New York Fashion Week: Make up and Nails are Hot for 2017

As Devon Kelly, fashion editor mentioned in his February 16 article, New York Fashion Week Fall 2017 artists are moving towards an ombré make up trending on Instagram that favors pops of color on the eyes.

From angular brushstrokes of deep colors tempered with pale colors for extra pizazz, palette preferences touched all colors of a crayon box. Bold make up is NOW.

For a look at the latest brushstrokes to make your eyes pop visit Mac’s Instagram account to take a look at the latest and greatest ways to uplift your look this season. No wallflowers wanted. This season is all about pop. (insert pics from Mac)




Moving on to the hottest manicure trends from Fashion week, nail art is back again for another year. Fingernails colored in gradients, contrasting colors, reverse French manicures and glitter will stay in the spotlight again for 2017. Take a look at these collaborations with designers from Libertine to Cristian Siriano to Betsy Johnson to Rebecca Minkoff to Jenni Kayne to Nicole Miller, just to name a few.



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