Gifts for the Yoga/<br />Pilates Buff

Gifts for the Yoga/Pilates Buff

With thousands of new yoga and Pilates studios listed on, any yoga or Pilates buff will have no trouble finding a studio where they can use their Spafinder Gift Certificate. From classes to retreats (and more!), here are just a few appealing ways to get your Zen on and put your Gift Certificate to use.

Personalized Attention: One-on-One Class

Personalized Attention:
One-on-One Class

There is a variety of yoga and Pilates class sizes with many keeping them small to allow for individualized attention, but what better way to celebrate the holidays than splurging a little with a one-on-one private class? Now, with thousands of new yoga and Pilates studios on, Gift Certificate receivers can opt for private yoga and Pilates sessions, which can do wonders for their minds, bodies and spirits. Any yogi or Pilates enthusiast might step out of his or her Zen zone upon receiving a Gift Certificate and let out a little squeal of glee.

Yoga Mats, Balls and Attire, Oh My!

Yoga Mats, Balls
and Attire, Oh My!

Does your yogi or Pilates friend like to practice 24-7? When they"re not in the studio, they"ll need a few things to continue their practice at home, so let them know that they can also use their Spafinder Gift Certificate on or at a partner studio"s gift shop or boutique. carries everything from yoga mats to Pilates bars to comfy and styling workout attire.

Yoga Retreats: Find Zen in Paradise

Yoga Retreats: Find Zen in Paradise

For the ultimate gift for anyone even slightly interested in yoga or Pilates, send your yogi friend on an enlightening yoga retreat. Spafinder lists a plethora of fabulous getaway spas that offer a variety of yoga retreats catering to anyone from beginner to expert. With a Spafinder Gift Certificate, your yogi friend can go anywhere in the world and participate in workshops and yoga sessions galore. With a beautiful setting in the background, like-minded people in the program and, often, delicious and healthy food to eat, a yoga retreat can be an experience of a lifetime.

Thai Massage: Lazy Man

Thai Massage

Even yogis or Pilates enthusiasts need a little help in stretching those lean muscles out and Thai massage is the perfect way for them to use their Spafinder Gift Certificates. The therapist might kneel on the back of your legs and pull your arms to arch your back and open your chest, or place her shoulder under your heel to lift your leg and stretch your hamstring. Help the yogis and Pilates enthusiasts in your life relinquish themselves into the hands of an expert healer, loosen their muscles and quiet their mind. Learn more about the massage.

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