Thread Your Way to Beautiful Brows: It’s Fast, Precise & Gentle

Threading, the age-old way to remove hairs from eyebrows and lip lines, is considered less painful and invasive than waxing and tweezing. And because no skin is removed, there is less chance of blemishes or sun damage after threading. Advocates also point out that because a threading expert uses a twisted thread to remove just one hair at a time, it is a much more precise way to create beautifully shaped brows.

Where It All Began
Some say the art of threading began in Asia, others claim it originated in the Middle East. We say we’re glad this beauty treatment, which has been used more than 6,000 years to remove unwanted hairs, made it’s way to Western cultures so we can all enjoy immaculate brow lines! But while threading looks easy, don’t think anyone can thread your brows or lip line: it takes years of training and practice to achieve a perfect brow.

Why Does Threading Work?
Threading is a logical concept: rather than ripping hot wax off your skin, the threading expert twists and rolls a piece of strong thread over the unwanted hair and removes it deftly from the hair follicle.  If an experienced threader is performing your treatment, it should be fast and nearly pain free. (Lovely eyebrows can typically be created in five to seven minutes.) The good news is that hair re-growth is usually slower and, unlike waxing, there is less risk of skin being removed (ouch!) so you don’t have to worry about blemishes or stay out of the sun.

Threading enthusiasts say you may feel an unusual sensation as your individual hairs are removed but it shouldn’t be painful–and there is not much risk of irritation after your treatment. If you have sensitive skin, you may experience a bit of redness, easily treated with a gentle aloe vera or rose oil.

How Often Should I Thread?
Waxing and tweezing can miss partially grown or hidden hairs, requiring weekly or bi-weekly touch ups as those sneaky strands reappear at different times.  A threader removes all your unwanted hairs at the same time, and you will only need a new session every four or five weeks. Plus, over time threaded hair becomes finer and grows in more slowly.

What About Guys?
Threading is an excellent solution for men looking for well-groomed brows and sideburns and for those who want to remove “straggler” facial hairs. It’s not messy and it’s fast: attributes that are always appealing to the guys in your life.

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