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Beauty Buzz

Pampering yourself at a spa or salon is not just about hair or nails. Spas and salons across the country are expanding service menus to include beauty treatments that range from eyelash extensions to makeup applications. An increasing number of spas are also offering more dramatic cosmetic procedures like Botox and laser hair removal. To find the right spa or beauty salon for you, all you need to do is a little bit of research. Reviews and expert opinions at will help you to understand the nuances of these newer treatments and help you to make an educated decision.
How to Fix a Beauty Emergency

It happens to the best of us: burnt hair, a picked-at pimple, terrible sunburn...the list goes on. But don"t fret, because there are solutions you can try at home that can help you out of a panic.

Did an overheated flat iron leave your hair feeling burnt and broken? Try a product that is rich in avocado oil to infuse hair with moisture.

Picked at a pimple? Combine a crushed Aspirin with a few drops of water to form a paste. Apply it to the irritated area, allowing it to dry, about 15 minutes. Aspirin"s anti-inflammatory properties will calm things down and the salicylic acid will kill any bacteria.

Scorched by the sun after a facial treatment? Wearing sunscreen any time you are outdoors is very important, but particularly so if you"ve recently had a facial treatment, like a peel or exfoliation. Procedures like this leave skin very sensitive to the elements. The key to healing a burn like this is to soothe the skin and moisturise intensively. Stay away from any moisturiser containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids and use a gentle, but thick, cream. Try something with ingredients like green tea or other antioxidant-rich elements.

New to Nails

The manicure has been taken to new heights with recent breakthrough technologies that have ladies flocking to the salon to experiment with what"s new in nails. From Shellac Manicures, like Creative Nail Design"s soak-off gel-polishes, to the stick-on Minx manis, nail professionals everywhere are offering the latest incarnations of hand treatments.

Long-wear gel manicures are popular, with brands like OPI releasing its Axxium line of no-chip formulas that set under UV light and require an acetone soak for removal. While this type of mani-pedi is a little more costly than what you may be used to, this polish lasts up to three weeks without chipping and will keep hands looking kept for much longer than regular nail polishes.

Minx nail stickers are popular as well, and have a strong celebrity following. This manicure is especially funky because instead of painting on a polish, the nail technician will apply a thin, flexible film that can come in any variety of designs, colors, patterns, and even photographs. The shiny film mimics a wrapper rather than a polish or lacquer. Pop stars like Beyonc and Katy Perry were caught with this flashy and trendy manicure when it was first introduced.

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