Hydrating Facials: The best way to combat summer dryness

By the end of summer, chances are high that your skin is very dry. To combat dryness, I recommend a hydrating facial at a spa or medical clinic.  in addition to these facials, add ingredients to your at-home routine to truly moisturize skin during the summer months.

Why try a hydrating facial? Why keep your skin moisturized?

Hydrating facials are essential for a few reasons. A lot of us don’t resurface our skin and/or don’t receive a chemical resurfacing from a medical professional. At home, to resurface, try products that contain glycolic acid, a derivative of sugar cane, to gently dissolve spots and congestion.

Daily, we face a lack of resurfacing combined with the plethora of environmental pollutants. Not only do we need to remove dirt and pollutants, it’s important to protect and change skin too.

Additionally, here are my suggestions for ingredients to look for in a hydrating facial and to add to your at-home routine:

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are good for your health. In addition, probiotics play a role in skin care. Interestingly enough, they are anti-inflammatory and help calm breakouts, rosacea, and eczema. So now, not only can you eat probiotics, but you can implement them into your skincare routine.

To note, if you have a medical-grade hydrating facial, extractions are not needed. You’ll leave with a healthy glow and can go to events, etc. on the day of.

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