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Yoga Guide

Like many calming spa treatments, yoga is a discipline that utilises the mind-body connection to reduce stress, increase flexibility, and enhance well-being. Spas and fitness centres offer a number of yoga styles, ranging from Kundalini, which incorporates mantras and meditation, to the strength-enhancing power yoga. Guests are encouraged to wear non-constrictive clothing during classes and to refrain from eating before taking a yoga class. Spas can differ widely in their sign-up policies, so be sure to contact a spa staff member if you are unsure of how to register. Also, be sure to register for classes that suit your current experience and fitness level. Classes can range from beginner to advanced.

Yoga Styles: Find Out Which Practice Suits You

  While there are many more yoga styles out there than listed here, this will help you get started on thinking about the kind of practice that best fits your needs and personality. Of course, experimenting with different classes and instructors is the best way to feel it out - you may be surprised to find out what works for you. This guide will give you an idea of a variety of yoga styles. Read More

Basic Yoga Poses

  Most Western yoga derives from hatha, one of the six major branches of yoga. Traditional hatha yoga consists of asanas (physical postures) and pranayamas (breathing exercises). Classes vary as to which poses are featured. With over 100 yoga poses, it"s no wonder yogis never get bored. Here are a few basic poses.

Bikram Yoga

  While the centuries-old philosophies of Bikram Yoga make it by no means a new fitness, only recently has the practice become a well-known component to mainstream yoga, as more and more people are giving it a try. Read More

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