Good Karma: The Song Saa Foundation is Bringing Change to the Koh Rong Archipelago

Photo Credit: The Song Saa Foundation

Cambodia’s Song Saa Private Island isn’t just a gorgeous, seemingly untouched luxury oasis in the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand, it’s also a place where real change is happening through The Song Saa Foundation, developed by founders, Roy and Melita Hunter.

When the couple first discovered the Koh Rong Archipelago in 2005 they were struck by the beauty of both the location and the people, so when they began construction on the resort they created a program to conserve those values and to better the islands. Due to the location of the Achipelago the environment and communities experience a number of challenges, including: limited employment opportunities, distance from markets, limited access to healthcare, resource depletion, limited infrastructure, and limited access to education. Inspired by the Hunters’ passion and commitment to sustainability and community responsibility, The Song Saa Foundation creates and fosters projects to address these challenges and improve the quality of life and the environments of the Koh Rong Archipelago and beyond. Projects started with the area’s first marine reserve and solid waste management center and have grown to include:

  • The Boat of Hope: the transformation of an old fishing boat into the region’s first floating education and sustainability center
  • Legacy Media: the writing and publication of a book dedicated to the people, environment, and history of the Koh Rong Archipelago
  • Reforestation: projects dedicated to returning jungle and mangrove forests to deforested portions of the Archipelago
  • The Wall of Hope: a way for Song Saa guests to sponsor projects ranging from mid-wifery care to the supply of clean water.
  • Pack for a Purpose: Travelers who have room in their luggage and want to help the young people of Prek Svay, the nearest village to the resort, can pack school supplies to donate.

If you want to get involved with The Song Saa Foundation or just want to learn more click here.