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Accepts Spafinder Gift Cards
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Customer Reviews for Skin Deep Studio & Day Spa (19)

September 2, 2014
Very Nice..
Just had a permanent make-up session with Tara, first time customer.... So far, I am totally satisfied with her service and professionalism. the aesthetic environment and relaxing surroundings were awesome and she was a very easy person to talk to- didn't come across to me as an unreasonable person in any way- she is very upfront and straight-forward, unlike some who just tell you want you want to hear- so if you can't handle that, than this may not be for you; she knew what she was doing and gave me alot of sound advice- For someone who owns and runs her own business, including their own decor, I give her alot of credit. Everyone has their own expectations and experiences things differently- if you are THAT concerned about the "little things" regarding the experience you are looking for, then go there and check it out first before making an appointment. I've checked out ALOT of the other "spas" and make up services in the Jacksonville area and none of them came close to what I was looking for. As for the dramatic review posted by "Ashley J.", my advice to you is that the world doesn't evolve around YOU; how do you know how much your "groupon" discount(s) cut back on a privately owned business as this one? It is a very big discount to begin with and you wanted to apply it towards 4 people in one day?? REALLY? I bet if YOU were the one who had to give up that much in one day, you wouldn't care for it too much either, especially if you had expenses to pay, so get a life and suck it up.
July 31, 2014
Poor Customer Service
I just called to get information and to schedule appointments for me and my 3 friends in October. We WERE wanting to use this salon as part of a bachelorette celebration. The first lady I spoke with was very nice but then put be on hold to talk to someone else about availability in October. When the second lady came on and I asked her about the availability in October and told her that we were looking at purchasing the deal on Groupon I was very rudely told that they stayed booked on Saturdays and only excepted 2 groupon deals per each Saturday. If this IS your policy then why doesn't it say so on Groupon? And secondly why would you not want to except business regardless of if it's a coupon deal or not???? If you don't want the incontinence of coupons then DON'T PARTICIPATE IN THEM!!! I thought the lady was very rude and didn't show any polite customer service. I deal with customers daily and how she handled the situation was very unprofessional. Why would you not want to work with someone who could possible become a very valuable customer to your business? Also this groupon special was for new clients only, so we would have been bringing 4 NEW clients to your business. AND we were planning to add more services to our spa visit which would have made up for the discounted rate we WOULD have been getting for our massages!! So looks like it's Skin Deep Studios who will be missing out on OUR business!!! Don't worry we won't burden you with our business but will find somewhere else to host our SPECIAL EVENT!!!!
April 11, 2014
This was by far the worst experience I have ever had with a facial. The staff is very unprofessional. I had a facial with lash tinting. While giving me my facial she was sucking on a piece of candy and even dropped a four letter word. She got dye all over my eyes and used a paper towel around my eyes OUCH and scratched underneath the one eye. Then I had a reaction to whatever she used on my face. When I came in to show them, they told my I had a underlying case of eczema and the facial brought it to the surface. REALLY!!?? Never had eczema before in my life!! I went to the dermatologist they told me that it was a chemical burn and they used the wrong products on my face. To make matters worse they kept telling me that Tara the owner would call me. Well its been a month and not one single phone call from Tara or her staff...Spent $80 on a facial and over $100 for the dermatologist visit...Be very cautious of Skin So Deep!!!! I have had facials before and never have been treated with so little care and disrespect .....
November 9, 2012
Average at best
While the enterance is inviting, the comfort level seems a bit congested. With one bathroom, you really can't have facilities available when needed; twice there was a line. With the establishment so close to the road, there was noisy traffic, you can hear people in the halls, not soothing at all. The massage was okay, most places use more pressure during a deep tissue message. The part that turned me off most was during the massage, the lady who was giving the massage appeared to (what I thought lost the strength to perform) be out of breath, and more than twice, I felt her sweat drip on my back. It was without a doubt gross and I was reluctant to turn over, stayed on my back. I would discourage going there, and doubt I would return. Hope this helps.
May 14, 2011
First Time Facial
This was my first time having a facial and I was a little nervous having read through numerous reviews of various spas. I chose Skin Deep by a referral and I am so happy I did. Tara is awesome! She asked what my expectations were and I told her I was going out that evening and wanted a glow without signs of redness (as some of my friends have experienced at other salons) and she did just that. After my time with her I not only had glowing skin I was so relaxed that I am already marking my calendar for my next appointment. Thank you Tara for such a nice start to a great evening!
April 27, 2011
Amazing Experience
We went to Jacksonville to celebrate my best friend's graduation and decided to book a spa day for 6 girls. Tara and her staff were absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!! We had a private party and Tara was so accomodating and welcoming!!! We had facials, massages and pedicures, and the girls did a fabulous job!!!!! It was by far the best spa experience I have ever had!!! We are already planning our next visit to Skin Deep Studio!!!! Thank you Tara!!!!!!
February 5, 2011
Awesome Place!
I went for a facial. I had a great time. Tara was very professional and NOT talkative. She was just right. She knew I was there for a relaxing experience and she made it that way. She did NOT try to sell me any products. The experience was perfect. I have never been to a place for a facial and noticed immediate results. Well I did just that today. What a difference. I now know what a facial is really supposed to be about. I am offically addicted and will now be getting facials from Tara monthly. Everything in this spa is totally affordable. If you sign up for the Spa Club you save even more. There is no charge to sign up for the Spa Club and no obligation. If you have a great time and experience like I did there is no reason not to sign up for the Spa Club. I truly recommend Skin Deep Studio & Spa to everyone. I do not have one bad thing to say about the place. It's worth every penny I spent. Tara takes pride in what she does and it totally shows. I will be a forever customer.
July 6, 2010
Ahhhhhhhh...What a wonderful day
What a fabulous day I had. I had never been to a spa before but I received a gift certificate and decided to indulge. I booked a massage, manicure and pedicure. The massage was heavenly. The room was warm and softly lit. The scent was pleasant but not overpowering and the music was new age and unobtrusive. My masseuse's name was Barbie and she was wonderful. She was friendly and professional and respectful of my desire to simply enjoy. She spent a whole hour! I was in heaven. I'd never had a massage before so was a little nervous and didn't know what to expect but she had me relaxed in no time. When she was done I was completely invigorated and energized and rubbery and boneless all at the same time. I want another one right now. After Barbie was done I was turned over to Ena (I hope I remembered the spelling) for my manicure and pedicure. She was pleasant and sweet, a good conversationalist and my nails look fabulous. I had had a professional manicure before but never a pedicure. I was a bit hesitant because my toes are rather tender and my toenails were thick and ugly. Not any more! Wow did she do a great job. My feet haven't looked this good since I was 20 years old! I usually hide my feet in public but I now can wear my sandals without a care. Thank you Barbie and Ena. I had a wonderful day and I can't wait to come back.
March 14, 2010
The facial burned
It was not a fun experience. I've never done a spa day before, so I found one on spafinder that seemed reasonably priced. The swedish massage was soothing but It just seemed like I was being petted. I wasn't looking for deep tissue, but I was hoping for a little pressure. When I got to the facial I informed the tech that I am allergic to cucumbers, so nothing like extract could be used on me. the first application of face cream started to burn. I could feel my face getting hot and tight. I told her to take it off my face and once she did I asked to see the bottle. Plain as day on the back it said cucumber extract. So we moved on to the moisterizer. That made the burn on my face feel better. Next was the pedicure with a glass of shampagne that turned out to be a glass of tap water. The water in the foot bath was first extreamly hot then way to cold. The pedicure its self left something to be desired. I could have done the same thing at home. No special soap scrub or hot wax, not even a cutical cut. Lastly, was the airbrush make-up. That actually went well. not much you can do to mess that up I guess. But I was so oily from my day it was all over my face and in my hair the The first thing I wanted to do was go home and take a shower. So much for showing off my airbrush make-up job. It was like whats the point of that? The last thing that was not to my liking was that there was no restroom in the building. You had to go out side and around a fence a building down to get there. The day I want the gate was locked and I had to go around the fence and through long grass to get there. Not my idea of a good time. It was my first spa experience and I will never go to that place again for my next spa day. Hope my review helped you decide.
