The Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

It’s amazing how a good haircut can reshape your entire face, making it appear less tired, more uplifted, and even younger (not to mention what it does for your self-esteem). What happens, however, when you get a shear that doesn’t fit your face shape is quite the opposite. We spoke with celebrity stylist Craig Gangi (who’s been the mane man behind such red carpet stars as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Anna Kendrick, Adele, and Alessandra Ambrosia), of L.A.’s CURE Salon & Spa West Hollywood and the Tracey Mattingly agency, to find the best cuts based on face shape.

Oval or round face shape: “Almost any haircut can work, but be aware that a round face can have a smaller forehead, so avoid bangs and add volume on top,” Gangi shares.

An oblong face is long, so “it is best to create width and volume with layers,” he continues.

If you have a square-shaped face, Gangi says, don’t do blunt bangs that will square off your face even more—instead, add soft layers around your cheekbones or jaw to break up the square shape.

A pear-shaped face becomes wider at the jaw, he adds, “so add height and width above the ears to hide the broadness of chin.”

A heart-shaped face, on the other hand, is the complete opposite—the chin is narrow and the forehead is wide, so go for longer lengths with layering starting at chin, adds.

However, “there are always exceptions,” Gangi continues. “Don’t limit yourself—some people can rock all different cuts and look great. Look at people like Madonna or Jennifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams, or Charlize Theron. Those ladies look great in all different lengths and styles.”