I Tried It! Beauty Products That Make You Say Spa


As a former beauty director I had heard about The Lab Room but hadn’t tried it. It took coming to Miami and Andria Mitsakos from Wanderlista to introduce me to the multi-tasking line from Madrid to make me fall in love. It’s so spa. Clearly, new horizons deliver new discoveries.

The creator: Monica Ceño Elie-Joseph received a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from the Complutense University in Madrid and a Doctorate degree in Contemporary Art. She lived in New York for a few years and worked at the MoMA and the Guggenheim. Back in Madrid in 2000, Monica collaborated as a writer for publications like Vogue Spain and Harper ́s Bazaar when inspiration struck and she created The Lab Room, a multi-use space with a boutique, djs, art exhibitions and beauty services all rolled into one unique environment. Subsequently, in 2004, she created The Lab Room Beauty Collection. Thanks to the botanical and aromatherapy synergetic formulas Monica defines her products as emotional cosmetics that transform from the inside out, designed for body and soul.

The beauty: The collection of more than 40 products includes oils, creams, candles, and perfumes. It’s all unisex, sophisticated, and filled with urban chic. The formula’s combine woods, fruits and flowers and used together they recreate the aromas and feelings of a spa experience.