Spafinder Partner Badges

We invite all of our partners to display the Spafinder Wellness 365 Partner Emblem on their websites and in printed materials. Displaying this distinctive symbol brings you more business by letting consumers know that you accept Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Certificates and that you are a member of the world's most trusted spa and wellness network. To start using the emblem, simply choose an image from the selection below. Once it is posted on your website, your webmaster can also link from the seal to your listing on, making it easy for customers to learn more about your property.

If your property has won a prestigious Spafinder Wellness 365 Readers' Choice Award, you can proudly display the Readers' Choice logo, which is provided below. If you were honored with a Spafinder Wellness 365 Crystal Award, that logo is also available below.

Sample HTML code:
You may forward this code sample to your webmaster as sample of linking a badge to your property’s profile on

<a href="ENTER YOUR SPAFINDER LISTING URL HERE"><img src="/assets/images/about/partner_badges/sfw-partnerspa-100x55.gif" width="100" height="55" alt="Spafinder Wellness 365 Partner Spa" border="0"></a>