Show Off Your Asana: 10 Yoga Routines to Try at Home

National Yoga Month: 10 Yoga Retreats & Events to Try

In honor of National Yoga Month, start a little yoga practice at home! Get ready to show off your asana and check out these 10 yoga routines we love!

5 Yoga Poses to Stay Cool & Look Hot

This sequence of 5 postures will help you keep your cool while building strength and toning all the right places!

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Mommy & Me Poses: Doing Yoga with Kids

Whether you’re a new mom looking to get back in pre-baby shape or a mom with toddlers running around – this is a great sequence to do with your little ones!

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Yoga Poses for Athletes & Amateurs

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or you simply go for a jog once a week – these two sets of poses will help loosen your joints and limit injuries by increasing your flexibility!

4 poses to try here and 6 more to try here!

Downward Dog, Down the Shore: Yoga Poses to Try at the Beach

Taking your yoga practice outside can be a wonderful way to enjoy beautiful weather while at home or traveling. Check out this great set of poses to try at the beach!

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5 Yoga Poses to Strengthen Abs

Work out your core while working on your yoga skills! These is a great routine to strengthen your abs!

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3 Simple & Basic Yoga Poses to Fight the Common Cold

Send the sniffles packing and boost your immunity with these 3 poses!

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5 Gentle (and Highly Beneficial!) Yoga Poses to Do Every Day

From toning muscles and improving digestion to relieving back pain and stretching the spine, here are five gentle and easy poses that are beneficial and fun to do every day.

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