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Spas by Type

At SpaFinder, we know that each spa-goer has a personal wish list. There are several types of spas - so to help guide your selection process, we"ve grouped our extensive collection of spas into categories for special interests.

Destination Spa

Destination Spas offer a full-immersion spa experience in which all guests participate. All-inclusive programs provide fitness activities, nutritious spa cuisine, various therapeutic spa and body treatments, educational classes, and many times, mind/body/spirit offerings to help you jump start a new, more healthful lifestyle and a new, healthier you. Find Destination Spas

Resort/Hotel Getaway Spa

Resort and Hotel Spa properties feature a wide variety of recreational facilities, including a full-service spa. Activities offered may include golf, tennis, horseback riding, skiing, and water sports, and there is usually a range of dining options available. Spa treatments generally complement a hotel stay or vacation activities at a resort.
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Connoisseur Spa

The Creme de la Creme of spas, this elite collection was chosen using strict criteria -- extraordinary ambience, luxurious accommodations, high staff-to-guest ratio, exceptional spa services, outstanding cuisine, and industry awards and recognition -- so you know they"re truly world class. Find a Connoisseur Spa

Day Spa

Day Spa and Salon Spa visits offer a simple, flexible way to incorporate spa into your everyday life. Provide a healing break from your daily routine by booking an appointment for a soothing massage, beautifying facial, and rejuvenating body wrap -- just a few of the heavenly spa treatments listed on spa/salon menus. Find Day Spas

Medical Spa: Cosmetic

These spas operate under the full-time supervision of a licensed healthcare professional. Medical personnel work alongside spa therapists in an atmosphere that integrates clinical-grade aesthetic enhancement and spa treatments/concepts. Med Spas may or may not have overnight accommodations.
Find Cosmetic Medical Spas

Medical Spa: Wellness

These spas provide comprehensive wellness and preventive care that may adhere to traditional Western medical concepts, complementary/alternative philosophies, or a combination of the two (known as integrative medicine). Spa treatments are incorporated into wellness programs as an effective way to rejuvenate and reduce stress. Find Wellness Medical Spas

Dental Spa

Conventional wisdom has it that no one relishes a trip to the dentist"s office, but by incorporating spa elements into their Dental Spa practices, the enterprising dentists of today aim to make your twice-yearly checkup a spa-like luxury. Find Dental Spas

Airport Spa

Airport Spas provide passengers with pre- or post-flight pampering, and spa treatments are sometimes abbreviated to accommodate travelers" schedules. Options include quick chair massages and express facials, although some spas feature extensive menus. Spa treatments may be found in some airport lounges, as well, though access is sometimes restricted. Find Airport Spas

Cruise Ship Spa

Spas on cruise ships provide travelers a chance to indulge in spa experiences amid the high seas. Accessible to all (though age restrictions may apply), most spas feature salons, full-service fitness facilities, and extensive menus, with treatments offered on deck, on shore, or in the water. Some specialty-themed cruises or voyages offer special wellness programming. Find Cruise Ship Spas

Mobile Spa

Mobile Spas bring professional practitioners to your home or office, making it simple for you to enjoy relaxing spa services such as facials, massages, manicures, and pedicures anywhere, at any time. It"s a perfect option when planning a unique birthday party, bridal shower, or office party. Find Mobile Spas

Casino Spa

Casino Spas offer vacationers a chance to try their hand at any number of exciting games of chance without leaving the premises. These high-end properties tend to attract fun-seeking travelers who like both their excitement and their spa luxury in large doses. Find Casino Spas

Spa/Wellness Living Real Estate

An increasingly popular option with community living enthusiasts, Spa Lifestyle Real Estate offers homebuyers an opportunity to purchase an exclusive home in an environment constructed around a luxurious spa facility. It brings an entirely new meaning to home sweet home. Find Spa/Wellness Real Estate