Facial contouring: Reshape your face in a flash.

Contouring makes it possible to narrow noses, raise cheekbones and reduce foreheads with just a brushstroke or blend.  Many women who want to make minor changes to their faces can do so with the addition of a skin blender, brushes and tones to their daily routine. In this play of tones that are a few shades lighter and darker than one’s natural skin tone, anyone can design, enhance, and sculpt features to achieve the look they want. Contouring is the answer and it literally takes just a few minutes.

For many years, strategic shading has been used. The art form started onstage with actors and actresses who wanted to combat poor lighting but evolved in popularity. From Marilyn Monroe to Cindy Crawford, many celebrities rely on shading techniques. This approach allows everyone to highlight their best features and manipulate their non-desirable ones. When popular celebrities such as the Kardashians, Alicia Keyes and Jessica Alba started to share their beauty secrets with the masses, contouring tools became easily accessible to many women.

Now make up lines from Mac to Bobbie Brown to drugstores everywhere sell contouring brushes, blushes and more. Question is, how can we use these minor accents to further magnify beauty every day?

It’s pretty simple and actually doesn’t take more than 15 minutes in the morning if that. Contouring looks change depending on what you want to achieve and whether you want to contour for a light day look or there’s a night out look.

To make it easier for our readers, we’ve scoured the net to find helpful tutorials.

Light contouring:

Deeper look at contouring:


Classes are available at places like Sephora, but ask your local salon as well. Makeup artists often hold classes so you can learn how to apply makeup effortlessly. Remember everything takes practice.

Recently, I’ve taken to contouring and it really does make a difference and it takes little to no time. Blenders truly help and make shading a snap.

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