The Red Door Salon & Spa

The Red Door Salon & Spa

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6121 West Park Boulevard, The Shops at Willow Bend
Plano, TX 75093
United States
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Customer Reviews for The Red Door Salon & Spa (12)

October 28, 2015
Never Again! Choose a Different Spa!
I have gone to this Red Door Spa in Plano for many years, from their very beginning here. I've returned because of a facialist, but I will never set foot in there again, and I am telling all of my friends. The front desk has always been aloof and oftentimes very slow and disorganized, but I was willing to put up with that for my facial. However, today, the young girl at the front accidentally dropped my credit card into the tiny space between the counter and the wall, in a space where the credit card could not be seen and it was very uncertain if it could be retrieved. I stood there in an extremely anxious state for 40 minutes while 3 people tried to retrieve it. Then the manager, Lena, was called to come and try. While the poor girl who dropped the card apologized and said she didn't intend to drop the card, the others never did and I did not experience any compassion coming from them. The manager Lena was especially cold and rude, never once apologizing. When asked if I might be compensated for the long and anxious wait which totally eliminated the peaceful feeling I had gotten from the facial, Lena was very nasty! Never again! They have lost a customer forever. Much better spas with better service to choose from!
May 31, 2013
Best Spa
This is the only spa I go to! My friends and family know that for valentine's day, my b-day and x-mas I only want to received gift certificates for this spa! Everything about it is wonderful. Had one of the best massages of my life 3 weeks ago. Can't wait to go back!
December 26, 2011
Mary Ann is the finest nail artist on the planet!
I was so tired of going to the walk in nail places so I tried The Red Door. Mary Ann is awesome. She knows so much about nails and is so creative. The place is super clean and the entire staff is friendly and welcoming. I go every two weeks and they consistently et everything right!
April 21, 2011
Never Again ...
I've been to Red Door several times in the last few years for hair color/hair cut services w/Danielle and Katie. Both were exceptional in talent & professionalism, not to mention they were always friendly & lifted my spirits just being around them. I was never impressed with the arrogance of the front desk staff... where do they find these snooty girls? It was as if I was supposed to feel "lucky" to be sitting in their waiting area being served cranberry juice. Seriously?!?? There are nail / hair salons on every corner in a big city like Dallas. I've been treated far better at those "walk-in" shops from strangers who've never seen me before than I was at Red Door in Plano. Quite frankly, they give Red Door a bad name w/their superior attitudes & mediocore (at best) service. Red Door used to be perceived as a premium salon with top rate stylists & employees. Not this one! I tolerated the lack of professionalism & ONLY continued to use Red Door because of Danielle and Katie. You can imagine my shock & dismay when I recently rec'd a letter stating they're no longer working there, & that I could receive 20% off services with another technician. You must be kidding me!! Red Door lost the two best assets they ever had.
March 28, 2011
Way too expensive for what you get.
I have had a pedicure, facial, and swedish massage all on different occasions and I never felt like it was worth what it cost. I won't go back for overpriced services
November 24, 2010
Very Disappointed
While services and service staff was great, front desk was cold, unwelcoming, unhelpful and totally disappointing. "Spa lunch" was California Pizza Kitchen brought in, dumped on a plate and double the charge. Could not accommodate wedding party of nine as a group We were separated throughout the experience. Did I mention the rude front desk? Absolutely the rudest I have ever experienced.
October 3, 2010
How do I begin. I booked a pedicure for myself (just had one 5 days earlier) but my best friends surpise bday party was Sat and her husband asked me to get her out of the house. So she had a mani/pedi and I had a pedi. I spoke with Isabella several times at she ensured me we could be out by 6:45 at the latest. My nail tech Anna was RUDE. I have calluses on my feet..always have...she laughed at the and talked about them to everyone around us..she embarrased me so bad I would have walked out if I was alone. The customer beside me was so upset for me. My best friend did not even get to have a pedi with me...they did her mani first? Customer service? Not only that...I continued to ask if we could get out by 6:45 and we did not get out until 7:13. Her "gel" nails were messed up on two nails and they tech did not know how to fix them? So we paid 110 for a mani/pedi for nothing and I paid 70 for a pedi and I wish I never went. The music was so lound you could not even hear yourself thing more less relax.....this place and people are so RUDE and you minus well go to one of the walk-in would have been your money!!
September 16, 2010
pampered? no.
I loved the service I received, but to call it a spa? no. The relaxation room is nifty..but there are many of those in town. I challenge this 'SPA' to meet the challenge of an exclusive, relaxing, pampering place to WANT to go. Today it is just another place to sit and wait for a service. We pay too much for just average. (i agree with the other reviews about listening to how the staff treats the clients on the phone..or rather after they hang up...RUDE!!)
May 27, 2010
I've Enjoyed This Spa For Years
I really enjoy this Red Door. I've been to others & the staff have been snobby. This one has the friendliest, warmest staff you've ever seen. They're so kind & greet you by name. I generally use these services, as I find them very good to excellent in a consistent way: hair coloring, hair cutting, makeup, and massage. I've had manicures, pedicures, and facials there as well & they were average to good. This is my "home spa" and I would recommend it to others.
February 26, 2010
Great Experience
I have been to this spa on several occasions, which I think says that I enjoy being pampered at this particular spa! The massages are excellent!!!
January 5, 2010
Average at best
I arrived 15 minutes before the pedicure was to begin. I waited in the waiting area which is the front room (no privacy) and had nothing to read or do but just sit. It was ineresting to hear how the front desk people dealt with clients over the phone. The service started on time but it was nothing that blew my socks off. I remember The Red Door being "the place" several years ago, but now it is average at best. The service finished 5 minutes early which I felt could have been used to do more massage on my legs or feet. I LOVE pedicures because I enjoy having my feet rubbed but my boyfriend gives me better foot massages at home. I probably will not return because I didn't feel the service outweighed the price.
November 27, 2009
Body scrub/foil wrap
I had a body massage/foil wrap when they had a special for $50 in October 2009. This service really wasn't that great for the price! I'd rather pay the full price at Nordstrom for their body wrap and really get my money's worth. It so much more professional and the people are so down to earth and not snobby!
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