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Too Stressed to Meditate? Try These 6 Easy Tips!

These six easy tips to meditate will help you relax and clear your mind...even if you"re not the most focused person.  
  • Find a tranquil place with no phones, TV, or other distractions. For extra peace and quiet use ear plugs.
  • Before starting your meditation, do a few gentle yoga postures to get energy flowing, your breath going, and your body ready.
  • Soothing music or diffusing your favourite aromas can help you unwind and create a positive mind set.
  • Make sure you have comfortable seating or lying arrangements with a cosy floor pillow, meditation bench, or mat. You can use a blanket or shawl for warmth. If you are outside in a very warm climate, choose a shaded area out of the sun to avoid over-exposure to ultra-violet rays.
  • Begin with deep breaths. Allow your mind to focus only on the breath. Focusing on the breath will begin to still the mind.
  • For your first few times have a meditation guide help you on your journey. Meditation guides are always best in person but recorded voices can also be used.

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