Trick or Treat (Yourself!): 12 Limited Edition Halloween Products

It can be argued – or just accepted – that Halloween is hands-down the most fun holiday of the year. Young or not-so-young-anymore, we can all get in on the fun whether it’s dressing up as our favorite Disney princess or decking our home with ghostly gildings. This Halloween, why not forget the tricks and treat yourself to some fabulous body and beauty offerings! Here are 12 products we’re ghoul-ing over!

Get Creepy Clean with Spooky Scents

Known for its holiday edition candles, soaps and more, Bath and Body Works certainly didn’t disappoint this year! From a Haunted House Luminary to a Hand Soap Dispenser that actually lights up when you use it (my two cats went bonkers!) this year’s Halloween collection is guaranteed to make you eerily clean! Lather up with scents like Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Vampire Blood (which, if you didn’t know, apparently smells like plum).

Halloween Collection, from $1.50 – $49.95 at

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

“Life is sweeter when you trick instead of treat” and that’s why body and skincare line Philosophy aims to treat with its limited-edition Halloween scents and flavors. Get in the spooky spirit with trick or treat, a duo gift set of bath-time delights. The 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath formulas in Sweet Cinnamon Icing and Caramel Apple leave skin smelling and feeling devilishly delicious and sinfully smooth! And what’s Halloween without candy corn? Satisfy your sweet tooth with the i love candy corn scent, available as a high-gloss, high-flavor lip shine and the 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath formula!

trick or treat, duo of 8-oz. 3-in-1 formulas, $22 at
i love candy corn lip shine, .5 oz., $10 at
i love candy corn 3-in-1 formula, 16 oz., $16 at

Make it a Monster Mani

Frightening fingers are just a step away with Orly’s Halloween Spellbound color collection. The lacquers feature Liquid Vinyl, a creepy, black-as-night polish, and three Flash Glam FX Shades for all of us glitter goblins (Monster Mash, Right Amount of Evil and R.I.P). Layer them over black for a fun Halloween hue, or apply three coats of Flash Glam FX shades for a finish so sparkly it’s scary!

Liquid Vinyl, .6 oz., $8.50 find a store near you
Flash Glam FX shades, .6 oz each, $10 find a store near you

Go Batty at Bath Time

Celebrate all things spooky with Lush, Fresh Handmade Cosmetics’ Limited Edition Halloween Treats. Bound to be the best pumpkin you pick this season, the Jacko Bath Fizzer offers a warming blend of clove bud, cardamom oils and spearmint to chase away the chills.Bubble, bubble, toil and bathe…oh, you mean that’s not how it goes? Well, one bath with the Witches’ Ball will have you forgetting, too! Herbal bubbles will fill your tub full of peppermint, rosemary and sage oils (known to revive and renew your energy!).

Jacko Bath Fizzer, 3.5 oz., $5.95 at
Witches’ Ball, 3.5 oz., $6.95 at

Keep Going Batty at Bath Time

Ever feel like there’s a ghost in the bathroom with you, or is it just me? Well, now there will be with Ghost Shower Jelly, a frightfully floral blend of orchid infusion, jasmine absolute and ylang ylang oil. Celebrate the Day of the Dead with Calacas, a wiggly skull of seaweed and aloe vera filled with neroli and lime oils made to send your dead skin cells to the grave once and for all. Once in a while we all want to feel a little wicked. Soak it up with this bath melt that leaves the seductive scents of ginger and jasmine lingering on your skin.

Ghost Shower Jelly, 8.4 oz., $14.95 at
Calacas, 2.1 oz., $4.95 at
Something Wicked This Way Comes, 1 oz., $6.25 at

Jeepers Creepers Look at Those Paper Peepers

While not necessarily a limited-edition release, Paperself lashes are bound to be on every trick–or-treating Effie Trinket (of Hunger Games fame) this Halloween. With their intricate, whimsical designs, they are a fast, fun and fearless way celebrate the holiday. Each of the 11 paper-cut lashes are infused with symbolic meanings rooted in Chinese culture. Especially for Halloween, the brand has released two new designs: the Scorpion and the Spider.

Paperself Halloween Release Eyelashes, £10.00 at a