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Why Partner With SpaRahRah!™

Attract New and Valuable Customers. Our research indicates that on average more than 90% of customers that buy our deals are new for our merchant partners.

On Brand. By partnering with SpaRahRah!™ by Spafinder Wellness 365, your spa, salon, fitness or wellness studio will be branded with the world"s leading Spa and Wellness resource.

On Target. Our high quality database of SpaRahRah!™ devotees relies on Spafinder Wellness 365 as their #1 source to discover spas, salons, fitness and wellness studios, treatments, and trends.

About SpaRahRah!™

Featured Offer. Your spa, salon, wellness or fitness business is exclusively spotlighted for a one-time sale.

Deal Optimization. Spafinder Wellness 365 collaborates with you to structure a deal that delivers on performance goals, expectations and service limitations.

Value Added Editorial. We craft a compelling write up in our unique voice that educates, enhances interest in and promotes your brand.

Risk Free Advertising.There are no upfront costs. In fact, we send YOU a check!

Customer Conversion and Deal Analytics. Our Customer Conversion toolkit and Social Commerce Analytics program help you convert customers, calculate ROI and compare deals across platforms.

Past Partners


(New York, NY)

The Sphatika Experience

(New York, NY)

Hiatus Spa + Retreat

(Dallas, TX)


(San Francisco, CA)

Argyle Salon & Spa

(Los Angeles, CA)

Golden Door Spa

(Escondido, California)

The Greenwich Hotel

(New York, NY)