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Thalassa Sea & Spa

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Company Overview

Setting the foundation for French thalassotherapy, Thalassa Sea & Spa"s 16 resorts in France, Sardinia, and Morocco introduce the healing properties of the marine environment, with treatments and facilities that incorporate seawater and its natural elements collected from the waters of its beautiful coastal settings. Pure, invigorating air, pleasant climate, and cultural destination sites enhance the benefits of the brand"s thalassotherapy rituals.


Thalassa Sea & Spa, a division of the French multinational Accor Group, introduced the practice of thalassotherapy to European spa-goers more than 20 years ago. As its network of thalassotherapy institutes has grown, Thalassa Sea & Spa has built an acknowledged expertise by developing additional activities around spas and thermalism. This expertise revolves around the elements of thalassotherapy, thermal spas, and beauty and cosmetic treatments performed at its institutes.

Thalassa Sea & Spa currently is a collection of 16 resorts in France, Sardinia, and Morocco, 13 of which specialize in thalassotherapy and are located along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea. Every site has been selected for its exceptional beauty, and each institute is staffed with high-level therapists that acquaint spa guests to the multiple virtues of seawater.

Brand Philosophy

"With Thalassa Sea & Spa, there is travel your body never forgets."

Aimed at restoring well-being through the healing properties of seawater and its elements, Thalassa Sea & Spa is dedicated to the quality of its 16 resorts, the water, products and equipment, and its professional teams.

The brand has mastered the beneficial traits of the marine environment. To ensure purity, the seawater used at its 13 thalassotherapy centers is derived from the depths of the open sea, filtered, and then heated at 33 C (91? F), in order to allow an optimum muscle relaxation and circulation stimulation. Marine mud, collected at low tide, is saturated in beneficial elements such as oxygen, mineral salts, vitamins, clay, and more, while seaweed, freshly gathered for its high concentration of minerals and vitamins essential for major biological functions, is incorporated into baths, wraps, or masks.

Thalassa Sea & Spa has thoughtfully selected exceptional locations that introduce new cultural experiences and stunning settings that maximize the therapeutic benefits of its treatments. The air is pure and naturally charged with negative ions, transmitting the sea"s beneficial elements in aerosol form, and the climate can be stimulating, conveying the beneficial substances of seawater in the form of aerosols, and the climate is stimulating or calming depending on the coast involved.

The brand"s thalassotherapy institutes are situated near the Atlantic Ocean or Mediterranean Sea. Facilities in France include Biarritz, Carnac, Dinard, Hyres, Ile d"Olron, Les Sables d"Olonne, Le Touquet, Port Camargue, Port Frjus, Porticcio, and Quiberon; centers abroad include Essaouira in Morocco and Timi Ama in Sardinia.

Each institute"s distinct history and location offer unique qualities that fully meet the expectations and needs of spa guests in search of wellness. Each institute features a selection of short and weeklong all-inclusive programs that incorporate an array of spa treatments coupled with activities and consultations tailored toward a specific aim. Programs are designed to provide guests with plenty of downtime to enjoy the other attractions of both the resort and the site"s picturesque surroundings.

To complement guests" programs, the institute provides an extensive menu of cosmetic treatments that draw on the richness and efficacy of the active ingredients of seawater constituents. Innovative, well-balanced culinary options prepared by Thalassa Sea & Spa"s chefs also cater to the complete well-being experience.

The brand includes three thermal spa centers, which use the technique of spring water therapy, located at Aix-les-Bains, Dax, and Saint-Lary.

Thalassa Sea & Spa in France

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Porticcio, France

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Villasimus, Italy