Holiday Party Ready Prep: Three Easy Do’s

This Holiday, stress less with three easy hairdo’s. Holiday parties run rampant this season and we are all so ready to look our best but how can we do it with less time? These tips are an easy way for you to maintain your cool and look great with minimum effort.

The Top Knot

This is the ultimate gift for the lazy girl. Finally, we don’t have to worry about looking well-groomed by expending little to minimum effort. Here’s all you’ll need.

Accessories: bobby pins, rubberbands or scrunchies and just a little patience.
Optional: Hairspray

Or the Messy Top Knot for daytime wear or casual night time get-togethers. After all, we all have our a few reasons to get together this holiday.

For additional top knot options see half-top knots. I found these were also pretty simple to put together and give off an effortless but clean look. Again, all you’ll need here are rubber bands or scrunchies to complete this look.

Easier than they look up-do’s.

So, I came across this blog and found this great do to wear to a holiday party so I’m sharing this with you. Readers, we thought this was a great way for you to quickly slap together this look. Thank you, Kate from the “Small things blog” for taking the time to put this together. We do appreciate it and are happy to share this on Spafinder. Visit for additional videos and more.

Formal Braid up do

I thought this was a great way to dress up the braid and make it look formal though it’s relatively effortless. It looks chic, is easy to create and maintain plus you’ll look like you took a trip to the salon.

Hope these holiday tips arrived at the right time.

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