Polish Your Look

With nail salon services ranging from gel, acrylics, paraffin dips, and nail art, there is always something for everyone looking for a manicure. Whether you just want a basic grooming and polish or want to go all out with 3D art and gradients, manicures are an affordable gift for everyone – including you! They help ensure healthy nails and hands and are a quick and easy way to change or polish (no pun intended!) your look.

Types of manicure

Know Before You Go

First select your polish – whether you select a gel or a regular polish is up to you. Gels last up to two weeks and require you to go back to the nail salon to have them soaked off properly; a regular manicure will last up to a week. During a manicure at your local nail salon, you should expect for your nails to be soaked in warm water to soften the cuticle, shaped using sanitized cuticle nippers, filed into a shape you choose, and then polished. See if you can pay for the service before your nails are polished to ensure you don’t chip or smudge freshly painted nails!