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Salons - Spafinder Wellness

Whether you're looking for a dramatic change in color or just a trim, Spafinder® Wellness has the salons you're looking for! From haircuts and highlights, to manicures, pedicures, waxing, and more - salons are the perfect place to recharge! Hair salon treatments can range from a simple trim or haircut, to a hair color and conditioning, to texture-changing processes like keratin treatments. Many salons offer an extensive beauty menu as well which can include waxing, nail treatments, and more!


Salon Services

A spa treatment for every economic status, manicures and pedicures are perfect for those on the go who want a little extra pampering or for anyone who loves to make a statement. With services ranging from gel, acrylics, paraffin dips, and nail art there is always something for everyone during a mani/pedi. Manis and Pedis are affordable (often just $10 for a basic prep and polish), they help ensure healthy nails, hands, and feet, and they are a quick and easy way to change or polish (no pun intended!) your look.
Changing your hair color can be a great way to change your look without chopping your locks. A crucial part of the process is the consultation, so it's important to have an idea of what you want, and bringing some inspirational photos with you to your appointment can help. Your colorist should be able to combine your input, any photos you bring, and his or her expertise to create a color that will work with your natural tones and overall aesthetic. Single-process color is when a dye is mixed and applied to hair for all-over coverage, which is good for changing your base color or covering grays. While single-process hair color is easy enough to do at home, if you are a first timer, it's best to leave this to the professionals. Double-process treatments are typically used when lightening the hair. After the hair is bleached and the color is lifted, the new desired color is applied. Spot hair color processes like highlights and lowlights are also common.
Hair extensions are an option for anyone looking for a fuller or longer mane. If you're considering adding extensions to your natural hair, it's important to explore your options in order to understand how each technique might affect your hair and how natural it will look. For example, for shorter hair, it's best to sew in extensions to attain an even flow of layers. For longer styles fusion or micro link weaves to add fullness and texture. Choose the Right Hair Type: Extensions and weaves come in both synthetic and natural forms (human hair) and you will want to think carefully about your lifestyle and desired look before choosing a hair type. Human hair is better for free-flowing styles and is less damaging overall. There are many types of human hair to choose from, and your hair type, preference, and cost restrictions will determine which extensions are best for you. Extensions usually last about two months.
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