reasons For Returning as a Client to Jai at Ancient Art Massage and Bodywork: 1. Strong & sensing hands 2. Calm confident positive assertive energy 3. Attention to detail in the quient relaxing massage room ********** These are the points that stood out in my mind after coming in on a 3-part special promotion. Just as a company is only as strong as it's leadership, I believe and have experienced firsthand how the effect of a massage is boosted not only by the technical experience but also the authenticity of it's practitioner. Jai is both technically gifted and an authentic person and this comes through in his profession as a massage therapist. Jai is himself humble and wise, not only in massage (and nutrition and about computers)but in knowing the calibration required for the individual. His eastern and western studies and influences were, from my perspective, clearly to my benefit. He has some of the strongest hands I have experienced, and yet was able to balance strength with sensitivity in a way that has an effect more than a massage should. Whether you are seeking to experience massage for the first time and are uneasy about what to expect, Jai is solid and trustworthy. He may however spoil you with the atmosphere if you tried to go somewhere else. Whether you are seeking a steady weekly appointment with massage with hands or hot stones, or whether you are ready to try Reiki's Energetic Massage (as it was my first time) - Jai's study goes both deep and broad, rendering you the chief beneficiary of a rejuvinating experience and a great end to a week or the fresh start of one. Although he would downplay it, as an unexpected bonus, he has also inspired me to ratchet up my nutrition to another level. He was not pushy or preachy, the vibe I got was humble and wise. As an integrative yoga therapy practioner who accepts a select few clients, I recognize the important balancing activity with relaxation. What Ancient Art Massage has done for me in these first 3 sessions, is given me the experience and the benefit that comes from a regular schedule of massage as part of an active lifestyle. Thank you Ancient Art Massage, and Thank you Jai, for accepting me as a client. I'm looking forward to see you again next week same time same place. -Michael D.
February 2, 2009
Excellent massage
I enjoyed a wonderful 60 minute hot stone massage with Jai and would recommend it for anyone. Prior to the massage I was so tight that I did not have full range of motion in my neck and upper back. The atmosphere was very relaxing and Jai was able to pinpoint areas that needed attention and focus on them while providing a deep tissue massage that left me relaxed and with full range of motion. I will return again soon and have already recommended him to many friends!
May 15, 2007
Re-Energize & Relax in one visit
I recently made an appointment with Jai at Ancient Art Massage and Body Work for a 60 minute massage. From the very first moment I spoke with him, I was pleased with his tone of voice and the flexibility he offered in allowing me to choose when to schedule my time with him. I quickly realized that he was not just another business person trying to make a quick buck, but he was genuinely interested in making my experience unique by tailoring it to what I was looking for. Upon arriving to the location, my senses were immediately soothed by the smell of aromatherapy in the air, the sounds of relaxing music and trickling water, and the sight of buring candle light. I was also offered any beverage of choice. In terms of touch, what I will call a "magical" massage, it was specifically focused on the areas I specified before it began. It was absolutely FAR beyond what you would expect at a "trendy" spa; instead, holistic elements of Energy, stones, moist heat, and personalized amounts pressure were utilized. I could say much more, but I will allow you to form your own opinion. I can only give one suggestion: Hurry and make an appointment with Jai or Francesca because I am sending a lot of refferals their way! Thank you Jai and Maitri to all! Kimberly Orlando, FL
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