Mini Boot Camp for Beginners: No Gym Required

by Lauren Brenner, founder and commanding officer at Pure Power Boot Camp

Okay, summer is here and that means less clothes, more cocktails, and the need for a sick fat-burning workout! Here’s a quick total-body workout that can be done using your own body as the gym. No need to stress and search for a fitness facility when you can burn fat and shed inches while you’re on vacation or just enjoying the outdoors.

But first things first, it’s so important to stay hydrated. That does not mean hydrate with apple martinis!!  Hydrate with good old fashioned water. Keep a bottle with you all day long and all through this workout:

Start off with 30 seconds of High Knees. This means you’ll be running in place and your knees should come up as high as your chest while you keep your shoulders back and your stomach tight.

Next up go into a pushup/plank position and do 25 Mountain Climbers. Keeping your behind parallel to the ground you’ll bring your knees to your chest, alternating each leg for 25 reps (should last 30 seconds).

Back on your feet for 25 Squat Thrusts. Start in a standing position, squat down to the ground, then thrust your body into a plank, thrust back into a seated squat, and jump up to standing position.

Up next you’ll do 15 Lunges on the right side of your body, holding each for a three count. Be sure your torso does not go over your knee. Then do the same on the left side of your body.

Next drop to the floor and lay down on your back and do Bicycles for 30 seconds with your feet flexed and using a full-range of motion with your legs. Without dropping your legs, put them straight in the air and do 30 Toe Touches – on the 30th hold it up and pulse for 15 seconds.

Voila! You just completed your mini PURE POWER BOOT CAMP! (You deserve TWO apple martinis!)

More boot camp-worthy moves to add to your workout:



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