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Brand Philosophy

Personal training for your skin is what skoah® does best. That statement defines skoah"s unique approach to skin care and distinct expertise within the skin care industry.

Personal training for your skin is not a guilty pleasure, sporadic indulgence, or "beauty treatment". It is a skin care system which - like personal training in the gym - balances expertly advice with independent "training time". Personal training for your skin is an ongoing skin fitness regimen which includes repeat facial visits, and regular product use. Just like your body, your skin needs regular workouts to stay healthy and look its best.

The Three Components of Personal Training For Your Skin

Skin care workouts includes: blissful, oh-so relaxing, and educational facials at skoah® , and your skin care training time at home. Don"t worry, these workouts are "sweat-free".

Skin care trainers and coaches are friendly skin care experts who deliver sweet skin facials, design customized skin care programs and provide personalized product recommendations that generate lasting results. The skin care experts will "train you" into better skin.

Simply powerful skin care products are simple to use, with high-quality ingredients that deliver desired results. 100% skoah® skin care products are made in Vancouver, BC, Canada. skoah® products are easy to use and easy to understand. Blending the best of science and nature, skoah® products contain botanical extracts, natural minerals, bio-actives, organic compounds and powerful active ingredients. At the end of the day, products should do what they say they will do. skoah® stands behind their products with the 60 day pledge.

skoah® exist to make everyone feel great from the skin in.

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