10 Fitness Tips for Women on the Go

by Kristin McGee

Carry a stylish gym bag with you that can double as a great stylish bag. Some of my favorites include and out this link for 30 more ideas! This way you can have all of your gym essentials at your ready with no excuses not to make it happen.

Jump off the subway a couple of stops early to sneak in more walking, meet a friend at lunch for a walk, take the stairs whenever you can and find ways to move more throughout your day. Even tapping your feet when you are at your desk makes a huge difference.

You may think it’s crazy to have a theraband in a desk drawer; but you can do small toning moves at your desk sans equipment. My favorites include tricpes dips off your desk chair, leg extensions while seated, twists with the desk chair as a prop and tiny squats just lift an inch and lower your butt when seated. If you aren’t shy with props, stash an exercise band in a desk drawer and do tricep extensions and bicep curls with it.

Yoga at your desk is possible! You can stretch your arms overhead periodically, twist out your back, do a quad stretch holding on to your desk chair or fold one ankle over the opposite knee and stretch out your hips.

Make a workout a social activity. Meet a girlfriend for the latest craze—Zumba, SoulCycle, Barre, etc. and then grab a healthy meal afterwards.

Find a great DVD and do a quick workout at home in the AM or PM. There are so many options now with workouts ranging from 15-50 minutes in length. You don’t have to work out for an hour every day. As little as 20 minutes a day (if it’s intense) 3 times a week is sufficient. I love DVDs with chapters. You can do as little or as much as you have time for.

Go out dancing or turn on some tunes when you get home and dance around your living room. Music is the best motivator. Make some great playlists to do workouts to while you’re at it, and you’re more likely to stick with your exercise routine longer.

Make sure to always be armed with an arsenal of healthy snacks. Carry an altoid tin full of raw almonds (perfect portion size for any nut), keep turkey jerky, soy nuts, oranges, bananas, apples, baby bell cheeses and high quality low sugar protein bars in your bag, purse or desk drawer.

Never show up for cocktails on an empty stomach. Pop five to six raw almonds from your altoid tin before you imbibe. Or if you are in a pinch ask the bartender for a few olives to coat your stomach before sipping your first drink. Order two appetizers for dinner or if you order a meal make sure to stick with just one extra—a drink, an appetizer or a dessert, not all three.

Honor yourself and make yourself a priority so you will always want to do something healthy every day!

Kristin McGee, founder of Bendigirl, is a member of the Wellness Week 2012 expert panel. Wellness Week, March 19-25, is your chance to look and feel your best with exclusive spa treatments, private training and more, all at $50 prices or 50% discounts. Learn more on Wellness Week 2012.