Mindfulness & Meditation

Sometimes you just need a little quiet time for some mindfulness. Whether you are stressed out and looking for a way to find peace or you just truly enjoy all of the benefits of meditation, Spafinder Wellness 365 will help you find an amazing place to experience your mindful meditation.

Types of meditation

Know Before You Go

These six easy tips to meditate will help you relax and clear your mind. 1. Find a tranquil place with no phones, TV, or other distractions. Use earplugs for extra quietness. 2. Before beginning meditation, do a few gentle yoga postures to get energy flowing, your breath moving, and the body ready. 3. Soothing meditation music or diffusing your favorite aromas can help you unwind and create a positive mind set. 4. Make sure you have comfortable sitting or lying arrangements with a cozy floor pillow, meditation bench, or mat. You can use a blanket or shawl for warmth. If you are outside in very warm climates, choose a shaded area out of the sun to avoid overexposure to ultra-violet rays. 5. Begin with deep breaths. Allow your mind to focus only on the breath. Focusing on the breath will begin to still the mind. 6. Have a meditation guide to help you on your journey. Guided meditation is always best in person but recorded voices can also be used.