Arista Spa 5280

Arista Spa 5280

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4375 Pierce Street,
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
United States
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Customer Reviews for Arista Spa 5280 (11)

March 8, 2014
Ms Vicki is always friendly. I had the Cupid Special with a facial, eyebrow wax, mani/padi, brazillian wax and added on a massage. It was a nice relaxing day out and since she does services by appointment only there is never interruptions and Ms Vicki takes her time.
November 15, 2012
loved it
I had a pedi, mani and facial at the spa by Ms Vicki and Teresa. I was so relaxed and pampered I didn't want to leave! I will definitly go back!
February 27, 2012
A girls day out...3 hours of perfection.
Ms Vicki handled my off the wall request beautifully! Had 2 cousins come to town to visit another elderly aunt and her daughter. Had hoped to have the aunt out for a day of pampering but changed her mind at last minute. No worries then was a relax & recharge day for the caregiver daughter. Meanwhile my 2 cousins and I soaked our feet, sat in the massage chair, tried out Lipsense colors, munched on fruit, veggies & cheese, drank champagne (which Ms Vicki graciously let us bring in) and visited, laughed and cried and rotated thru our facials, pedis and waxings. We so enjoyed not being rushed and Ms Vicki just handled us one at a time and gave just the right level of attention to each of us when it was our turn. No one ever was left out or bored as we had our own waiting area of fun. To find a salon owner willing to work with a larger group and basically let us take over the place for 3 hours was priceless! Bridal parties, girls day out, divorce parties, this is the place to book and gab to your hearts content... Thank you Ms Vicki for time to catch up and bond with my family. The Denver based girls are looking forward to the next happy hour!
February 26, 2012
Fun Girls' Day
My mom, two cousins and I had a girls' spa day with Ms Vicki and we had a blast! She was very welcoming, extremely nice and sincere. I had a facial done which she did for my specific skin type. During the facial, she was personable and asked about where I was from, my family, and was interested in my life. I enjoyed talking with her and my facial turned out great. While we were waiting for everyone else's facials/pedis we helped ourselves to the foot massages, makeup, etc. One of the best parts was that we were able to bring in our own champagne and food which a lot of spas wouldn't allow. Overall, it was great not having anyone else in the spa, she multitasked well, and I had a wonderful time with my family. I would recommend Ms Vicki any time. Thank you again for everything!
January 28, 2012
what a massage!!!!!!!!
I have been seeing Ms Vicki for several years for several treatments and have always had excellent results. Ms Vicki is very personable and she gives the most fabulous massage I have ever had, no matter what you are having massaged. I usually get a pedicure, since that is my favorite thing to have done, and my feet feel great for days.....Yesterday I was there again and had the ultimate pedicure which is $45 and well worth it. I love the chair she has for this service. I also noticed a lot of upgrades Ms Vicki had made recently and the place looks lovely. I will always go back. Thank you Ms Vicki.
January 3, 2012
cozy and relaxing
Just had a wonderful pedicure from Miss Vicki who is also the owner of this 'mini' spa. I have been to larger spas but, have found them to be a bit pretentious and they seem to have a production line feeling to them. The atmosphere at Arista Spa is warm and inviting and Miss Vicki is courteous, friendly and professional in manner. I will definitely be returning in the future to try out some of the other services that are offered at this great little spa.
December 28, 2011
Quiet little retreat
Over the past few months I have been to Arista Spa for a variety of services. This is not your typical big corporate spa... its a privately run spa that is comfortable and they clearly focus on providing excellent services over just being a "showy" spa. Miss Vicki gives EXCELLENT facials!! My skin is now glowing and I have been able to reduce my breakouts significantly. I usually have flaky dry skin in the winter and she has helped me balance it! I have also had a pedicure and massage and have been very happy with both treatments! I know everyone has their own experiences but so far I have not been disappointed!
May 16, 2011
Not impressed
I will start by saying that the spa owner, Ms. Vicki, is a nice woman, but does not seem to really have a concept of what a spa should be. My sister and I had an appointment together, and we showed up about 15 minutes early (as we always do when going to any spa) . The doors were locked and there was nobody inside. Ms. Vicki finally showed up a couple of minutes after our scheduled appointment time. She then proceeded to leave us waiting in the lobby for almost 30 minutes, while she got everything ready. Just as she was showing us back (through what looked more like an office building than a spa), she suddenly dissapeared outside for 5 minutes. While she was gone, we got a phone call that there had been a family emergency. Ms Vicki returned from outside (stating that she had gone to look for a package), and I explained that we had an emergency and had to leave. She seemed sympathetic, but then argued with us that she has a cancellation fee of $25 (which she claimed was shown in the confirmation e-mails she sent, but really was not). I ended up having to give her my $50 Spafinder gift card, just so that we could rush out. Needless to say, I was unimpressed with the lack of professionalism, lack of a spa atmosphere, and loss of $50
