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Mandara Spas


Founded in Bali, Indonesia, in 1995 by Thomas Gottlieb and Mark Edleson, Mandara Spa was one of the pioneers of the tropical Asian spa experience. The first Mandara Spa opened in May 1996 at The Chedi (now Alila Ubud) in Ubud, Bali. In 1998 the brand began operating in Malaysia and expanded into the Maldives and Thailand the following year. In 1988 Mandara Spa formed its U.S.-based division, headquartered in Hawaii, with an aim to develop spas outside of Asia. Mandara Spa ceased to be a 100 percent privately owned firm in 2000, when Shiseido Co. of Japan bought a 40 percent stake in Mandara"s worldwide operations. In 2001 the remaining 60 percent of shares was sold to Steiner Leisure Limited, a Nasdaq-listed company (STNR). In December 2002 Steiner became the sole proprietor of Mandara Spa after acquiring the 40 percent equity interests from Shiseido.

Mandara has traveled far from its roots while still maintaining a strong connection. Today the spa offers Balinese-inspired services in luxury resorts that stretch from the South Pacific Islands to the Far East and across the Americas to the Caribbean.

Brand Philosophy


The graceful logo that defines the spa concept depicts an image of an individual in a meditative state holding a fan.


The name Mandara comes from an ancient Sanskrit legend about the gods" quest to find the elixir of immortality and eternal youth. In the legend, Mandara is a mythical mountain that churns the seas and unearths the water of life. The legend tells of destruction and ultimate renewal, as the magical water eventually springs from deep within the majestic Mount Mandara.

Mandara Spa has embraced the legend, with unique and exotic spa treatments that reflect the beauty, spirit, and traditions of those ancient times and the soul and ritual of Asian culture. While Mandara Spa does not promise immortality, the spa"s experience captures some of the magic and sublime mystery of the legend from which it takes its name--an experience that promises to relax, revitalise, and enchant.

Spa Vision:

Mandara Spa"s vision is to offer each guest a memorable experience of refinement, indulgence, and beauty. The belief of Mandara Spa management is that beautiful surroundings, a serene ambience, and skillful, attentive service are as important as the treatments themselves.

Spa Mission:

It is Mandara Spa"s mission to envelop its guests with the awareness of inner peace and tranquility that is so readily available in the East and sought after so passionately in the West.

Spa Values:

Consistently excellent service, well-executed and well-designed treatments, high standards of professionalism, respect for the guest, and attention to detail are the distinguishing characteristics of a Mandara Spa.

The distinctive Mandara Spa experience reflects the company"s origins in the exotic and stunningly beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Mandara Spa celebrates Asian traditions of hospitality and natural beauty.

Guests savour their spa experiences in spacious open-air spa villas, where they enjoy some of Asia"s ancient traditional health and beauty treatments in the natural beauty of Asian tropical gardens. Mandara Spas blend traditional treatments from India, Indonesia and Thailand with some of the newest health and beauty trends.

Mandara Spa combines exceptional service and professionalism, high-quality products, beautiful surroundings, and thoughtfully designed treatments in the quest to deliver the ultimate spa experience.

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