Response from Skin Deep Studio & Day Spa
"The Facial Burned" We have no record of any Jeanna W. We have a beautiful restroom in our facility and we don't even do airbrush makeup. I don't know how long ago that this may have occurred but, none of our staff recalls the incident When you read a review, please keep in mind that not all information given is motivated by honesty. I sincerely hope that if someone actually does have a problem with any of our services, that they would give us an opportunity to correct the situation. Our mission statement revolves around client satisfaction. Our goal is to deliver excellence. I expect legitimate problems to occur occasionally but, I assure you that we will do anything in our power to make our clients happy and maintain our integrity in the industry. Thank you, Tara Vega @ Skin Deep Studio & Day Spa
March 11, 2010
I LOVE this place
I love Skin Deep Studios, I have been a regular customer for over 3 years and my skin has never looked better. Prior to being a regular customer at Skin Deep I was always looking for products to "cover up" my skin rather than enhance it. I've lived in Florida all my life and you know what that means. I tried all kinds of make up but nothing would conceal my sun damaged skin. I tried all kinds of cleansers, toners and moisturizers from department stores to health food stores but nothing was working. One day while having lunch with my best friend, I noticed how GREAT her face looked, she just had a glow about her. This just didn't seem right since she is 8 years older than me. I made a comment to her and she told me she had just had a facial the day before. This really got me excited but I was not really convinced this would work for me. My moms birthday was coming up so I decided I would get her a gift certificate at Skin Deep and let her tell me how she liked it. I made the appointment for my mom but she couldn't go so I went instead. It was the BEST thing I had ever done. Within a month my skin was glowing and I didn't have to cover it up with gooey make up. I get a facial every month, my skin looks so fresh and dewy. I buy the mineral make up, I buy the skin care products, and I love Tara's new bath products. Tara loves what she does, she is extremely gifted and knowledgeable on the subject of skin care. I trust her because of the results I get. I get a one on one experience with Tara, she goes over and above just being an skin care specialist, she is devoted to her profession. She is a dear friend and I LOVE every appointment and look forward to her sharing all her new products on me.
March 10, 2010
Love, love, love the people there!
Skin Deep is a great place to go to get facials, massages and nail care. I have never had a bad experience. The staff is knowledgeable and FRIENDLY. I always feel at home when I am there. The Bamboo Fusion massage is fabulous! It really gets the knots out. And Tara's facials leave your skin feeling so good and the rest of you so relaxed. I recommend Skin Deep to everyone I know.
March 9, 2010
Great place to unwind--leave feeling great
Over the 3 years I've been seeing Tara, Skin Deep Studio keeps getting better. After 25 years in California, I had high expectations. Tara always exceeded them. She creates an atmosphere that invites relaxation, with aroma therapy, soft music, and tasteful decor. From the moment you enter, Tara and her staff are friendly, warm, and welcoming. I love the new Spa Club too, a big help in times like these, when money can be tight. The Spa Club is a good example of Tara going the extra mile to offer value to her clients. Who knew that in the midst of little Orange Park, you can find this level of quality in facial treatments and spa services.
March 8, 2010
so glad I went
It was well over a year since I had been for a facial and was thrilled to find Tara still busy and expanding her services at Skin Deep Studio and Spa. Because I live in Jacksonville and the Spa is in Orange Park I had looked to find someone closer to home. As I called around I began to think "do I really want someone that views this as a job or do I want someone that really loves providing a service to their clients?" I remembered Tara's excellent advice regarding skincare and the wonderful way my skin felt afterwards. Unlike other spas where you feel like you are on an assembly line, with Tara you understand you are in the hands of a professional that is knowledgeable and genuinely interested in your wellbeing. I am so glad I went back to Tara. While I was there I had permanent makeup applied. You know how difficult it is to keep eyeliners from running. I am looking forward to going back soon. Pennie from Jacksonville
March 8, 2010
Loved My Experience!!!
I had a wonderful time when I went to the spa. I loved the outcome. My face looked younger and more vibrant. The staff were fun, upbeat, knowledgeable and caring. I would recommend this spa to my family and friends, and I will definitely go again... SOON!
