Customer Rewards, Loyalty & Incentives Create customer loyalty through the gift of wellness

Why use Spafinder Wellness 365 for Customer Acquisition & Loyalty?

  • Added value gifts do not position you as a discounted brand
  • Differentiates your brand
  • Promotes customer loyalty
  • Promotes brand advocacy
  • Gift vouchers can be used for healthy and memorable experiences
  • Allows recipient to choose their perfect wellness experience
  • At locations across the UK, Europe and worldwide
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    “We ran a very exciting promotion where we offered customers a Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Voucher for Mother’s Day. The promotion was a success for the business and our customers were pleased to get a Spafinder voucher for their mums. As a company we are delighted with the service Spafinder has provided to us before and after the promotion”
    Marketing Manager, WF Senate

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