Response from Arista Spa 5280
Elisa, I do remember your visit and would like to start by saying that I run my sole proprietorship by appointment and usually arrive at the salon at the scheduled appointment time. If I was running a few minutes past our appointment while setting up, I do apologize. I was unaware the two of you were arriving together, so I was trying to make the room as comfortable as possible to accommodate you both. If you remember correctly, when I asked you to pick out your polishes, you and your sister took a look at the space and couldn't decide if you wanted to keep your appointments. Since I had received a package, I went to retrieve it allowing you both time to make the decision, and when I returned, you then disclosed that an unexpected family emergency had occurred and you had to leave. Although sympathetic, I explained that you had reserved a 3 1/2 hour time slot and I would be unable to fill that much time with such short notice. I reiterated my 24 hour cancellation policy that is displayed when appointments are scheduled and confirmed online. As far as my professionalism, instead of asking you for the funds for the last minute cancellation, you said you would be willing to reschedule for another time, so I asked for your SpaFinder gift cards as advanced payment. I later inquired by email to see how your sister's daughter was doing after her accident at school and you replied that she was OK but had suffered a broken wrist. So, I did not breach our verbal agreement since you were the one who chose not to return. As far as the condition of the room and the basins, I do my very best to make the environment as clean and comfortable as possible as the basins are always sanitized according to the Pedicure Protection Program for 15 minutes with hospital grade sanitizer. Additionally, there are many salons and spas out there that use these type of tubs. You are still more than welcome to take advantage of your credit with me if you choose to come in for the service that was promised to you. MsVicki
May 6, 2011
WASTE of Money!!
This so called "Spa" is a total rip off! I was super excited to get a mani and pedi and thought that getting charged $30 for the pedicure meant that it would be super nice. However, I was completely wrong! The room where my pedicure was done was a small room with a stiff couch and a home foot bath that I could have purchased for less than the pedicure from Walmart. I was worried about the foot bath as is looked old and dirty. Long story short, the pedicure I received was no better than my daughters could have given me and it cost me $30. Not recommended to go here for anything!
Response from Arista Spa 5280
Louise, I am sorry to find this review of my business as unsatisfactory. If I had known you were so unhappy with the service, I would have been willing to compensate you in some way to make sure you were completely satisfied. I have been practicing in this location nearly 5 years and find 3 poor Pedicure reviews in the month of May of this year to be highly unusual! My 35 year background in Dentistry consists of proper sanitation and I have also been certified by the Pedicure Protection Program as a safe environment for Pedicures. I would never dream of using anything "old and dirty"! Since your visit, the sofa has been donated to a charitable organization and some of the equipment I use for these basic services has been updated. In addition, I do have a pedicure tub in another room I use for upgraded services and would be happy to provide one of those to you if you would like to return for a second visit at no charge. Sincerely, MsVicki
May 5, 2011
Do not go to this "spa"
This is not a real spa. It is owned and run by one woman, who is highly unprofessional. The pedicure is done in a room with a dumpy sofa, and using a tiny plastic foot bath that can be purchased at any big-box store for around $30. If you are looking for a place to go for a "spa day" with the girls, you can forget this place. Miss Vicki cannot accomodate more than one person at a time. There are many other spas out there that are MUCH better, and for similar or less expensive prices.
Response from Arista Spa 5280
Dear Jen. I agree there may be other spas in the Denver area that could be considered MUCH better than mine, but I am not sure you actually received a service performed by me because you seem preoccupied by the space itself. If, however, you were unhappy with the treatment, I would be more than willing to offer another visit to you to insure your complete satisfaction. I have had many favorable reviews and my valued clients know me to be conscientious, considerate and meticulous. I know many salons and spas that use plastic basins for their basic services, so I apologize if mine failed to meet your expectations. MsVicki
August 12, 2010
Great Spa and Service
I had whole spa day that consist of waxing, facial, back facial, manicure, pedicure, and makeup. The first thing that I liked was booking an appointment online was very easy. Second all the services I received were excellent. Although I was nervous because of the waxing, but Ms. Vicki did a great job in helping me feel less nervous and relaxed that the waxing was over before I knew it. Also, the back facial and facial was very relaxing and my complexion never looked better. I would recommend this spa to anyone.
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