March 6, 2010
Responding to my previous review "BEWARE"
I should have not written a review out of anger- I want to apologize to Tara and her staff, they have helped me so much with the problem of my chemical peel. At the time of the previous review I was scared and worried about scarring, but Tara and her staff has been there to help me through this by offering services to repair my skin. I had a allergic reaction ( which is very rare ) that no one could have predicted. I should have found out more information before writing my previous review. I have been to Tara's shop more than twice now with wonderful results and I would recommend to ANYONE to enjoy a day out there. She goes over and beyond what she needs to do to keep her customers happy. I have NO problems with Skin deep studios or there services- I just want others to be aware of chemical peels and what could happen even if it's a rare occasion. Nothing Tara nor anyone else could have done anything to prevent it from happening and I hope you'll experience the rare customer service that I have received since this has happened to me. I can honestly say I wish I can take the other review off and I never wrote it because Tara calls me to check up on me and offers services for free to help me through something that she couldn't have predicted- So for that I thank her deeply!
March 3, 2010
I have never had a chemical peel and so when I took my daughter on a girls day out she and I had a facial first thing that morning, I was excited! I was to have a microdermabrasion but she talked me into getting a chemical peel for free along with the microderma- I thought wow what a deal! So immediately afterwards my face swelled to two times the size it normally was, beet red and I had huge welts ALL over my face- I was SHOCKED!! I was SCARED!! I asked her if it was normal- she said what? Of course- I asked her BEFORE she started if my face would turn red because I had planned on taking my daughter shopping afterwards and I didn't want to walk through the mall red faced- she assured me that I wouldn't be red (HA!) People stared at me like I was some monster- Horrified that my welts were turning dark brown ( did I mention she never once told me to stay out of the sun? )- Later that night I called her in tears but she didn't answer- the next morning the dark brown spots were peeling and were covering 90% of my face and the ones that fell off were bright red and tender to the touch under it- I called and left another message-I couldn't go to church in fear of questions- it wasn't until later the second day ( Sunday ) did she call back and asked me to come back in so she can take a look- that's when she said I shouldn't go out in the sun and asked if I was taking any meds or creams with Retinol- she should have informed me of the side effects and medication BEFORE- I wasn't on any but what if I was? She claims I had an allergic reaction and she called the corporate office to let them know- I really think she's a nice person- but for someone who has never had a micro or a chemical peel ( this was my second facial EVER and the first one was just a basic facial, by her two years earlier ) - my 12 yo daughter didn't have a great time because I was in so much pain on our FIRST mother daughter date- I was very disappointed- PLEASE find out more information before letting someone take your face into their hands- and yes she does talk quite a bit-but I'm more angry that she didn't inform me that my face would turn brown and peel- what if I had to go to work like that? Thank God I stayed home with my kids- I was and still am upset- my face is healing now but I'm afraid I may have some scars now-I hope not-
January 20, 2010
Horrible Facial
I found this on spafinder and it looked nice the website offered a spa club membership at a low rate, I just assumed that with the economy like it was they were trying to retain business by offering a special. Called made an appointment for a facial. I went in the 1st time and the owner was very pleasant, she was the one to do the facial. This was the first time I'd ever had a facial, she talked during the ENTIRE thing. Kept trying to sale me on products while she was doing the actual facial. I left with a headache b/c she layered so many products with a smell. I had to go home and shower. The way that she suckers you in is they make you pay the next trip in advance. So I had already paid for the second trip. I had debated about maybe calling and asking for a refund. I gave it some thought and decided I would give it another chance.. BIG MISTAKE!! I went in the owner again was all scattered saying that she wasn't aware I had an appointment that day, she had to call someone else to cancel their appointment b/c I was already there. Again she talked during the whole facial. I asked her about some spots on my face that i didn't like, she said no problem she would extract the area. When I left there I was sure I wouldn't be coming back. She left red marks all over my nose from the over extracting. It's not a very relaxing kind of place. I guess you get what you pay for!!!
January 12, 2010
Wonderful Experience !!!
I have had everybody work on me at this Spa. From waxing, facials to massages. I would recommend joining the spa club to get a discount on future massages. The owner and staff really make me feel at home each visit.
December 17, 2009
First Spa Experience
Never thought I would ever allow someone to massage my body but after my first child and work-stresses, found myself in need of one. For my 35th birthday, I received a spafinder gift certificate so it was the perfect opportunity to treat myself. I indulged in 3 hours worth of pampering and relaxation that included a massage, facial, spa mani & pedicure. The atmosphere was so beautiful and tranquil like a Tuscan garden. I have received a second gift certificate from work and am in the process of planning my next pampering session.
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