4 Simple Hairstyles to Survive a Harsh Winter

If there’s one thing I know, it’s this: Hat hair does not look cute. Neither do dry tresses, greasy windblown locks, or (horror of horror!) hair static. So what to do when it’s cold outside? We’re counting on these four simple hairstyles from Aussie’s celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa to help us get through a harsh winter. Here, Sarah uses some of her fave Aussie styling products to share three-step ‘dos paired with typical cold-weather wardrobe looks.

Your winter hair survival guide awaits:

1. Winter wardrobe: fur vest
Fur or fuzzy vests can look great but are also the cause for tangles and static (not cute). Make your hairstyle as equally glam as your attire. Per Sarah:

2. Winter wardrobe: chunky sweater
Stay cute while you’re cozy, with an effortless hairstyle that looks like it took way more effort than it actually did. Sarah says:

3. Winter wardrobe: beanie
Embrace your inner supermodel and sport a beanie while flaunting your tresses—it’s a win-win: You stay warm and look fabulous. Sarah’s steps:

4. Winter wardrobe: “Funky” Sweater
We’re thinking ugly Christmas sweater here, or that one you just can’t bear to throw away. This gorgeous hairstyle will distract people from the actual sweater. Sarah spills: