Surf Yoga – Balance for Your Core and Mind

From downward dogs to crunches, to paddling out movements Surf Yoga combines Surf and Yoga into a full body workout. It emerged as an option for those who always wanted to surf but never had the ocean or the chance to do so. Straight out of Into the Blue, “As Seen on TV Show” “SHARK TANK” Surfset Fitness Riptensity boards combine a full body workout to balance-seeking yogis. Theses boards mimic the movement of a surfboard or stand-up paddle board, and provide an unstable surface like that of the water. Strong balance and core muscles are called upon in each class.

In Chicago, at Hang 5 Fitness, Andrea Metcalf incorporated Surf Yoga classes in her studio to explore “balance” with her yoga students. From planks to cobra poses, “Surf Yoga takes the best of an athletic yoga program. It adds the balance of the board. It’s like doing Yoga on a stand-up paddle board.” With many trends moving to the mind-body connection, Metcalfe felt Surf Yoga is the perfect blend of balance and focus. She explains that in Surf Yoga classes, students find that they’re more likely to concentrate, instead of allowing their mind to wander. The boards help increase flexibility and fine tune small muscles to help prevent injuries.  Plus people feel like they’re on an exotic adventure when they combine their yoga practice with the surfboard.

For those up north that don’t have the opportunity to be out in the water all the time, this is clearly an option. Exercises focus on core strength and are full body routines. A lot of stretching happens as well as muscle confusion as most people do not start off as surfers. The board allows you to stretch even further and engages the muscles in different ways which result in increased agility and coordination.



In Sherman Oaks, California, Minna Herskowitz, owner of Sandbox Fitness stated. “We discovered Surfset Fitness while in the process of opening the studio and fell in love with it because of its versatility as a basic workout. You can perform on the board, to engage your core and stabilizer muscles. Adding yoga, a great low impact workout that works on flexibility and core strength, was the perfect complement to add a little spice to a Yoga workout.”

The Sandbox Fitness duo needed a way to get an intense workout without compromising their joints. The surf yoga offers both with its natural resistance and low-impact.



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