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Wellness Options

Wellness is a word that we"ve all been hearing more and more of in conjunction with health and beauty. While the concept of wellness is multifaceted and can mean different things for different people, the overall focus is on self-improvement within the three tenants of mind, body, and soul, which can encompass health and nutrition, fitness, and spirituality. Getting to know your body and what it needs can improve your life in more ways than one, and there are many spas, fitness and wellness centres, and beauty salons that can help you via nutrition consultations, self-improvement or spiritual workshops, fitness programs, wellness treatments, and pampering services.
Acupuncture A traditional Chinese healing technique meant to maintain or restore the body"s balance of energy, acupuncture is administered by inserting fine needles into energy centres (meridians) to stimulate energy flow. Acupuncture can be used to treat underlying causes of conditions including addiction, asthma, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, headaches, lower back pain, menstrual irregularities, arthritis, allergies, high blood pressure, and sciatica. Search "Acupuncture" Addiction Therapy For those afflicted, alcohol and drug addiction are nearly impossible to escape without a lot of support. Individual willpower alone isn"t enough; treating addiction requires the help of caring, knowledgeable professionals. The medical professionals at these spas use a variety of creative approaches to free patients from addiction. Programs exist to address all kinds of substance addictions, from alcoholism to nicotine dependency. Search "Addiction Therapy" Bone Density Testing It"s no secret that we lose bone density as we age. Bone density scans measure susceptibility to bone fracture due to osteoporosis and can let you know to seek treatment before the crippling effects of this condition set in. These medical spas provide ways to assess your risk. Search "Bone Density Testing" Cardiovascular Medicine Heart disease is America"s number-one killer. At these medi spas, medical professionals seek to combat heart disease through improving the overall health of the heart and blood vessels. Along with other procedures, these medical spas often offer a consultation with a cardiologist and stress testing. Search "Cardiovascular Medicine" Colonoscopy It is often said in the medical community that colon cancer is one of the most deadly diseases and one of the most preventable. When caught early, colon cancer is almost always treatable. Colonoscopy--the insertion into the colon of a long, lighted tube called a colonoscope--is the most highly regarded way to screen for colon cancer. It is recommended that individuals over 50 undergo colonoscopy once every five years. Search "Colonoscopy" Diabetes Management Millions are diagnosed with diabetes every year, yet many people with the disease do not know how to manage it. These spas have specific programs to help those with diabetes lead a healthier life. Search "Diabetes Management" Executive Health Screening Comprehensive health screening at a medi spa offers a comfortable, supportive, and educational setting for physicals that usually include laboratory tests and a battery of technologically advanced screenings and scans. Originally called executive health screening because companies used this to assist their upper management in important health prevention, today the executive physical is popular for anyone. Search "Executive Health Screening" Imaging Tests Ignorance isn"t always bliss, and imaging tests can help you detect many types of diseases at very early stages. These medical spas offer many different imaging tests from mammographies to brain scans to whole body MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging) to full body scans. Search "Imaging Tests" Lab Tests Laboratory testing can enhance the diagnostic capabilities of a medical spa and range from quite simple to extremely sophisticated. Some medi spas offer laboratory testing on site while others have formed relationships with medical laboratories whose findings can help doctors and other practitioners make diagnoses and tailor treatment. Search "Lab Tests" Nutrition Consultation or Therapy Many medical spas employ nutritionists or dieticians who are degree-holding Western health professionals. Nutrition combats health problems by addressing dietary insufficiencies. Altering your diet in accordance with daily intake standards can often have a very positive affect on health. Through private consultations, cooking demonstrations, and lectures, these medical spas can help you eat better and live better. Search "Nutrition Consultation or Therapy" Pain Management Pain management is a very important part of health care. Millions of people live with either serious or chronic pain necessitating medical care that seeks to alleviate or reduces pain. A medi spa may offer additional options - often through treatments that attempt to access the body"s natural healing potential, such as meditation and mental imaging. Search "Pain Management" Physical Examination A comprehensive examination administered by a physician is an effective way for you to address chronic health problems, voice concerns, or undergo preventive testing. At some medical spas, a physical examination is often the first phase of your experience. Based on the doctor"s findings and the medi spa"s facilities, a variety of treatment options may be prescribed as a follow-up. Search "Physical Examination" Physical Therapy A branch of rehabilitative health that uses specially designed exercises and equipment to help patients regain or improve their physical abilities. Physical therapy incorporates many techniques including therapeutic exercise, massage, and stretching to treat physical dysfunction or injury. Physical therapists should be trained and certified by a state or accrediting body. Search "Physical Therapy" Sexual-Health Consultation At one time, problems in the bedroom were considered too taboo to talk about. Today people are more open with their sexuality, and these medical spas can help you overcome mental and physical barriers to a healthy and enjoyable sex life. The nurturing atmosphere of a spa can make it much easier to talk about intimate topics. Treatments and services offered range from seminars to herbal remedies to prescription drugs. Search "Sexual-Health Consultation" Sleep-Health Consultation Restful, refreshing sleep is a key aspect of any healthful lifestyle. Without it, we become vulnerable to mental stress and physical illness. These medical spas offer options to improve the quantity and quality of your sleeping hours. If you suffer from a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea or insomnia, you may benefit from the medical therapies and stress-relieving procedures offered at these medical spas. Search "Sleep-Health Consultation"

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