Malama Massage Center

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1500 Leestown Road Suite 338, Lexington, KY 40511 United States 


The mission of Malama Massage Center is to become a recognized & profitable massage center, known for being the pioneer of taking care of its clients, at very affordable prices. With the most talented; gifted; and well educated massage therapist in the area, we will establish an infinite, alternative healing center in a relaxing, family oriented environment. By paying close attention to the clients and their needs in detail, the center will become the best choice in Lexington, KY for therapeutic massage therapy.Malama Massage Center works to increase public awareness about the health benefits of therapeutic massage. We inspire our clients to listen to their bodies and work toward a solution, instead of settling only for a “quick fix”. We give a new approach to maintaining and improving client’s health in a safe, secure, and relaxing environment. We offer therapeutic massage and self-help education at a reasonable cost. This will give clients other resources to assist with ongoing treatments or alone to help with the reduction of pain and improve well being; provide a balance to recovery. We strive to enhance life for the entire family by being able to assist the entire family. We were all given the tools to heal ourselves, let’s utilize it!