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The Red Door Salon & Spa

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4210 Fairfax Corner West Avenue, Fairfax Corner
Fairfax, VA 22030
United States
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Customer Reviews for The Red Door Salon & Spa (19)

August 22, 2016
Sondes for Wax
I have been a long time customer of Elizabeth Arden. I started going to E.A. when I was a teenager. Sondes is my favorite for waxing. She is excellent.
January 18, 2016
Geena for Hair!
I love the Elizabeth Arden spa for my typical beauty regime. It isn't what I would typically describe as a spa (I am a bit spoiled in the respect that I am accustomed to amenities that include whirlpools and steam rooms), but it is a great go-to for the mani-pedi and waxing without the worry of poorly trained folks. Geena has worked miracles with my ultra-fine hair giving me shine and body that I never thought could be possible. She starts with a shampoo that includes a "put-me-to-sleep" scalp massage and then moves on to what has been, by far, the most careful and precise haircut I have ever had. I will follow her wherever she goes!
October 28, 2014
Aziza is amazing
I have been seeing Aziza for 4 months for my eyebrows and she is a mircle worker. She is amazing. I would recommend anyone going to her for eyebrows.
October 20, 2014
A+ Deep Tissue Massage
I am a frequent flyer at Red Door Fairfax Corner due to the high amount of stress and tension I regularly carry in my neck and shoulders. Iris is one of few therapists who has EVER been able to help me with this and, as a frequent traveler, I have seen plenty of massage therapists all over the world. Her deep tissue massage is at once relaxing and therapuetic. I would go to see her every week if I could afford it! In addition to being technically skilled, Iris is very personable and makes you feel comfortable and "safe" under her care. Although I hesitate to recommend her because that may make her less available, I simply must. She is the best!
March 17, 2014
Very Relaxing Spa
My 80-minute massage was EXCELLENT! My therapist John was amazing. I have had a very stressful last few months and this was exactly what the doctor ordered. I will be returning to this location. The entire atmosphere is relaxing and inviting.
December 28, 2011
If you have curly hair, you must see Passent
Passent is a master for folks with curly hair. Whether you are interested in maintaining a look or trying new things, Passent understands how to evaluate your hair texture, weight, and curls to give you an easy to maintain cut. If you have been afraid of changing your look, trust Passent to know what will work for your hair. She'll ask you how much time you can commit to styling and what your hair regimen and preferences are. She never tries to impose her ideas on you. If you are looking for a new stylist who understand how cut can make a curly style work, go see Passent.
August 3, 2011
Certain people are wonderful!
I frequently visit the Fairfax Corner RDS and only book with certain people. Ana and Mayulee are awesome for facials, Chris & Anna totally rock for massages and Jenni is the one to go to for nails. I used to get my hair done there also, but my stylist left and I'm a bit scared to shop around there. The front staff, depending on the person, can either be very pleasant or very snobbish (one girl actually rolled her eyes up at me when I presented her with a SpaFinder gift certificate!). I never go there on weekends - it's far too crazy, but I love Mondays - it's quiet not busy, much more relaxing.
May 13, 2011
Great Service!
I had a wonderful experience at this location. Staff are friendly, courteous and professional. I liked the ambience and decor...relaxing.
March 14, 2011
F'd Up My Birthday!!!!
On Saturday, March 12, 2011, my awesome fiancé surprised me for my birthday with a full spa day package from 9am-2pm at the Red Door Spa in Tysons Corner, VA. The address is 8075 Leesburg Pike, Vienna VA 22182. The package included 1 hot stone massage, 1 signature facial, manicure, pedicure, make-up application. You can't imagine how excited I was when I fiancé dropped me off at Red Door Spa! I never been to the place, the best part was I had no clue. Unfortunately, my birthday was ruined! I was burned on my left shoulder during the hot stone massage. I hope the dollar size burn mark on my left should does not leave a permanent scare. While receiving the facial I was told I need to take better care of my face, that my pours are horrible, and my cleaning routine is bad. During the facial I was uncomfortable, humiliated, and just wanted it to be over right away! While the mask was on my face I was left in the room for an extended period of time not knowing what was going on. During the Pedicure I was cut deeply and bleeding from my left toe second to the big toe. I could not wear heels with a dress later that night for an outing with my girlfriends because the pain from the cut was so bad. The people most close to me know I love heels, so I felt ridicules wearing flats with the dress I purchased for my birthday celebration later that night. On top of that the manicure could not be done because I have a gel overlay on my nail and the manicurist did not know how to remove the gel. I get my nails done every two weeks and I never heard of no one not knowing how to take it off, but after the pedicure incident I did not want her touching my hands. But wait, I'm not finished! The make artist was over booked and I waited for 45 minutes to have my make-up done. As I was waiting my fiancé came to pick me up assuming I was done. I didn't want to ruin such a loving gesture he did for me. Honestly, I hope he will send me to spa every birthday (Just not Red Door) . So I didn't complain. That's why I am writing. He prepaid for the package, but I was not happy at all with the services. I would not recommend this spa to any of my friends/family. Not once was I offered a drink or catered to like the other women who seemed to be regulars. I feel like the atmosphere is judgmental and if you don't "look" like money you will not be treated well. That's a shame, because you never really know who or what anyone has. I was upset that my birthday experience was ruined. But my fiancé and friends made up for my horrible day later that night.
March 7, 2011
Pricy but definitly worth it !
I visited this SPA today with my SPAfinder coupon I had their Red Door Signature Facial + Collagen - Eye. I have the impression of having traveled. Nice and relaxing place, very professional staff, perfectly Zen atmosphere, beautiful exotic wood fourniture, mosaic showers, refreshing smells, relaxing in a room where refreshment, fruits, hot drinks are served I had nothing to complain about , it was just more than expected ! my face look renewed, I felt so good during my whole day. I came from Paris and this was my first experience of american beauty institute and I have been really impressed.
