Embrace Your Dark Side! 17 Halloween Tutorials You’ll Love!

It’s that time of year again! To help you get started we’ve taken a look back at our favorite Halloween makeup tutorial from The Stylists annual lists (plus a few of our own favs too). We always say it’s easy to stick a sheet over your head or splatter fake blood on your face, so this year up your game and give one of these a go.

  1. Zombie – So simple to create, with just three eyeshadow shades you’ll transform yourself into one of the walking dead with this foolproof tutorial by Emily Alison 
  2. Tiger – Recreating this roaring look for Halloween with Sheling Beauty’s tutorial.
  3. Little Red Riding Hood – A spooky rendition of Little Red Riding Hood, a childhood favorite… well maybe not after this courtesy of beauty blogger Cherry Wallis.
  4. Creepy Ventriloquist Doll – A little creepy maybe, but this ventriloquist doll idea for Halloween by Leyla will get everyone talking.
  5. Half Skull – Perfect if you’re new to face painting, really easy to achieve this chilling look by Roxxsaurus.
  6. Van Gogh – Taking inspiration from Van Gogh’s self-portrait and his masterpiece, Starry Night this video will help you turn yourself into the man himself.
  7. Pop Art – Turn yourself into a Pop Art star with these clever instructions. You’ll like you’ve walked straight out of a Lichenstein created if you follow them carefully.
  8. Black Swan – Natalie Portman gave us all nightmares when she starred in Black Swan, so transition yourself into her frightening character with these easy to follow instructions.
  9. Corpse Bride – Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride is a spooky character which you can recreate by following the make up advice of this clever tutorial.
  10. Queen of Hearts – Another Tim Burton inspired masterpiece, the Queen of Hearts is an effective and scary look.
  11. Born This Way – The skeleton face on Lady Gaga’s video, Born This Way, is believe it or not an achievable look with this helpful tutorial.
  12. Cat Mask – This intricate mask will set you miles apart from all the other basic cat costumes this Halloween.
  13. Avatar – Although it may seem difficult, the Avatar look is possible if you follow the instructions carefully.
  14. Unzipped – The final effect will have people amazed that it’s make up as it looks so much like your skin is peeling apart, gory.
  15. Pinhead – The character in Hellraiser is pretty spooky when brought to life, and you can do just that by checking out this great video.
  16. Witch – The witch is a classic costume for Halloween, but with this tutorial you can take it to a whole new level.
  17. Broken Glass Effect – If you fancy just turning into a spooky zombie you can use these top tips to create realistic looking cuts and scars.