Currently Craving: At-Home Beauty Devices

At-home beauty devices have come a long way and a new crop allow you to put beauty into your own hands, gently and effectively. We’ve rounded up some of our very favorite at-home devices below!

mē smooth

Electrolysis is painful and laser treatments can be expensive, but the mē smooth at-home device is virtually painless and effective. This gentle professional at-home hair reduction system uses elōs technology (electro-optical synergy) to disable the hair follicles so that unwanted hair falls out and doesn’t grow back. The combination of Intese Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF) allows the device to be used on all skin tones (even darker tones that previously couldn’t use these devices) and all hair colors. The device can be used on the body and the face (with a special precision adapter) and after 7 weeks of use (using once per week on the desired area), you should see incredible results. For $395 it can seem like a splurge but for people who are looking for a way to get rid of unwanted body hair it’s worth it! Learn more and purchase here. (Nordstrom is offering the system at 10% off; purchase here).

TATCHA Ageless Akari Gold Massager

Inspired by Japanese acupressure, TATCHA, one of our favorite beauty brands, developed this gold-leafed facial massager, that helps to detoxify the skin through lymphatic drainage. You can tighten skin by using it chilled for a Asayake Massage, detoxify skin by using it warmed for a Yuyake Massage, and awaken tired eyes by using it cooled for a Mezame Eye Massage. $195;  If shelling out nearly $200 isn’t a possibility for your budget check out the $30 SkinCool Ice Roller by Hansderma.

Foreo’s LUNA Cleanser

This gentle skin-safe silicone facial cleanser is a favorite of mine. It uses T-Sonic™ (trans-dermal sonic) pulsations to deeply cleanse skin with your favorite cleanser. On the reverse side you’ll use the lower-frequency pulsations to reverse the signs of aging and help to firm skin. $199 at For a more budget-friendly option check out Skin Authority’s 3-in-1 Skin Cleansing System ($59). This system has three interchangeable heads and two speeds to improve the appearance of the skin tone and texture.

Whitening Lightening Dial-a-Smile

One of my very favorite at-home “devices” is Dial-a-Smile. I love coffee and red wine but I don’t want to announce that love each time I smile. In the kit you’ll get a syringe of whitening gel (which is gentle even on my sensitive teeth) teeth wipes, vitamin E swaps, and an LED light that fits right into your mouth and activates the gel. It’s a bit uncomfortable at first but you’ll get used to it after a few times. If you are someone that drools at dentist appointments – I’m not embarrassed to admit that’s me – you’ll need to keep a towel or napkin on hand. $99;

Do you have a favorite at-home device? Share it in the comments!