September 5, 2010
Wonderful Manicure
I treated myself to a Red Door Champagne & Rose Manicure back in July. It was a wonderful experience. Kimberly was my manicurist. She even included a neck message which was not expected. My hands felt and looked so smooth. I finished by letting my nails dry in the relaxation room. A perfect way to end the manicure. I would definitely go back.
July 8, 2010
Excellent service. By far one of the best spa experiences that I have had in a while. Kay
May 11, 2010
Frequently visit for Massages!
So I've read the past reviews here and I don't know why everyone is so upset.. but then again, people are more likely to report the bad than the good. So I will switch it up and totally recommend this spa! I go monthly, yes, monthly to receive my massage treatments from Chris. He is absolutely the best and I've tried many, many massages in spas around the area and none compare, even the other massage staff at this very same spa. He will take the proper initiative to ask you where your trouble areas are and make sure to solve it. I've also had manicures and pedicures at this place and am always satisfied. I did also have a facial (not a big fan of facials), and it made me break out. Not sure if that's their products or not. But as far as service.. it's always a pleasure, they promptly check you in, usher you to the changing area, let you relax in their waiting lounge and again promptly check you out. I will suggest going to the spa during the morning/day and not FRI-SUN. That's when I go and it's always nice and quiet with less people. I was there on a Friday, and it was packed! No wonder you would bump into another client in the waiting area (as one commenter mentioned). I can only imagine the weekends.. so if you can, come during the weekdays and early. Again, if you get a massage, go see Chris (he's a male massage therapist, but don't worry, he's very professional and nice).
May 11, 2010
Fabulous & Relaxing
I am a loyal and frequent client. I shopped about ten local spa's to find one with the best energy, service and environment. This spa was the winner by far. The price is in the median for its kind; the environment is soothing and clean. I appreciate the staff. They have worked with me on several occassions (expired coupon, spa day with my sister + free gift). The only negative I found is that there are always a couple lockers broken, so it is tough to secure your stuff if it gets really busy. They have regular and cucumber water; tea; coffee. They are located in the Fairfax Corner shopping center which makes for a relaxing day with the shops and eateries around. Give it a try!
February 12, 2010
Poor customer service
Red Door Salon & Spas have a good reputation overall, but the Fairfax location is lacking considerably in customer service. Over 5 visits I've had different services, including manicures, pedicures, massages, and makeup treatments. The nail technicians and front desk staff demonstrated very poor customer service, such as being rude, arrogant, disinterested and unhelpful. The massage staff was very respectful and polite. I've had wonderful experiences at 2 other nearby locations many times, especially at Pentagon Row in Arlington.
January 14, 2010
Therapists are great; admin staff and mgmt stinks
I spent my 40th Birthday at Red Door. I enjoyed the massage and facial. No complaints there. But the problem came friend from another state had called a week or so before my birthday and asked them to add a shampoo/blowdry to my services, and she gave them a credit card # to pay for it. Then she called the day of the appt. to confirm that they had it all set, and was assured that they did. It was not until I was checking out that they told me that they had no credit card number to pay for the extra service and I would have to pay for it myself. When my friend called them to complain about it, they were rude and tried to blow her off. She kept calling until they finally let her speak to a manager, who was not apolgetic but suggested they send a $50 gift certificate to me. I never got the GC, despite trying to call and ask about it. For a place as expensive as Red Door, they are highly unprofessional. And while my actual services were great, there are countless spas in the area where you can get great service, and I'd rather give my money to a place that actually values the customer relationship.
October 28, 2009
Best Manicure and Pedicure
The best for manicure and pedicure
May 13, 2008
On April 18, 2008, I contacted your Tysons Corner location to schedule an appointment for a friend's birthday. From the moment we arrived at the appointment that day the experience was HORRIBLE. Parking was not convenient at all. First, the staff (Audra) at the front desk totally confused the appointment. I told her that the appointment and service should be rendered to my friend that was present. Why was that confusing, I have no idea. Audra even suggested that I take part in one of the services. Apparently, that was confusing for the rest of the staff as well because they were constantly interrupting our spa to ask the details of the appointment. Audra later proved her incompetence when she decided to make rude comments about the clients not realizing one the clients (my friend) over heard her. When it was time to leave, she was still confused about who received what service. It did not stop there, I later received a call on my home phone and my cell phone, this time from the General Manager Lean, asking the same thing. By this point, I was extremely upset. The General Manager Lean was rude, sarcastic and continued to speak over me. I have visited enough spas to know that the purpose and idea is to feel calm, relaxed and refreshed. My friend and I left feeling disappointed and not very pleased with our experience.
January 14, 2008
Might prevent from future spa experiences
I contacted Elizabeth Arden to schedule a massage and to ask a few questions to figure out which massage I would benefit the most from. The receptionist assured me that the "Red Door Signature Massage" was the one I needed. I was told to come 15 minutes early to change. There is no parking lot and its right next to the movies and several stores and restaurants, so parking is hard to find. The inside the of spa is beautiful and makes you think that you would be pampered to the fullest. I was ushered into a small changing area where me and three other woman could barely change without knocking each other over. My massage therapist was very nice but talked way to much and promoted the products to the fullest. She didn't ask about health concerns or any trouble areas and proceded to just give me a massage. I could barely relax in the cold room and a rose oil mixture was put on my face that made me break out that night. After $115, my lower back and between my shoulder blades still hurt. I felt relaxed yes after being made to inhale a bucket of lavendar but overall I felt no better from the massage.
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