What is a Shellac Manicure?

Have you ever wished your manicures would last longer? If so, Shellac Manicures may be for you. This treatment lasts for weeks without chipping: the special formula brushes on like regular nail varnish (directly on to your natural nail) and lasts 3-4 weeks. You’ll need to change the polish only once new nail growth starts.

Types of shellac nails

Know Before You Go

Shellac nails are suitable for most people, unless you have very unhealthy nails (damaged nail beds, split or peeling nails). If your nails aren’t yet healthy enough, your manicurist can start a programme with you to bring your nails back to health. Also note that Shellac nails can only be applied by a trained, licensed manicurist – this isn’t something you can do at home. You can, however, remove Shellac at home with 100% acetone (more “green” nail varnish removers are available), though it is easier and quicker to have Shellac nails removed at the salon.