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Popular Spa City Destinations

London Spas

London Spas are the perfect place for a day-break for Londoners and tourists visiting the English capital.

Paris Spas

Capital of arts and fashion, Paris welcomes spa-lovers with its Parisian chic.

Madrid Spas

Despite its reputation as a 24-hour sleepless city, Madrid is also a haven of relaxation and spas.

New York City Spas

The options are endless in the Big Apple! Find a spa that fits what you"re looking for in a New York minute.

Las Vegas Spas

Some spa-goers like to mix gaming and spa services. Try your hand at both with these spas in Sin City!

Los Angeles Spas

Looking and feeling good is an art and a science in the capital of chill. Spas here range from luxury to wellness to hip.
Popular Spa Destinations Around The World

European Spas

Europe has been a hotbed of spa activity for centuries dating back to the Roman and Ottoman Empires.

Asia Spas

The magnificent Asian spa road offers endless possibilities.

Hong Kong Spas

Old and new coexist beautifully in this new spa mecca.

Indonesian Spas

With its history of traditional herbal medicine, spiritual meditation, massage, and other healing arts, you"ll find health and solace in Indonesia"s celebrated spas.

Thailand Spas

Immerse yourself in mind/body wellness at one of Thailand"s eco-chic resorts, groundbreaking cultural spas, or traditional beachside retreats.

Canadian Spas

A vast country with an extensive spa menu to match, Canada offers spa-goers every option for escape.

Caribbean Spas

A spa lover"s dream set amidst pristine white sand beaches, turquoise waters, soaring mountains and lush, verdant rainforests.

Mexico Spas

Sunny resorts make for exotic spas. Explore the spa options Mexico has to offer south of the border.